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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Shark Eye

    by , 12-01-2012 at 05:53 PM (438 Views)
    Last night I got to bed extremely early and therefore had awesome recall. To avoid a super long post, I'll post them all separately.

    Shark Eye (Non-lucid)


    I arrive late to gym class, where everyone is playing an odd-looking game called Shark Eye.

    Across the floor is a large mat divided in half by a thick line, with different sized circles on either side of the line. The team on offense stands at the side of the mat labeled "START LINE," while the team on defense stands on the opposite end of the room, as well as having a line of players stationed behind the team on offense. When the whistle blows, the offensive line (called Heroes), must take a running start and slide across the mat on their stomachs to touch one of the circles. The farther back the circle, the more points a person gets for their team. At the same time, the line of defense behind the Heroes will each throw a ball to their teammate across the mat. If the Catcher catches the ball, he has a chance to touch a circle and therefore block a Hero from getting points (but he must reach the circle before the Hero does).

    I am watching all of this from the bleachers, extremely confused about this strange game. There is a guy sitting beside me playing on his cell phone; one of those people who always refuses to participate in class. I don't wan't to be lumped in with his sort, so I decide to try to play even if I have no clue what's going on.

    I join the team who is currently on offense and take my place on the START LINE. When the whistle blows, I run and slide across the mat to touch a circle. To avoid the Catchers, I slide across the line in the middle to touch a circle on the other side of the mat. The captain of my team says I'm not allowed to cross the line, so my points don't count.

    On the next round, I slide all the way to the farthest circle, barely touching it before a Catcher does. Unfortunately the teacher, who is the judge of all our points, has left the room, so we have to just lay there and hold our positions.

    Sadly, the Catcher I am stuck beside is known for picking on people. She grins at me evilly, knowing that I have to endure her teasing until the teacher gets back if I want to keep my points. So she spends the entire time tickling me, touching me inappropriately, and kissing me. I am torn between being annoyed and somewhat turned on. I also desperately hope that Sebastian doesn't see this happening.

    Sebastian is a white-haired cat boy who is head over heels in love with me. While I do not return his affections, he is still my friend and I know he would flip out if he witnessed this. As if on cue, Sebastian appears just as the Catcher is snuggling against me with her arms wrapped around me. "Umm, hi..." I say awkwardly, inwardly cursing at the annoying creep clinging to me. How embarrassing...

    "What's this!?" Sebastian exclaims in his "drama queen" tone of voice. "Oh, I see how it is. I'M not good enough for you, but this slut is!?"

    "Come on, it's obviously not like that. I don't----"

    "No, it's fine. Be with whoever you want to be. My feelings don't matter." He stalks off. It's clear that he's being overly dramatic on purpose, but I know that he's still hurt.

    "Sebastian..." I roll my eyes and extract myself from the girl's grasp, running after him. "Don't be an idiot, you know I care about you."

    Later, we are going to go explore one of the older, creepier buildings on campus which is said to be haunted. I am somewhat surprised to see a rather heated game of Shark Eye going on nearby. The game has taken on an almost cult following around campus. If this were an anime, it would have the same significance as Pokemon battles or Duel Monsters. Some students are shouting loudly that they have a secret weapon to defeat all other teams, which lives in the building that Sebastian and I are about to go explore.

    We sneak inside the building and walk down the spiral staircase to the basement. Sebastian is visibly terrified, and I'm light-heartedly making fun of him. Suddenly two eerie voices start calling out Sebastian's name. He yells and runs away as fast as he can. I roll my eyes. "Who's there?" I call out.

    Two demon boys with bright red hair appear. They say they are the Lords of Shark Eye. They're the secret weapon those students were going on about, I realize. "Hmph, well you nearly gave Sebastian a heart attack. How do you even know his name?" They laugh and refuse to answer.

    I wake up shortly afterwards.
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