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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Arrested for War Crimes

      , 06-08-2010 at 10:46 PM
      I was at school with Michele and a bunch of girls, when suddenly the fire alarm went off. We all ran out, but my homeroom teacher started yelling at us to hurry up anyway. Suddenly, someone yelled "TITS!" and made the dream change.

      I was still with Michele, but we were at some intersection downtown where there was a festival going on. Suddenly, three expensive looking cars pulled up. One said "Nice Tits" on the side, one said "Anal Sex" and one said "Motorola Pornography" (I have no idea, lol!). Suddenly, Michele pulled out a bazooka and shot the "Motorola Pornography" car. After it exploded, he ran away and gave me a pistol. I was suddenly thrown into a murderous rage, and ran towards the "Nice Tits" car. It was filled with strippers or Hooters girls or something wearing skimpy outfits, and I started shooting them. The car tried to drive away, but I grabbed on to the inside and killed the rest of the girls. After I got out, the "Anal Sex" car tried to run me down, but I shot out the tires. I was about to start shooting the girls inside it (who were naked) when a crowd of bystanders grabbed me and restrained me.

      Suddenly the dream shifted ahead and I was in jail. A guard (who looked like my homeroom teacher) came to tell me I was going to be executed, and led me out of my cell. The jail actually looked more like a cheap motel than a jail, and was apparently in Moose Jaw. (Moose Jaw is a town in Northern Canada, for those who don't know.) I was taken to a strange indoor amusement park, where I was handcuffed to an enormous rope attached to a centrifuge. The centrifuge began to spin on an angle, sending me flying outward and rotating repeatedly. The rope was cut, and I went flying through the air. I was supposed to die, I suppose, but instead I landed on the stage of a Coldplay concert. I asked the drummer to call an ambulance, and then woke up.
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare