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    1. Dashing through the bread

      by , Yesterday at 09:24 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      I keep waking up around the time I would usually set my WBTB alarm for even when it's off now. It felt like it took a long time to get back to sleep after waking up.

      Dream 1

      I’m sprinting directly at a loaf of bread so fast that I somehow cleave it cleanly in half. I repeatedly do this but it seems I do best when I have someone standing about 20ft in front of the bread and then I sprint at them and sort of slingshot around them as if they have a strong gravitational force, which propels me even quicker into the bread.

      There is some sort of party going on as I’m doing this and I learn that this bread-cutting technique I’m doing is called the ‘herb werb’. After learning this I silently repeated under my breath ‘herb werb’, alternating between pronouncing it with and without a silent h.

      Dream 2

      I’m in a large apartment with a lot of my relatives, they were all frantically running around seemingly terrified. I’m in a bedroom, there are two closed doors to leave the room and I begin heading towards one of them.

      When I’m about to reach the door the ghost of my grandma passes through it. She looks grumpy and continues through the room and passes through the other door. I was startled at first but then after seeing her face I said “Oh.. Grandma!” and watched her go on her way.

      I open the door I was originally heading for and head out into a hallway to see everyone running around frantically. I ask Terry what’s going on and she exclaims “It’s grandma, she’s HaUnTiNg us!”.

      I sort of wander around the apartment a bit, it has multiple hallways. I eventually enter a large kitchen with an island table. On one side of the island ghost grandma is sitting on a chair, and all around the other side are the relatives.

      They are all sort of shouting at her things like “Why are you haunting us!”, “Just go back, why are you here?!”. I’m confident that I can at the very least deescalate the situation. As I walk over to the island I say “Hey everyone, let me talk to her for a moment”. They all back up and make room for me to sit across from grandma.

      I ask her “How have you been?”. She seems angry and confused but answers. We begin having a pleasant conversation and her mood is improving. She’s now speaking as if she’s still alive and had not passed away. Then one of the relatives interrupts and asks me very loudly “When are you going to tell her to stop haunting us??” - Which ruins the progress I was making and upsets grandma. Someone else also chimes in “Why are you asking her these questions, she’s dead!”

      The feelings of getting a handle on things but being set back was frustrating.

      Dream 3

      I’m with two annoying men dream characters that I wouldn’t normally associate myself with. They’re both parents and talking about parenting, let’s call them GuyA and GuyB.

      GuyA is talking about how recently he was out shopping and his kids asked him to buy them something. He goes on to say how he began losing his temper with them and was arguing about it but then had a moment of clarity that he was acting like GuyB, and stopped being so hostile with his kids. GuyB seems unphased by this.

      I look around and we’re standing by the doors of an apartment building, but there’s only a small ledge made out of stone that surrounds the building, which drops off to the ocean. I look out at the sea and it’s snowing lightly and dark out. The ocean is churning with huge swells, sometimes almost reaching our ledge.

      I feel dispassionate and flat, I walk around the ledge to one of the other sides of the building and I see a small stretch of highway in the ocean running parallel to the building, it’s supported by 8 or so metal pillars going down into the ocean. It’s probably only about 100 ft long and the road ends abruptly on both sides.

      I point to it and quietly say “Highway here, get your highway here” like one of those old times paper boys. I feel like I said something about ‘magic road’ as well.

      GuyA looks at me, then the ocean highway back and forth several times. As if competing for my attention he begins running towards the ocean and shouts “Oh yeah? Well watch this!” as he leaps into the frigid water.

      He begins comically doing an exaggerated butterfly stroke, every time he comes up for air he looks at me to check if I’m still watching. His clothing and coat seem to be slowing him down. I walk around to another side of the building.

      Dream 4

      I’m sitting on a large stone beach by the ocean, it’s very sunny and beautiful out. There are many little shelled creatures moving around me, about the size of golf balls. I consider how they look like the real life equivalent of enemies from a video game (Ninja Gaiden), even though the correlation didn’t actually make sense.

      Someone says something to me, I look up to see who it is. I feel interrupted.
    2. Unaware, Aware, Awake

      by , 02-23-2024 at 09:19 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      After about 4 and a half hours of sleep I woke up at 3:30am. Instead of Galantamine I wanted to try something weaker so I took 300mg of Alpha-GPC. I attempted a WILD which didn’t work out.

