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    Sensei's Sexy comp day 7

    by , 08-24-2015 at 11:34 AM (556 Views)
    Dream 1 (4 fragments): marrying 2, saving world, tunnel stunts(spin runs inside tunnel), military airship.

    Dream 2: There was this little girl then she suddenly started acting really lewd. She suddenly got naked and i was like "wtf is she doing!?". Then, thinking it cannot got any worse, she started talking about very sexual stuff, and i was just sitting there shocked. XD WTF my brain

    Dream 3: listening to new music video then lucid in bathroom bcz I remembered my intention, RC (nose pinch) but then falling
    and waking up to my all paralyzed body. I tried DEILD but i got too distracted towards my tingling numb body.

    Dream 4: My dad's friend wanted money from me but i told him i already bought the laptop using that money. The conversation was about that in his lawn, but it didn't last long. I was shocked he was asking cuz he usually doesn't take loans. I first agreed (even though i really didn't want to bcz i wanted to buy the laptop) just bcz he does a lot of good to us but then i remembered i already bought the laptop.

    Dream 5: I was having a nightmare, but then i realized it must be a dream and woke myself up. It was a monster attacking me I think??

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    1. RelaxAndDream's Avatar
      Dream 2 is kind of funny. sometimes one is shocked by his own subc. and one might ask what thats mean and if one should be embarrassed of yourself^^

      to bad your lucid didnt last longer and to bad you woke up yourself at this nightmare instead of exploring the reason why you had one. it can be really helpfull and enlightend but it takes an ass full of courage ...
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    2. Samael's Avatar
      Ah, Dream 4. It can be kind of hard to keep a thread of a dream-conversation if you're not... "conscious?" "one step removed from lucid?"
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    3. LouaiB's Avatar
      @RelaxAndDream I figured it out....My subc is a pedo
      But seriously, don't smell anything fishy. I don't even like children, I can't stand being around them. They're simply....annoying :p

      @Samael Yeah, always getting distracted and forgetting recent RL facts. But it's really fun waking up and remembering what shit you actually believed while you where inside the dream