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    Sensei's Sexy Comp Day 9

    by , 08-26-2015 at 08:11 AM (490 Views)
    Dream 1: Being in a cave with some other ppl, maybe it was an apocalyptic time, and we just hung out there exploring I guess and it was kinda scary, and i remembered a story about how vietnamese soldiers would use this tunnel as a secret tunnel (It was vietnam I guess??)

    Dream 2: My friend uploaded hentai on my YT channel (even though I don't have one ) and next morning I woke up to 80,000 subs lol. It then decreased to 20,000 next day cuz they removed the 2 hentai videos, but then I reuploaded more.

    Dream 3: biscots and pancakes resteraunt, and they are known for very good pancakes. It was inside some cave, kinda like the one is the first dream. She made us pancakes but left halfway, and me and my friends thought we should just get our order, but for some reason our order is now a music track, and I didn't think it was wierd.

    Dream 4: I became lucid but i forgot how. I feel it was just me remembering my intention to become lucid. So I summoned my DG, and then she started sexy dancing . She started stripping, and then her boobs unvailed. I was like, woooooow, but she had 2 nipple tips on each boob, but I didn't think that was weird for some reason. I must have benn not too lucid. Then, I accepted her grascious invitation and, let's just say, pleased her nipples through my glorious mouth

    Fragment: Something about my brother and the electricity room in our building. I was standing near the open door of our home.
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