      Dream 1

      I’m in highschool and I’m talking with James in the bathroom (Why have I had so many bathroom related dreams lately?). He’s complaining about the principal, about how she’s been mean or something.

      I grab a super-soaker-like water gun off of the sink counter and I set off to soak the principal. Right as I’m rushing to leave the bathroom I realize I’m dreaming and I stop in my tracks. I think to myself ‘Let’s slow down and stabilize the dream.’

      My logic was then to go back to the bathroom that was already developed in my mind rather than out into the school. Before I could even turn around the dream fades away.

      Dream 2

      I'm at a desk with some papers. Something about how I'm slacking on this job and I rationalize that it's okay because I work really hard at another job.
    3. Elusive horizon

      by , 02-22-2024 at 03:43 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Been fairly discouraged recently from my lack of results. I feel like I'm trying too hard but at the same time I know if I put in less effort that doesn't get me anywhere from past experiences. I must be fundamentally missing something here.

      Dream from the night of Feb 19th

      A man is a DJ in a movie theater, switching between DJing and using a giant laser-tag assault rifle that lights up and makes zappy sounds. The zap sound effect is so crushed and poor quality sounding.

      Everyone else is using old school laser-tag guns that have to reload slowly after each shot so it's unfair going against the DJ with his fully automatic laser.

      I'm looking at the world top down and I see an airplane take off near three mile Island, the DJ guy is on it. I am with someone else and we both follow it landing in Ukraine where he is meeting a love interest. It's like an Indiana Jones map sequence but viewing the real world instead of a map.

      As the above is going on I'm simultaneously holding a jar of mayo. I have a lid that is so small that it fits inside the jar of mayo and I begin screwing it on, halfway inside the jar. I can feel the threading catch as it tightens, there's mayo all over my hands. It's not even a complete lid, it's just the outer rim of a mason jar lid without the center metal part with the gasket.

      Now the dreams from last night
      I did a WBTB last night.

      Dream 1

      I'm at some sort of gathering and I have a non-IWL girlfriend with me. It's like we're trapped in some sort of giant playpen, the floor was thick foam and there was colorful jungle-gym like equipment around us. We want some privacy so we use these giant foam buildable pieces to make a sort of fortress.

      When we get into the fortress that we built it's suddenly as if we're in a car that's very similar to a Chrysler 300 S. We're putting the seats forward to make room as we're in the back seats.

      The tinted windows are halfway down and I notice we're now parked by a restaurant and a large window is about 50 ft away from us. My mom is in this restaurant seated right by the window and she's staring at us grumpily. I put the windows up to block the view of her.

      I don't know where this fits in but Tami asks me "how come when people refer to Banjo-Kazooie they don't talk about the characters or worlds, they just say 'Banjo-Kazooie'.

      Dream 2

      There are these cats that have really thick fur that is more like sheep wool. It's very dense and feels awesome to squeeze their fur, I could feel the oils that were in it. There were two of these cats and they were on a bed. The bed had three strips going down the length of it, as if demonstrating that this bed could have three people in it.

      I bring Tami to the bed and want to show her these cats, she pets them then lays down in the middle spot on the bed. Suddenly there's a creepy guy to her left in that 'slot' and rolls over to her, grinning with his face way too close to her cheek, I instinctively push him off the bed.

      Dream 3

      I'm speaking with RacheL. We're talking about mundane things in life that 'you just have to do'. Like work, shopping, etc. She says 'why would you do that?' to one of these things that seem mandatory in life. And I say well you know, it's something we have to do - you know? She says 'Uhh.. No'. I ask her 'Haven't you ever had to do something before that you didn't want to do?' to which she responds plainly 'No. Why would you do that?', and looks at me in a way that makes me 'remember'. I stop and think 'You're right.. I don't have to do anything that I don't want to do' and genuinely felt like it was true, almost like remembering a state before this life or something where everything truly is optional.

      Dream 4 - Fragment

      Some small tribe camp with tents by the sea, a campfire is in a central location of the camp. The camp is stormed by people from another tribe that are very similarly dressed as the people in the tribe they're attacking, loin cloths and white dripping painted handprints against their dark skin. Some had spears, some had bows and arrows.

