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    1. Lots o' dreams 12/30/2010

      by , 12-30-2010 at 06:30 PM
      no lucidity last night, but decent recall.

      3 main dreams,

      First being outside school and seeing some friends but also in the background hearing some Circa Survive music. One of the friends is Caitlin who I know is a Circa fan, so we walk over and check it out. (much more happened in this dream but this is all I can really remember)

      I believe in a separate dream I was actually at a Circa Survive show, but before the show, walking around trying to meet up with the band at the bar and such. I also remember trying to find some seats, and I got some front row seats with some of my friends, but I left my seat to go get some food.

      Blurry recall of a dream with my family in the mountains, eating a picnic or something but I was eating separately from them. I think I was eating outside and they were eating inside.

      Well that's all from last night.