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    Sensei Competition Day 11,12,13

    by , 08-09-2014 at 01:01 PM (545 Views)
    Day 11:


    DREAM 1: Lucid: I saw a very odd scene outside my window, can't quite tell what it was. I did a RC but it didn't work, and I was confused. I kept doing it until it worked, but then I woke up.

    Dream 2: Lucid: Same as before but when I became fully lucid and the RC worked, I started having some fun!
    [Explicit] In short, I basic summoned a bit, had sex with her, and for the eating task, ate her(or drank) salive. Yup, big wet kiss, that's how I love it! [Explicit]

    Dream 3: Lucid(!!!): This one's the best! I suspected I was inside the dream (I'm sure getting good at MILD ), so I checked a clock deeply, and then when I turned, I found the bed's back was a totally different one than it really is IRL, so I became lucid and did a nose plug.
    [Explicit] This one's even worse than before . I'll go into some details cuz of tasks sake haha. Found a girl on the bed. I told her :"It's time, get naked", then turned her clothes into underware (object change). We did some stuff, I ate(or drank) her juices (eating task), then made her disappear( telekinesis), then advanced summoned another girl right in front of my sight (advanced summoning), then the dream ended. [Explicit]

    Dream 4: I was slowly trying to get my foot away from a spider, like 3 attempts, it almost bit me.

    Recall: 1 point
    WBTB: 2 points
    LD: 5x3= 15 points
    RC: 1x3= 3 points
    Interact with DC: 2x2= 4 points
    Basic Summoning: 4+10(2sd step task)= 14 Points
    Eat: 4x2= 8 points
    Object changing: 4 points
    Advanced Summoning: 10+5(it was a fictional character from a show)= 15 points
    Telekinesis: 4 points

    Total night: 70 points

    I thank my crazy sleep schedule for this! Day 10 I didn't sleep at all, so I then napped from 2pm till 9 pm, then again slept from 2am till early morning. I had these LDs during the latter nap.

    Day 12:

    Dream: I had a family reunion, and we spend some time chatting and having dinner.
    Dream 2: I was having pizza for breakfast and I wanted 2 but I only got 1.
    Dream 3: I was playing a video game when my teacher showed me her potable console and showed me how she plays, then I got bored and continued playing.
    Dream 4: I suddenly had Season 6 of Adventure Time downloaded in my tablet, the ones I didn't have, only in my laptop, then I roamed them suspiciously.

    Recall: 4 points
    WBTB: 2 points

    Day 13:

    Dream1: I became rich, then went to the spa, and roamed lots of spa rooms, even rented my own cabin that had a spa.
    Dream2: I was visiting some of my relatives, just chatting about school and colleges and these stuff.

    Recall: 2 points
    WBTB: 2 points
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    1. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      This is awesome man, you've gotten so skilled
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    2. LouaiB's Avatar
      Prospective memory training finally paying off!!
    3. HeWhoShapes's Avatar
      Wow man 3 lucids a day! that is amazing!