      Dream 5 - Fragment
      VHS tapes or something in a store. One section had long artificial seaweed for a fish tank, Tami wanted it. (IWL she bought some fish today, funny coincidence)

      Dream 6 - Fragment
      There is David and someone else, perhaps James. They are getting a new computer for me, almost like as a reimbursement for something they messed up on.

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    4. The Void's Embrace

      by , 02-20-2024 at 07:05 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      ‎Not last night but the night before I was having some trouble getting to sleep so I tried some mirtazapine for the second time. From my biometrics, and what I felt, it looks like it pretty much eliminates REM sleep. Which makes sense why people that are on it regularly say that it causes extremely vivid dreams - the REM rebound probably builds over days until it's forced to be incorporated eventually and comes through as really powerful dreams. With that in mind I most likely won't be experimenting with this one much more going forward, I felt really unrested the following day.

      It was a struggle to recall these dreams this morning.

      ‎Dream 1

      There are about five or so women laying down. They’re talking about work. One of them has the luxury of taking off as much time as she wants whenever she wants and she’s bragging about this.

      I’m a short distance from them yet in an entirely different environment. It’s almost as if they’re on a beach and I’m in a bathroom. This dream was very loose with visuals.

      Dream 2

      There is a cliff that drops about 100 ft. At the midway point of the cliff and the ground there are stone triangular structures jutting from the cliff, they're very polygonal and reminiscent of structural shapes too. I hop across these as I run and walk.

      Dream 3

      There is an enormous black room, how deep is unclear as it fades to blackness in all directions. There is a small metal scaffolding platform with a door nearby. A naked asian man hangs in the middle of this space by a bunch of black straps around his shoulders and thighs that hang from the blackness above.

      A naked woman emerges from the door and also attaches straps to herself and hangs with the asian man above the void. They begin having sex and now appear to be covered in oil. They’re both very lean and athletic, it's a very sensual scene. There is a large window facing them, behind it is an old white haired balding scientist. He’s wearing a white lab coat and is quickly writing down notes with a clipboard as he observes this scene. This whole ‘experiment’ was set up by him.

      The woman was the dream character that had the flexible schedule from dream 1.

      Dream 4

      I’m bringing donuts to the place the five ladies from earlier are working. They’re excited about this but they’re saying something about how someone else should be here for this too. Apparently someone wasn’t there and called off work. Half the time they’re referring to them as she, and the other half as he.
    5. Cruise ships, Lost, and connected dream elements

      by , 02-17-2024 at 09:54 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      ‎After my last dream of the night I recalled my dreams in bed and then visualized my last dream as if it were to continue. It went from a daydream to nearly lucid-dream clear for a moment but then faded back to a daydream and I got up for the day shortly after.

      Dream 1

      I'm on a cruise ship or ferry. B and S are there eating at a buffet. B was carrying around a large white mannequin* There was an ice bucket for champagne, he threw the mannequin like a spear head first into it. I have a device similar to the dragonball tracker that shows B on it. It shows him as a light green circle on a green grid moving about the buffet.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a small neighborhood and I'm not sure which house is mine. I enter a house just as a van starts parking in the driveway. I realize it's not my place so I leave hastily.

      I begin heading towards another house, a father and his son were in my way at one point. The kid was on a tricycle asking me to play and the dad said something like "Oh this man looks like he's busy, let's let him go do what he has to do".

      I enter another house and 'remember' that I'm on some sort of trip here with friends. I look at the shoes in the doorway and decide none of them belong to any of my friends so I leave.

      I enter yet another house and by the time I'm halfway through I decide I don't recognize it and use the door on the opposite side of the house to leave. But it leads to a small apartment instead. There is a staircase that goes up to a small second floor which has a bannister that overlooks down into the area I'm in.

      There is also a door directly in front of me that looks like it would go outside. I go and open it and it does take me outside, but I hear someone behind me saying "Hello?" I turn around and there's a guy on the second floor by the railing, he has a towel on and his hair is wet. Must've just gotten out of the shower.

      I explain to him that I'm lost and apologize for entering his home. He doesn't seem to mind that and says he recognizes me. Then he asks if I'm James's brother and I learn that they're friends.

      We end up talking about LAN parties, Halo CE, and modded X-Box's.

