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    by , 02-17-2011 at 10:42 PM (810 Views)
    Fragments of Death.


    I was talking to a man called Peter. He had three minutes to live; after those three minutes he would have a heart attack. So we talked; and he picked up pieces of party mix from a bag with chopsticks. He ate two pieces, carefully, appreciatively; a square caramel piece, and one of those green musk sticks (although when you bit into this one it would flush out air into your mouth).

    Then he went over to the road and very visibly insulted and swore at a truck driver, who came out and bashed him to death. I couldn't look; and I'm not sure if it was the heart attack or the bashing that killed him, for the truckee was ashen. I wrote a memorial speech in chalk on the footpath, beside his body.


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