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    Cars: Bad Timing

    by , 11-24-2012 at 03:05 PM (488 Views)
    Me and Franklyn parked this car at this house which is like or 10 minutes away from this shopping center we want to go to, to pick something up. The sun is still up but it is almost sunset. We are at the store, and franklyn goes to one of the staff there. He hands franklyn something (something that i can remember for jack shit) and then we head out. By the time were outside and walking again, it is dusk. we can barely see in front of us. We get to the car, and drive back to the house which is like 5 minutes away if you drive. everything is good until we realize the breaks isn't working, we crash a few times into things like the curb and what not. I remember when we were reaching the cul de sac, i jumped out of the car and stopped the car myself because i didnt want it to crash into a house or something. i tied a cloth to it and used it as something to pull the car with. It actually worked. after a while i told franklyn to pull the car while i go and try to fix the problem. I go back in the car and try to start the ignition, but it keeps making this "ke ke ke ke ke" sound. i think the battery's dead. Mom is back from work and sees us. she screams at us saying that she wants us to take the car back home. which we cant because it wont break. I go to a neighbor's house. his garage is open and i can see him through a door. I ask him if he can jump start the car. she ignores me, then shuts the door. I reply in saying " fucking ass hole". I half expected him to come out through the front door while i was walking away, and he did. he came out with a assault Rifle. He started saying things like how they were made of diamonds and stuff. then he says he's missing some pieces. This random neighbor comes and says that he stole some of the pieces to that gun. they quarrel for a while. the dream fades away.

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