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    Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 2, 3

    by , 08-20-2015 at 10:06 AM (465 Views)
    Day 2:

    Dream 1: Making music and dealing with sound design.

    Day 3:

    Dream one: Laptop stolen, and i was in school and when the bell rang I kept searching for it and couldn't find it, all the time thinking "I can't be stolen!! I shouldn't have ever started bringing my laptop to school (as if I brought it to school before a few times), but then I found it, and it was tempered with, so i tried to see if i can find the missing files, but then a teacher came by and i told her my laptop was temperred with and i'm just trying to fix it, then I'll go to class. She said ok. I remember the room was brown and english-sufisticated-ish looking, and i saw a few places i could hide behind from the teachers. Then I packed the laptop and it's stuff into the bag. I still remember clearly what the room looks like. Then I figured "this must be a dream!" but I forgot what happened next

    Dream 2: animal cruelty. Huge tiger on fire with lion and deer on it humping it, then it shrunk back to size and all acted friendly. it was a spectacular dream! The visuals were sooo beautiful and clear! It was like one of the best arts i can imagine! Also it was me inside a documentary about animal cruelty. Before this part was the host talking about how they hit animals and use animal dildos to make them aggressive (?)

    Dream 3: I went home, and got the laptop out of it's bag, but the screen got broken on the way back home. I was devastated thinking "it's brand new!! What a waste!!". I then put it down, and went to the dinning table (the house was weird), and my father and sister where there. I told them what happened, and went to get the laptop, but a huge roach was in front of it (the bag was in a corner on the ground). I kept stomping my foot for it to shoo, but it kept coming back, and I was like "this is not how roaches act!!", then I figured this is a dream, and then RC, but i think i woke up after that.

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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      You see your second dream was vivid and clear and had a nice image. not every dream looks dull or without details
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    2. Elcifer's Avatar
      Man, you were really close to being lucid on that third dream.
      That second dream though, lol. Do you remember what were you doing in the documentary?
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    3. LouaiB's Avatar
      @RelaxAndDream yeah i do have vivid dreams, especially when i work out my recall

      @Elcifer the 3rd dream was lucid lol :p

      Yeah i was just standing there wondering if that huge monster on fire was a tiger. Then it shrunk down and the fire went away and it started lick kissing the lion. lol
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