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    1. Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 11

      by , 08-28-2015 at 10:18 AM
      Fragment: Something about dragons in CoC
    2. Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 10

      by , 08-27-2015 at 08:40 AM
      Dream 1: I was in college and saw all of my friends. We hung out on the campus for a while. I still remember the design, it was nice.

      Dream 2: In a music class and everyone is playing the violin, then I was like "gimme something! anything!!" then they gave me a blue little plastic guitar, and i was like "it'll do".
    3. Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 9

      by , 08-26-2015 at 08:11 AM
      Dream 1: Being in a cave with some other ppl, maybe it was an apocalyptic time, and we just hung out there exploring I guess and it was kinda scary, and i remembered a story about how vietnamese soldiers would use this tunnel as a secret tunnel (It was vietnam I guess??)

      Dream 2: My friend uploaded hentai on my YT channel (even though I don't have one ) and next morning I woke up to 80,000 subs lol. It then decreased to 20,000 next day cuz they removed the 2 hentai videos, but then I reuploaded more.

      Dream 3: biscots and pancakes resteraunt, and they are known for very good pancakes. It was inside some cave, kinda like the one is the first dream. She made us pancakes but left halfway, and me and my friends thought we should just get our order, but for some reason our order is now a music track, and I didn't think it was wierd.

      Dream 4: I became lucid but i forgot how. I feel it was just me remembering my intention to become lucid. So I summoned my DG, and then she started sexy dancing . She started stripping, and then her boobs unvailed. I was like, woooooow, but she had 2 nipple tips on each boob, but I didn't think that was weird for some reason. I must have benn not too lucid. Then, I accepted her grascious invitation and, let's just say, pleased her nipples through my glorious mouth

      Fragment: Something about my brother and the electricity room in our building. I was standing near the open door of our home.
    4. Sensei's Sexy comp day 7

      by , 08-24-2015 at 11:34 AM
      Dream 1 (4 fragments): marrying 2, saving world, tunnel stunts(spin runs inside tunnel), military airship.

      Dream 2: There was this little girl then she suddenly started acting really lewd. She suddenly got naked and i was like "wtf is she doing!?". Then, thinking it cannot got any worse, she started talking about very sexual stuff, and i was just sitting there shocked. XD WTF my brain

      Dream 3: listening to new music video then lucid in bathroom bcz I remembered my intention, RC (nose pinch) but then falling
      and waking up to my all paralyzed body. I tried DEILD but i got too distracted towards my tingling numb body.

      Dream 4: My dad's friend wanted money from me but i told him i already bought the laptop using that money. The conversation was about that in his lawn, but it didn't last long. I was shocked he was asking cuz he usually doesn't take loans. I first agreed (even though i really didn't want to bcz i wanted to buy the laptop) just bcz he does a lot of good to us but then i remembered i already bought the laptop.

      Dream 5: I was having a nightmare, but then i realized it must be a dream and woke myself up. It was a monster attacking me I think??

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    5. Senei's Sexy comp day 4,5,6

      by , 08-23-2015 at 12:05 PM
      Day 4:


      Day 5:

      Dream 1: I was so hungry and checked the fridge several times in what FELT like an hour or half an hour interval each time. No food

      Dream 2: I was chatting with my friend and he told me that ppl work there (australia) from 12 till 7 only, and i was like "lucky!!"

      Dream 3: I was at my dad's. but in a weird home, and my mom came in and started making fun of him. It was a very weird face. I was chocked bcz she's not supposed to be there plus she can't see him. Then I told here i had supermarket coupuns and asked her if she wanted them, she told me yes ( in the kitchen, she just came from the grocery store and was putting the stuff there).

      Dream 4: I was making a remix of a song using fl. Yup, just spent the dream making it. I can still remember the EQ and stuff too. Man I wish I could remember how i set it though XD. OMG yeah that is a nice thing to practice for recall! Remember the presets you set for programs! Helps remember more details.

      Dream 5: I was with my mom in the living room, and a beautiful orchestral song showed up that was very similar to my vocaloid orchestral song i did a couple weeks ago. I was shocked how close it was.

      Dream 6: I was at my cousin's summer house, and he has a bit of a slope there that i oddly had a very very hard time climbing. I was kinda embarased. I then walked into a college there (there isn't one there irl), but the security guard was telling me i can't be there and was poking me with a metal ball attached to the security fence thingy in a playful way. It was very vivid! It was nighttime. I swear i really love how my mind creates nighttimes.

      Day 6:

      Dream 1: I was making boiled potatoes, and then my bro started peeling his heel's skin, and it peeled likea boiled potato, and i was like "eww get your foot off my potatoes!!! I can't eat that now!!!" lol

      Dream 2: I started my laptop and my bluetooth mouse worked!! It wasn't working yesterday.

      Dream 3:at school, preparing for finals, then a giant horse dog monster thing showed up, but was very friendly, then my friend held me up and jumped onto a table breaking it, and we both broke into laughter XD. Very vivid dream.
    6. Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 2, 3

      by , 08-20-2015 at 10:06 AM
      Day 2:

      Dream 1: Making music and dealing with sound design.

      Day 3:

      Dream one: Laptop stolen, and i was in school and when the bell rang I kept searching for it and couldn't find it, all the time thinking "I can't be stolen!! I shouldn't have ever started bringing my laptop to school (as if I brought it to school before a few times), but then I found it, and it was tempered with, so i tried to see if i can find the missing files, but then a teacher came by and i told her my laptop was temperred with and i'm just trying to fix it, then I'll go to class. She said ok. I remember the room was brown and english-sufisticated-ish looking, and i saw a few places i could hide behind from the teachers. Then I packed the laptop and it's stuff into the bag. I still remember clearly what the room looks like. Then I figured "this must be a dream!" but I forgot what happened next

      Dream 2: animal cruelty. Huge tiger on fire with lion and deer on it humping it, then it shrunk back to size and all acted friendly. it was a spectacular dream! The visuals were sooo beautiful and clear! It was like one of the best arts i can imagine! Also it was me inside a documentary about animal cruelty. Before this part was the host talking about how they hit animals and use animal dildos to make them aggressive (?)

      Dream 3: I went home, and got the laptop out of it's bag, but the screen got broken on the way back home. I was devastated thinking "it's brand new!! What a waste!!". I then put it down, and went to the dinning table (the house was weird), and my father and sister where there. I told them what happened, and went to get the laptop, but a huge roach was in front of it (the bag was in a corner on the ground). I kept stomping my foot for it to shoo, but it kept coming back, and I was like "this is not how roaches act!!", then I figured this is a dream, and then RC, but i think i woke up after that.

    7. Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 1

      by , 08-18-2015 at 08:50 AM
      Dream 1:

      I was on a station of some sort and my friend was trying to explain to his friend about currency. He said "pound = dollar & dollar = euro", and the other was like "well then doesn't that make 'em all equal to each other?"
      I was like "no, that's not how currency works, they increase or decrease according to the economic state of each country"

      Dream 2:

      I was with my father in the laptop's store trying to buy a new laptop. The clerk showed us new laptops and explained the specs of each. I ended up buying a good one.

      Dream 3:

      There was a zombie apocalypse. I was one of those who were sent to fight them off. We went using trains. When we reached the first place, we had CS Source weapons, and the zombies would die with only one shot anywhere. I had a weak sub machine gun, think it was the B 3 1. I traded it off for an ak 47. I was shooting so much of them, but they were shooting back (yeah they had weapons). I was regenerating my health, but they were so much. I missile launcher got me in the end while I had only one health point left.

      Dream 4:

      My dog was being so aggressive, so in short, I was doing detentions to it when she bit me.

      Dream 5:

      I was in the train with friends. We brought our stuff there. The one living in that cart had a messy one. My girlfriend had a cute anime shocked face when she entered. We tried to neaty things up.

      she looked like this and had the same shocked face (obviously not how a RL gf would look like)
      Dream 6:

      I was having dinner with my relatives, and one of them was sitting far away. My other relative was giving a lecture about how family should eat on the same table, then I called my relative to come eat with us, and he said yes.

      Dream 7:

      I was walking with my friends downtown, and i had a device that is a universal remote. I was showing off in front of them, so we entered the same electronics store from dream 2. The clerk started showing us laptops but describing them too quickly, and i thought he was slaking off thinking we're just kids (even though I'm 18 now ) . Haha he showed us one really old laptop. He said the software needs killing, and i said the whole laptop needs killing . Lol I'm so lame in my dreams

      Fragment 1:
      Something about playing laser tag games.

      Fragment 2:
      Something about video games.

      Fragment 3:
      Teaching my brother something.

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    8. Sensei Comp days 1 2 3

      by , 01-27-2015 at 11:06 AM
      Day 1:

      WBTB: 2pt


      1) I was with my friends at my living room and someone was offering juice making lessons but I argued with my friends that buying juice would be cheaper, and so we refused the offer.

      2) Fragment : I was inside class when we started singing.


      Day 2:

      WBTB: 2pt


      1) Fragment: I was with god and Satan and a bunch of angles.


      Day 3:

      WBTB: 2pt

      Recall: Notin :/

      Total: 8pt
    9. Sensei Competition Day 11,12,13

      by , 08-09-2014 at 01:01 PM
      Day 11:


      DREAM 1: Lucid: I saw a very odd scene outside my window, can't quite tell what it was. I did a RC but it didn't work, and I was confused. I kept doing it until it worked, but then I woke up.

      Dream 2: Lucid: Same as before but when I became fully lucid and the RC worked, I started having some fun!
      [Explicit] In short, I basic summoned a bit, had sex with her, and for the eating task, ate her(or drank) salive. Yup, big wet kiss, that's how I love it! [Explicit]

      Dream 3: Lucid(!!!): This one's the best! I suspected I was inside the dream (I'm sure getting good at MILD ), so I checked a clock deeply, and then when I turned, I found the bed's back was a totally different one than it really is IRL, so I became lucid and did a nose plug.
      [Explicit] This one's even worse than before . I'll go into some details cuz of tasks sake haha. Found a girl on the bed. I told her :"It's time, get naked", then turned her clothes into underware (object change). We did some stuff, I ate(or drank) her juices (eating task), then made her disappear( telekinesis), then advanced summoned another girl right in front of my sight (advanced summoning), then the dream ended. [Explicit]

      Dream 4: I was slowly trying to get my foot away from a spider, like 3 attempts, it almost bit me.

      Recall: 1 point
      WBTB: 2 points
      LD: 5x3= 15 points
      RC: 1x3= 3 points
      Interact with DC: 2x2= 4 points
      Basic Summoning: 4+10(2sd step task)= 14 Points
      Eat: 4x2= 8 points
      Object changing: 4 points
      Advanced Summoning: 10+5(it was a fictional character from a show)= 15 points
      Telekinesis: 4 points

      Total night: 70 points

      I thank my crazy sleep schedule for this! Day 10 I didn't sleep at all, so I then napped from 2pm till 9 pm, then again slept from 2am till early morning. I had these LDs during the latter nap.

      Day 12:

      Dream: I had a family reunion, and we spend some time chatting and having dinner.
      Dream 2: I was having pizza for breakfast and I wanted 2 but I only got 1.
      Dream 3: I was playing a video game when my teacher showed me her potable console and showed me how she plays, then I got bored and continued playing.
      Dream 4: I suddenly had Season 6 of Adventure Time downloaded in my tablet, the ones I didn't have, only in my laptop, then I roamed them suspiciously.

      Recall: 4 points
      WBTB: 2 points

      Day 13:

      Dream1: I became rich, then went to the spa, and roamed lots of spa rooms, even rented my own cabin that had a spa.
      Dream2: I was visiting some of my relatives, just chatting about school and colleges and these stuff.

      Recall: 2 points
      WBTB: 2 points
    10. Sensei Competition Day 5,6,7,8,9

      by , 08-05-2014 at 01:49 PM
      Day 5:

      Dream 1: A dream about being in a city during 2012, buildings falling and everything.
      Dream 2: Again in 2012, but this time as a main character (movie), and going through the later half of the film, after the plane crashes, but events are a little different, but I still reached the pod.
      Dream 3:I visited DV and Read a few posts and a few threads, threads about philosophies.
      Dream4: Also visited webpage but this time about spells and magic (Skyrim spells and magic, saw a lot of schools)

      Recall: 4 points
      WBTB: 2 points

      Day 6:

      Dream 1:Went to bring pasta and mushrooms and sauce , and went to my old city's grocery store, and the old man gave me a free cake.
      Dream 2:I'm roaming in skyrim, pretty much just roaming for a while.
      Dream 3:I got a gun and I was supposed to kill someone, it was like a bunker , and the gun was an AK.
      Dream4:My brother, dad and I were packing stuff for the beach. Trunks, sunscreen, some food, ...
      Dream 5:I was listening to music and it was bad and I remembered the SRS, switched it from movies to music, and the music became better.

