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    Sensei Competition Day 5,6,7,8,9

    by , 08-05-2014 at 01:49 PM (533 Views)
    Day 5:

    Dream 1: A dream about being in a city during 2012, buildings falling and everything.
    Dream 2: Again in 2012, but this time as a main character (movie), and going through the later half of the film, after the plane crashes, but events are a little different, but I still reached the pod.
    Dream 3:I visited DV and Read a few posts and a few threads, threads about philosophies.
    Dream4: Also visited webpage but this time about spells and magic (Skyrim spells and magic, saw a lot of schools)

    Recall: 4 points
    WBTB: 2 points

    Day 6:

    Dream 1:Went to bring pasta and mushrooms and sauce , and went to my old city's grocery store, and the old man gave me a free cake.
    Dream 2:I'm roaming in skyrim, pretty much just roaming for a while.
    Dream 3:I got a gun and I was supposed to kill someone, it was like a bunker , and the gun was an AK.
    Dream4:My brother, dad and I were packing stuff for the beach. Trunks, sunscreen, some food, ...
    Dream 5:I was listening to music and it was bad and I remembered the SRS, switched it from movies to music, and the music became better.

    Recall: 5 points
    WBTB: 2 points

    Day 7:

    Dream: Roaming skyrim again, just roaming.

    Recall: 1 point
    WBTB: 2 points

    Day 8:

    Dream 1: Talking to my brother aboitskyrim( magic, weapons and stuff)
    Dream 2: I was in a navy ship and every one who kills another photographs him and wins a point, so I shot one taking a photo, started taking one and then gotstabed myself, so I went to the chef, who was the doctor too, and asked him if it was serious, and he saw it and started laughing, and I thought how funny it was that I got stabbed while enviting the other person to see the photo I took, and started laughing myself!
    Dream 3: LD, and did a nose plug. That's pretty much all I remember.

    Recall: 2 points
    LD: 5 points
    RC: 1 point
    WBTB: 2 points

    Day 9:

    Dream 1: Also roaming in skyrim for a while.
    Dream 2: Watching fox, putting inappropriate stuff, inappropriate.
    Dream 3: Fragment about saying the words eye contact eye movement.
    Dream 4: Eating in a reateraunt with a girl, but bill started growing to 850$! (A meter that measures how much we ate/ cost).
    Dream 5: Demonstration of the rectangle form of a pussy, inner lips forming a big rectangle all around the girl, and I was like:" Oh this is what it is... Now for the triangle"
    Dream6: With the same girl from the resteraunt dream, but in a star wars fighter in a modern day bay, like a fun battle.

    Recall: 5.5 points
    WBTB: 2 points
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Congrats snagging a lucid in there Louai! Your dreams sound more like mine than some of the other DJ's I read...a mix of ordinary + fantasy elements.
      LouaiB likes this.
    2. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Nice work recalling so many dreams each night!
      You have a lot of Skyrim dreams! I did Whirlwind Sprint in a dream once, and I don't even think I was quite lucid... I just needed to get somewhere in a hurry.
      LouaiB likes this.
    3. LouaiB's Avatar
      Thnx guys!
      Yeah recall was always easy for me (lucky me!!)
      That sprint, Dang I wanna do it, feel my stomach pull back, might be much better than a free fall
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.