      Dream 3

      Tami and I are at a car dealership. The white cop car that I sold to that woman and her family in my dream the other night is parked there!** Tami and I are looking at some other cars and then leave. As we are leaving we are talking about a strange car we see in the lot. We end up u-turning to park again to take a look at it.

      I notice the white cop car has drifted out of its parking spot. I push it back into place, it's in neutral. I tried to start it but the battery is dead. I consider talking to the dealership's mechanics to get the battery charged so it won't be dead when the family I sold the car to get back to it.

      *Because of a white shiny mannequin head that was in a vid I recently viewed.

      **I hardly ever have dreams referencing past dreams so this was pretty cool.

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    6. Experimenting WBTB + LSD

      by , 02-16-2024 at 05:38 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      WBTB - 3:30am

      I've been curious what kind of efffect an extremely low dose of LSD would do after a WBTB on dreaming so I gave it a shot tonight. I woke up and took ~2.5 μg of LSD and immediately went back to bed without staying up for more than a few minutes. I quickly felt something in my mind 'turn on' and I realized that even though this was a micro-dose of a micro-dose that it was still going to be enough to probably interrupt my sleep based on what I was feeling.

      It did take a while to fall back asleep so I'm going to try this again in a few days but at one tenth of this dose at ~0.25 μg instead. These dreams were more vivid than usual but at the same time felt sort of interrupted.

      Dream 1

      I'm selling a white car that was previously a cop car. Some people are going to come by to look at it.

      A cop car parks in my driveway and two police get out. They have keys to open the car I'm selling, they get in and try to start it but fail. They don't seem happy and they say they'll be back, they want to take it or impound it or something.

      Then a family came by, a wife, husband and their son. The wife wanted the car so she paid for it and they drove off.

      She ends up texting me something about a bullet hole in the car and that it's not working.

      I drive out and find them, looks like she hit a tree. They're all okay and I ask her about this bullet hole that she mentioned. She says nevermind about that, I end up taking the car off their hands to scrap it.

      Dream 2

      A really emotionally charged dream, no doubt brought on by the LSD.
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    7. Liminal spaces and sleep paralysis

      by , 02-15-2024 at 04:23 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable substances: ALCAR/Phosphatidyl Choline in the AM, two alcoholic drinks ~7PM, Galantamine after WBTB 3:30am

      My recall finally felt decent tonight!

      Dream 1

      I’m watching Summit1G parachuting into a match of H1Z1. He’s falling in over a wilderness landscape, heading towards a massive bonfire with another ring of fire around it. As he descends a tracking rocket approaches him and he tries to dodge it as it circles back around over and over again trying to land a strike on him.
      I gotta try this!-4.jpg

      Now the view is of him on his PC in his room and he spawns pixelated grass around himself in the room. Someone outside the door says something.

      Dream 2

      I’m traveling on a very narrow dirt road going uphill (I think it’s on the same H1Z1 map, but this is a reality setting). It’s a single lane path and there are many people in front and behind me. The road curves around a large white object that resembles an airplane’s fuselage.

      When I’m at the halfway point of driving around this object the corner of my bumper collides with it and I’m comically launched into the air ~100ft. I end up landing way up ahead on the road in the way I was traveling. I reach the end point of this road which is some sort of base camp or small town. There’s another single lane dirt road that goes back the way I came from.
      I gotta try this!-3.jpg

      There’s a chain link fence separating the roads from the town with a bunch of protesters on the side of the town facing the two roads. The protestors are demanding the option to be able to use either single lane road to travel back on, that it’s their right to have the option to choose whichever road they want to use for travel. There were some officials trying to work this out with them.
      I gotta try this!-2.jpg

      I walk past this and enter a building. There is a long hall in front of me and the ground is tiled like a bathroom, it feels like a liminal space (backrooms). I’m wearing a backpack.
      I gotta try this!-1.jpg

      My right boot feels like it was struck, when I turn around I don’t see anyone or anything that could have struck me.

      I enter a doorway on the right and enter a bathroom, the same tiled floor continues. The first thing I see is a wall with a large mirror and three sinks in front of it. Beneath each sink is a waste bin which I interpret as makeshift urinals here. People are coming and going into the room as I observe this.

