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    the race

    by , 06-19-2012 at 03:02 PM (321 Views)
    I remember we were in this fantasy like trail thing with the school. And we were walking to this place. Jean randomely asks me if i want to race him. Being the competitive guy i am, i say yes, even though im not really in the mood. What happens though once we do start running, i get in the mood really quickly. The place im running to is like a castle. It's pretty huge. I remember me and jean running neck and neck for a while. Then i tarted blowing him out. He said something happened and he wanted to srart over. But we didnt want to go back. Apparently this place was like a game world so if you killed yourself, you'll just respond somewhere. So me and him are near the front entrance of this huge castle. We see a ledge on the side and stand over it. We decide who jumps 1st by playing rock paper scissors. I won. I had scissors and u could guess what he had. So again we were at the ledge, and looking down you could tell it was a long way to get to the bottom. There were other trails you can land on if you didnt jump far enough. Thats what happened to jean. He jumped but didnt land to the actual bottom. Instead, he jumped ontop of this makeshift house's rooftop. He broke some body parts, but didn't die yet. He rolled down. And there was snow on the ground. So when he finally plopped to the bottom, you can see the blood around him. He still didn't die yet. Jeez. If it was going to be that painful...... Anyways idk what he was trying to do. He started crawling somewhere when like 3 or 4 white wolve come and just basically maul and eat him up. You can safely assume he died when that happened because i remember him showing up behind. (now that i think about it. If he was gonna end up respondonding behind me, there was no point in him having to jump, but whatever). Scene changes and i am now inside this castle. This place looks more modern then you'd expect. Actually this place looks more futuristic then anything else. It feels like the near future (a good 5-10 years away). Now im guessing we came here for a school trip or something. Theres more, but cant really remember

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    non-lucid , dream fragment