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    Fast food faux pas and penthouse drama

    by , 03-04-2024 at 08:17 PM (168 Views)
    Dream 1: 12:00am - 4:30am

    Going through the drive-thru

    Im going through a McDonalds drive-thru with some unknown friends. The driver pulls up enough that my window is lined up with the drive-thru window. I open the door and take the bags that are handed to me by a woman. I dont know what I say to her but she misconstrues it as me asking for a free espresso which is part of some event going on. She looks at me like really? and begins pouring an espresso, and then added whip cream to the top of it - all without taking her eyes off me or changing her expression.

    I feel bad about this for some reason and clumsily ask her Uh, would you like anything? (lol). She says she doesnt drink coffee.

    To the party

    Some time passes and my friends and I arrive at our destination which is a fancy penthouse party. Everyone is dressed nicely and there are celebrities here. I get the vibe its some sort of award show after party, the atmosphere is relaxed and upbeat.

    I look at a man and Im instantly transported to when he took his video that he submitted to compete in the event that led up to this party.

    Its just him and one man filming him out in the wilderness, the ground and trees are covered in snow, it feels like it could be in Alaska. The man being filmed is a rapper, he has no shirt on and is only wearing shorts, his body is covered in tattoos and scarification tattoos. He has dark sclera contact lenses in and has heavy body modifications, his nostrils are removed and his upper lip is scarred and unusual. (This guy was influenced from a similar guy Ive seen online recently)

    Hes rapping and the more I hear the more I dont like him. The camera view changes - the view is now of the camera resting slightly sideways on the ground so that the snow on the ground takes up a lot of the view, and laying on the ground in front of it is the rapper's face. His eyes are wide open staring off to the sky as if hes dead - his rapping continues over this shot. Very close to the camera are several rectangular pieces of his tattood flesh that were removed, the blood lightly soaking into the top layer of the snow. The track title to the current song appeared in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, redacted in on the loser

    My presence is transported back into the party and now I see this man in a new light, he looks so different now in his dark suit. I turn my view and I see a Scottish looking man and again my presence goes to the video he produced. He was being recorded in a gymnasium, he was a top athlete in a rugby style game. Right before he began speaking I got the dream knowledge that he was the world's fastest speaker. Along with his accent and speed, I had no clue what he was saying. I think he had really long hair on the back of his calves too.

    Im transported back to the event and theres a commotion going on by the front door so I head over. Apparently an uninvited woman is trying to persuade her way in, the guy that was at the door asked me to watch it as he left to get someone. I begin having a conversation with the woman, she has black hair and vivid blue eyes and shes absolutely beautiful. Shes saying that all I have to do is find a man named Eric here and he will vouch for her. Im not really sure what the situation is and I know the other guy will come back soon so I just say lets wait for him to come back and well sort this out. We ended up joking around, laughing and flirting a lot.

    The suspension bridge

    Im now hiking and crossing a suspension bridge up in some PNW mountains, as I cross it the vibrations dislodge some baseball sized rocks on the other side of the bridge which fall a great way down and just barely miss a mans head. This really unsettles me.

    I performed several cycles of SSILD before drifting off to sleep again.

    Dream 2 5:00am - 8:00am

    To the cupcake place

    I'm out with some friends, we enter a 'cupcake restaurant' we're seated at a round table very close to the front door which Im not too happy about. I head towards the side that is furthest from the door which has a bench but the seats are taken. I take the last seat which has my back right by the door. The tables and chairs are so low that it's really awkward to sit with my long limbs. The register is directly to my left and the hostess there sees me struggling. She apologizes for the awkward setup they have.

    While looking around at the place I absentmindedly grab some sort of cupcake off of my dish and take a bite. I look at my plate and it's full of partially eaten things by whoever was eating here last. The hostess notices this and apologizes profusely but also tries to blame me for sitting where I sat or something. All of these nuisances added up to too much, I stand up and say you know what, I'm out - Im unusually aggravated.

    Hide and seek

    I leave the building and it's raining outside, I'm thinking about where I can go to get something to eat. I'm going back and forth on the ideas of fast food or somewhere nice.

    I'm now walking through a mall, the main walkway passes through a video game sort of store/section. A thin 17-ish year old guy screams at me "YOU!", I look at him and think that he may be autistic or something by the way his voice sounded and the way he looked. His eyes were bloodshot and his veins were standing out on his head.

    He quickly walked towards me and said something like "You took the last one!" And sort of punch/shoved me with both arms. He had so much more strength than he should have had for his size and I stumbled backwards.

    Behind him was what I considered to be his guardian, but he's also young - maybe 19. He's wearing a dark long sleeved shirt with his arms crossed, with a smirk on his face. This guy seems to make sure its at a distance but close enough to keep tabs on whats going on.

    The angry one starts to come at me again and I try to calm him down, I slightly put my arms up with my palms facing him and quickly say "No no no, I didn't take anything!" in a friendly tone. He stops for a moment and looks at me wide-eyed like maybe he made a mistake, but then goes right back at it.

    I decided that the person he's with is possibly setting him on people like this and think it best to avoid the situation. So I start leaving this part of the mall and begin going down winding corridors. I know he's still following me so I sprint for a bit before resuming at a brisk walk.

    A woman is walking in my direction, when I try to walk to one side of the corridor she does the same thing. She's staring at me intently and unblinking - making sure that we're on a collision course. Similar to my last encounter, she has a man trailing her. Right before we collide I side- step to the right and get around her. Once we pass each other shes immediately out of my mind, as if she was a car on the other side of a highway and now that weve left each other's vision were on our separate courses.

    I come up to a closed elevator door with someone standing facing it. I notice it's the kid I've been avoiding! I sneak up behind him and pull my fist back before becoming partially lucid. I think to myself 'what am I doing!?' I quietly back up and go around another corner, I end up in a store that must be unoccupied or something, the lights are all off and it's very dark.

    I go in to the right and back up against a small indented part in the wall and sit on the ground, suddenly exhausted. I see a long shadow of a figure from the light pouring in from the entrance on my left. The figure walks over directly to me and it's the kid again, it almost feels like playing a horror game and the killer found me. Hes cracking his knuckles.

    I slowly open my eyes a bit IWL and I'm in a very pleasant sleep paralysis. My whole body is really comfortable and nearly impossible to move, besides my eyes which are also very heavy. I had to choose between waking up and recording my dreams or potentially lucidly return to my dream. I decided on the former.
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      The whole party scene cracked me up!
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