      I decide not to use the waste bins so I go deeper into the bathroom, it opens up into a large room. It sort of resembles an office, except the ‘cubicles’ are about half a ft tall and the tiling covers them as well. And where desks would be in these cubicles are toilets.

      I go up to one of these toilets to use and it looks ancient, almost steampunk-esque. I’m suddenly discombobulated and feel drunk. I stumble and my foot ends up in this toilet, which of course is full of crap.

      I take my boot out right away and it’s filthy. As I slowly put my foot back on the ground I notice there’s a lady right beside me kneeling, almost like a nun. She’s ready with a rag for this exact scenario and begins cleaning my boot but I instinctively yank my foot away from her because of how nasty the whole scenario is and how degrading her position feels to me.

      I say to her “Thanks but..” I look to my left and there’s this large, equally ancient looking rusty washing machine and continue “..I’ll just use this washing machine instead!”

      I put my boot inside the washing machine and press down the safety button so the machine thinks the door is closed and turn it on. Water pours over my boot and cleans it.

      Dream 3

      I’m in a bathroom that is the size of an average living room. On the far end there’s a shower, sink and toilet. The tiling on this end extends out to the size of a normal bathroom and then terminates where a wall normally would be.

      Tami’s taking a shower, I notice on the other far end of this room there is a showerhead near the wall, and some tiling around it. But between these two sides is grass. I pop into Tami’s shower and say “I’m gonna make a path so you can go to the other shower!”.

      I take a bunch of towels and make a path from her shower, across the grass and to the other shower. She runs across it and I turn on the shower head that she reached, it must have not been in use for a long time as nasty rusty water came sputtering out. She ran back to the other shower.

      Dream 4

      I’m playing on the original GameBoy. There’s some sort of save option that would normally be reserved for emulators, like a save state. I have to do some complicated menu options to pull this off.

      Dream 5

      I have a new apartment and I’m planning for something. James is jealous for some reason of whatever these plans are. He has the leg of a stool which is chrome metal. It has a piston-like function similar to how office chairs can be adjusted to be lower or higher and he’s making it go up and down.

      WBTB - 3:30am

      I wrote down these previous dreams and then took a Galantamine. It started working too quickly and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I tried to WILD.

      I had one hour of conscious sleep with no events. Then I began hearing sounds, I assumed Tami was waking up but I heard some doors opening and people talking and coming into the house. I took this as what was really happening but this was actually a dream forming.

      I tried to get up to see what was going on but instead was trapped in sleep paralysis. As I strained to get up my hands and feet began tingling really strangely.
      It took a lot of effort but I eventually pulled myself upright, when it dawned on me that Tami was still asleep and it was all just a dream that was beginning to form.
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    8. Mistakes were made

      by , 02-13-2024 at 05:23 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable substances: No caffeine, 2.5mg dex ~11:30am

      Guess I took the dex a little too late, my sleep was so bad. I was conscious most of the night. My watch shows I only had one little REM period for the night which was when this dream happened, I believe it! I should WBTB tonight with galantamine to capitalize on the amount of REM I need to catch up on.

      Dream 1

      I'm laying down in bed am Tami is straddling me topless in bed. It's sort of the PA house, room on the right in the hall. We're talking and laughing.

      I have the dream knowledge that Amit is staying over and is in the room at the end of the hallway.

      Suddenly the door opens and Amit is putting a kitten in the room, he looks over at us as I say something like 'excuse me, know how to knock?'. He's saying something about the kitten was keeping him up as his eyes are glued to Tami's breasts. Tami goes over to take the kitten from him and I get up to get Amit back to his room. I feel like the cat was an excuse to barge in like he did, I'm annoyed with with him.

      I'm now in the room Amit is staying over in. He has a computer set up on a desk and there are duffel bags full of electronics.

      He thanks me for taking the kitten off his hands, something about it was hard to catch. He then breaks eye contact and looks at his hands fumbling with something and starts mumbling, asking me a question. I ask him to repeat himself and he's still mumbling but I hear him say something along the lines of 'can I join you?'.

      I think to myself that I fucked up inviting someone over that I work with online, how well do I really know this guy? I didn't expect him to be so creepy. I'm disappointed in myself for having him over.

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    9. Operating room

      by , 02-12-2024 at 08:53 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm in an operating room about to perform sugery on someone. I position 8 supporting doctors around the patient as well. There is a visualization of a number pad, the patent was represented as the center key "5" and the other doctors are represented as the remaining 8 keys surrounding it.
    10. Speed and serenity

      by , 02-11-2024 at 08:49 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1

      I'm running on roads that are just on the outskirts of a city with plenty of trees around. I am running very fast in a sonic the hedgehog kind of way, with a blur trailing behind me. I don't have a shirt on. I notice something on the ground and stop just before I step on it. It's a rusty shovel, but just the spade part and no handle. A woman is walking by in a skirt suit, she takes notice of my situation with a glance and continues on her way.

      I pick up the rusty shovel head and notice there's a recycling bin on the other side of the road so I walk over to it and toss it in. But then I hear things sort of scraping against the pavement. I turn around to see that all of these pieces of recyclable materials are slowly sliding towards me.

      As each piece reaches me I pick them up and put them in the bin. So many random things were coming out from the woods across the street. I thought ‘If I stay here much longer this will become my full time job’

      Dream 2

      Violet and I are talking as we are arranging furniture/pictures etc in a house. I don’t know if we’re moving in or out or just making adjustments to the place.

      As we’re doing this we’re having a genuine conversation about our thoughts of each other and reflecting on different traits we have. It felt like this was us meeting in an afterlife, there was no pressure or expectations. It felt light and easy.
    11. Rainy mall, special ed

      by , 02-10-2024 at 09:27 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable day substances: No caffeine

      My recall has been pretty poor the past few days.

      Dream 1

      This dream is really fuzzy but I was walking in a large mall with a friend and I was putting clothes on or something, like I wasn't wearing much initially or something. It was very lightly raining in there.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a special education class and with some sort of mental disability. I'm wearing shoes with no socks on. Everyone ends up going home, including the teacher, except me and two other students.

      Tami is one of the students and she's frusterated with a book she's reading. It seems like the entire lower third of the book was cut clean off and then another copy of the book was glued back on there. So near the bottom third of each page there would be a line of text that would be difficult to read because of that.

      There's a bowl of pop rocks, but they're way finer than actual pop rocks - almost like sand. I keep putting it in my mouth and like the popping effects.

      I text the teacher if we should wait for her or if I should take the other students home. I receive a text back that just says "I'm trying a lot to leave this lot."
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. Low HR, low recall

      by , 02-08-2024 at 06:26 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable day supplements: No caffeine

      I didn't put very much effort into recalling my dreams last night, I guess I've gotten used to them coming to me fairly easily and thought I wouldn't have to try as hard. Turns out effort is still required, I didn't recall that much.

      Dream 1 - Fragment

      In my dream, I wake up in bed (different than my IWL bedroom). I feel kind of odd so I glance at my watch and see that my heart rate is fluctuating between 5 and 10 bpm. I'm alarmed but I try to really freak myself out to get my adrenaline going, which works and my heart rate goes up to normal.*

      Dream 2 - Fragment

      I'm flying FPV, but instead of flying the drone I have it's sort of a hybrid between two different models. I like its power balance and agility, I think I'm flying over the ocean at one point.

      Dream 3 - Fragment

      I'm with two girls and we need to drive somewhere fast, but we won't make it in time. They say that we should try flying. I say 'Wait, we can fly here?' and one of them says 'Yeah, but it's really difficult. You just have to 100% believe that you can fly'. One of the girls can slightly hover, but the other one and myself are struggling.

      * This dream was triggered by a reddit post I read just a few days ago where someone's heart rate dropped down to 10bpm.
    13. RVs, DV bans, and birthday stares

      by , 02-07-2024 at 06:05 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable day substances: No caffeine - was tempted today though.

      I woke up at 3:45 for WBTB, since I've done it many days in a row waking up at this time is really easy now. But I wanted to see how my dreams would differ if I had a full night of sleep tonight so I went right back to sleep (though it took maybe 10mins).

      Dream 1

      I can’t really recall this dream. I only remember that there was an RV that was full of movies. Also I was sitting on a couch with RacheL, I made a funny observation that fell flat.

      Dream 2

      I go to dreamviews, on the landing page it shows a list of recently banned users. I think 'Weird, I've never noticed this before' There's only one name on the list, 'Harlequin'. I think 'what?? What could've Harlequin even done to get banned?' I ponder about how the site has such little activity, over-protection as well doesn't help.

