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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Worst Family Reunion Ever

    by , 11-15-2013 at 03:02 PM (368 Views)
    Worst Family Reunion Ever (Non-lucid)


    It it snowing, and there is word that the largest blizzard ever is about to pass through our area. My dad and I rush out to get groceries. Unfortunately, he passes the grocery store and says he has to get his car washed first. I figure we should get food as quickly as possible and get off the road before things get even worse, but I hold my tongue.

    Along the way, we meet up with some old family friends (who don't exist IRL). One of them is telling me that her daughter is dying to hang out with me, even though we've only met one time many years ago. Somehow, my deceased Aunt Linda is with this group. She is smoking in a very ostentatious manner, blowing the smoke in my face as she talks. She accuses me of thinking that she is some kind of hobo.

    My dad and I leave, but instead of going to the grocery store, he ends up in some kind of insane work-out cult. He tells me to wait for him while he exercises with the trainer. I wait for an extremely long time until he finally comes back outside. He now looks like a freakish body-builder, and has shaved his hair except for a big greasy mohawk. He tells me that he has to continue working out here and that I need to wait for him. I get really mad and tell him that I'm leaving. He refuses to give me the keys to the car, so I decide to walk.

    For some reason, I decide to walk to my grandmother's house instead of my own. Big mistake. My Aunt Linda is there, along with one of my cousins and several rough-looking partying types. They're all drinking, and there seems to be a small orgy beginning. Completely disgusted, I decide to sneak around to the other side of the house so they won't notice me. I fly over their heads ((I'm not lucid, but I know about my dream powers somehow)) but Aunt Linda notices me. She says my dad has called with instructions to keep me here. They lock me in the house.

    A boy who lives nearby has seen my plight and is waiting in the house for me. He's supposed to be working with my captors, but he likes me and wants to help set me free. We both jump through a window and he keeps them away from me before joining me in the grand escape. We make it to my house, where I give him a huge hug for helping me. It is a really nice, warm hug--- better than any I've experienced IRL. Unfortunately, my feelings for him are only platonic while he seems to have fallen in love with me.

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    Tags: cult, escape