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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Time Warp Syndrome (Lucid)

    by , 10-01-2017 at 05:22 PM (638 Views)
    Time Warp Syndrome (DILD)


    Notes: Took some galantamine before bed, but I didn't sleep well because I was somewhat dehydrated and had a headache as a result. Still, my dreams were fairly cohesive.

    I'm camping out in a large, extravagent log cabin with a guy I'm friends with and an eccentric old man who owns the place. One of the rooms is furnished with equipment that either belongs in a torture chamber or a sex dungeon (or both). O_O

    At nightfall, I become suspicious that someone is going to try to break in through one of the screen doors that lead into the deck at the side of the cabin. I walk through the dimly lit cabin, past where my guy friend has already decided to lay down for the night, and
    suddenly become lucid when I open the inner door that leads out to the deck. I decide I need to float across the deck rather than walk so that whoever is going to break in doesn't hear my footsteps. I float over to the outer door and lock it. I realize how much I've missed floating like this in dreams! It's sort of a casual thing, floating with my feet just barely off the floor (kind of like how Marceline from Adventure Time floats). I wish I could move like this in real life. It's so much easier than walking.

    Trying to decide what to do, I'm about to head back into the cabin when I'm suddenly pursued by a man dressed in futuristic attire. I fly outside above the cabin to escape his reach, but he can fly as well! We have an epic swordfight in the air until the eccentric old man from before steps outside and sends the man back where he came from. The man tells me that we must now "timestamp" everything we do--- something about the time-space continuum being broken, so we now have to be constantly vigilant about "when" we are because things can start happening out of order.

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