      Dream 3

      I'm in an old strange run down house sleeping against a window. There are glass window panels all around me and there are plants growing through the window, they’re all around me. I'm frustrated and hop off the window sill.

      Linda seems to be here. I leave the house and it's surrounded by sparse woods, mainly open untamed fields.

      Mayan comes by and begins guiding me somewhere. We travel through the woods until we're in a small neatly kept neighborhood.

      The front door to one of the buildings is open, and he takes us through it. We go to the living room, he sits me down on a couch and then he sort of wanders off.

      The furniture is organized in a circle facing inward and every seat is filled, maybe about 17 people or so. Before I sat down they were all laughing and having some sort of party or something. But now they all went silent and are just staring at me.

      I look at each person's face, and I don't recognize anyone*. From what I can tell this is a birthday party, most of them are a bit older - from early to late 40's.

      I apologize for dropping in so randomly and kind of jokingly point out how awkward this is but the tension remains. Very slowly people begin picking up their previous conversations but when I try to connect with the people closest to me everyone would stop again and stare.

      Eventually things were more relaxed. There were two guys off to my right speaking Russian, they were wearing very Russian jogging apparel. I ask them if they speak any German. One of them puts his index finger and thumb very close together and says "some". I responded "Ein bisschen?" (A little?) he responds affirmingly in German with a Russian accent - something I haven’t heard before.

      We have a short conversation in German where I mainly get across that I've been learning it for fun for the past few years.

      I hear tearing from my left, I look over to see one of the guys wearing a party crown opening a present. I ask him if it's his birthday, he says yeah. I say 'lemme guess you're turning.. ' I look at his features, I think 46 but maybe he's closer to 45' someone else says '46?' I respond with 'I was gonna say that too but my guess is 45'. Birthday guy says he's turning 43.

      This went on longer and eventually I got to know more people and it was alright. It was a very vivid dream. Besides feeling super awkward at first it ended up relaxed and boring even.

      * I can still recall most of the faces of the people there really well. Normally I forget the features of dream character's faces pretty quickly.
    14. Precision on a shot glass, clarity on a knife's edge

      by , 02-06-2024 at 08:18 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable substances: No caffeine, 5mg Benedryl 9:00PM (testing out some potential REM rebound effects)

      Dream 1 - FPS

      I was on one of two teams against each other, first person shooter style. It was slightly more real life than game. I used a shot glass to rest my sniper rifle on while aiming, I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I showed it to my teammates and they did too (even though it accomplished nothing). I took sight to headshot an enemy on another rooftop, I waited for the perfect moment and fired - it should have taken the other guy out but it was like he canceled it and he was annoyed.

      One of the guys from the other team came over to us and wanted us to surrender or something. Apparently the entire team were cops, outside of the game. They were somehow corrupt game cops, they demanded that we let them win.

      I’m not sure how that situation resolved, but it was over now. I was being shown a pamphlet for some lost dreaming ideas or techniques (I'm so oblivious).

      One of them involved a way to store many details about a dream you want to re-enter later by using a drug called 'Quona'

      As I was looking at it I heard someone speaking highly of it 'I'm not familiar with this but any guide made by (username that I forget) is great!


      I had an alarm set to 3:45am but I woke up before it went off at 3:36am - this was after about 4 and a half hours of sleep. I read some of Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and then returned to bed at 4:20am after doing some brief stretches.

      I performed the tense-relaxation technique described in ETWOLD and did a bit of the 31 of the 61 relaxation points until I felt very comfortable. I tried to WILD but I kept catching myself almost losing consciousness. I was struggling on the verge for a while and then fell asleep.

      Dream 2 - Boat dream

      I'm on top of a massive aircraft carrier boat. There's a crowd of people on the shore watching me. I run and jump off the back deck tucking into a ball and flip as many times as I can before hitting the water, which was quite a ways down. The crows cheers. I vaguely recall swimming back to a dock where the crowd was.

      Dream 3 - Ceiling dream

      I'm jumping trying to hit my head on a drop ceiling. I can't, I announce some sort of challenge to see who can pull it off. There were a lot of people wandering around, they all simultaneously stopped what they begin jumping as high as they can to hit the ceiling with their heads.