      Recall: 5 points
      WBTB: 2 points

      Day 7:

      Dream: Roaming skyrim again, just roaming.

      Recall: 1 point
      WBTB: 2 points

      Day 8:

      Dream 1: Talking to my brother aboitskyrim( magic, weapons and stuff)
      Dream 2: I was in a navy ship and every one who kills another photographs him and wins a point, so I shot one taking a photo, started taking one and then gotstabed myself, so I went to the chef, who was the doctor too, and asked him if it was serious, and he saw it and started laughing, and I thought how funny it was that I got stabbed while enviting the other person to see the photo I took, and started laughing myself!
      Dream 3: LD, and did a nose plug. That's pretty much all I remember.

      Recall: 2 points
      LD: 5 points
      RC: 1 point
      WBTB: 2 points

      Day 9:

      Dream 1: Also roaming in skyrim for a while.
      Dream 2: Watching fox, putting inappropriate stuff, inappropriate.
      Dream 3: Fragment about saying the words eye contact eye movement.
      Dream 4: Eating in a reateraunt with a girl, but bill started growing to 850$! (A meter that measures how much we ate/ cost).
      Dream 5: Demonstration of the rectangle form of a pussy, inner lips forming a big rectangle all around the girl, and I was like:" Oh this is what it is... Now for the triangle"
      Dream6: With the same girl from the resteraunt dream, but in a star wars fighter in a modern day bay, like a fun battle.

      Recall: 5.5 points
      WBTB: 2 points

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    11. Day 3 Sensei's Competition

      by , 07-30-2014 at 09:19 AM
      Dream 1: Battle in CoD, but this time no weapons, only martial arts! I didn't face anyone though, I just roamed (maybe an indication that I hate roaming in CoD lol )

      Dream 2: Something about Mario (fragment)

      Dream 3: my divorced parents meet for lunch with me and someone else, and they talk normally, no fighting or anything (IRL no way they would see each other). I was just sitting and listening to the conversation, but weirdly enough I was not eating.

      Recap: 2.5
      WBTB: 2

      Score: 4.5
    12. Day 2 Sensei's Competition

      by , 07-30-2014 at 09:11 AM
      Dream 1: Being a rogue soldier me and my team, roaming the desert, the stealing a jeep and going to a safe house, then drinking moonshine (lol).

      Dream 2: I'm a skinny robot that a creature controlled, but fell accedentaly into the elevator shaft and got destroyed, but freed from the monster(looked like predator, or Super 8). Monster dies and I get help.

      Dream 3: exast same as dream 2 but face of monster is different( dream replays happen a lot to me)

      Dream 4: I take pieces of paper telling me missions to do, I think assassinations (been playing Assassin's creed a lot lately), and I must do them.

      Dream 5: My physics teacher sends me to the equipment room to get some stuff(I think a projector), but when I get to the room, I get distracted, more like forget, just shifted down, and suddenly remember, and roam the school finding the school day has finished! (Maybe I fell asleep in the dream lol)

      Guess how much I slept during this night, 12 hours! Lol, and I didn't do a WBTB!
    13. Day 1 Sensei's Competition

      by , 07-30-2014 at 09:00 AM
      Dream: Being a ghost soldier in CoD ghosts, in the storefront level(I've been playing it a lot. Following enemies, but I never shot anyone or got shot. It kept like this for a while.

      Dream 2: Same as first dream but instead of weapons, I get close to an enemy and we have a rao battle!(been watching lots of rap battles on YouTube lol)
      I went through at least 3 battles!

      Dream 3(lucid): I was in my bed when I remembered that I was MILDing before, so I RCed and became lucid. I heard a speaker outside saying a sentence I'm familiar with, so I slowed down time slower and slower till it stopped , then I thought of a smart change in the words, then I resumed time and made the speaker say something else.
      Then I basic summoned Gandulf, and he started laughing and told me the change I made was funny, then I told him yeah I thought about it just now.

      Recall: 2
      LD: 5
      WBTB: 2
      RC: 1
      Interact with DC: 2 + 5 (1st task)
      Basic summoning: 4 + 5 since fictional character
      Use electronic device: 4 (manipulate speakers)
      Time Control: 10

      Sum: 40