      I get a running start, jump and this time I hit it easily, briefly lifting one of the ceiling panels with my head. Everyone's clapping, I say that their involvement was why I was able to do it.

      Dream 4 - Some violence

      I'm in this super-religious household*. Everyone is wearing old school dresses and stuff. Everyone including me seems to be around 20-ish, excluding the parents.

      I'm getting ready to go to school. Apparently I have a dream friend who wasn't present, and he had a girlfriend who is sick. I go into her room to check how she's feeling and she's doing okay.

      I realize that I'm actually not feeling that well myself. I go to leave the room but my shoulders are seized and I'm pulled back into the room.

      The mom of this girl was apparently hiding in the closet the whole time, which is who yanked me back in. She’s saying how great her daughter is and how great we would be as a couple and rambles about this almost incoherently, her eyes look insane. She wants us to get to know each other she says as she leaves the room and locks us in it. I'm very creeped out and am still trying to figure out how she had even fit in the closet, I just want away from this whole situation.

      A time jump occurs and now I'm standing in school. Then my dream friend, the boyfriend of the girl, comes from around the hall. He's furious, his face is red and he's clearly been crying. He has a black knife in his hand, he thinks I slept with his girlfriend.

      I start backing up, simultaneously saying that I need to explain what's going on (and try to figure it out for myself as well) while reaching into my right pocket to find an identical black knife as his. It's folded shut, I snap it open - the blade is probably 3 or 4 inches long.

      He's screaming "You fucked my girlfriend!!" as he takes a jab at me. I side step it and stab into his sternum, the bone is firm and the blade only goes in half an inch. When I pull it back a small shard of glass remains.

      He looks at me shocked and I repeat that we need to talk. He advances and stabs again, I grab the wrist of his hand with the knife and pull it towards and past my left side as I stab into the upper side of his other arm.

      This causes him to drop the knife and back away, I pick up his knife. I apologize for his wounds and say again that we need to talk.

      'I don't think so' he says as he takes out a long silver scimitar from behind his back. I considered using both of the knives for a sec but would rather have one free hand so I put the second knife in my pocket.

      The longer scimitar doesn't feel as threatening to me and based on how he has been fighting I don't think this will end well for him but I don't think he will stop.

      I say to him very plainly that if he continues this it will not end well for him. I begin to say how I am going to take him out but stop short at 'I'm gonna-' , I feel like it would sound cocky and insulting and I don't want to egg him on. He looks like he has a slight moment of clarity, like the rage was draining from him. I feel like this might resolve peacefully from here on out.

      Such a stressful annoying dream.

      Dream 5 - Talking cat

      I was walking to the H-town house down the long driving holding an old small cat. She was able to talk, and was fairly sarcastic.

      * Probably from a conversation I had recently about how I used to be religious when I was younger.

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    15. Marshy memories, cactus contemplations

      by , 02-05-2024 at 07:10 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Notable day substances: No caffeine
      WBTB substances: phosphatidyl choline

      Dream 1 - 3:45am

      This dream is very fuzzy, it felt more like thought than a typical dream but there were some visuals. The theme was about dream recall, some person or thing was explaining it. There was a marsh like environment, people walking on wooden stilts, and huts raised on stilts as well. Reminiscent of Yoda’s world Dagobah.
      Typical "Need girl help"-1.jpg


      Woke up at 3:45am after about 4 and a half hours of sleep. Read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming until I felt awake which took about 10 mins again, but since I won’t be using Galantamine tonight I decided to wake myself up some more, so I read a bit longer. I took some phosphatidyl choline thinking I could boost some acetylcholine since Galantamine has such a long half life.

      I returned to sleep at 4:08am but had trouble getting comfortable and my nose seemed stuffy which wasn’t helping. The rest of the night was pretty low quality sleep and just felt tough to get comfortable.

      Dream 2

      I'm at the H-town house, first downstairs with Sue then I go upstairs to the kitchen. Both Paul's are there watching TV. I'm holding a small cactus in a terracotta pot and looking at it closely. The cactus has a new shoot of growth coming out the top that is long and green. It's growing diagonally upwards at a 45 degree angle and doesn't look very cactus-like. I rotate it to see it from every angle. I also inspect a retro-looking tv remote.

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