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    Mystery dash through a gaming nostalgia shop (Winter comp night 9)

    by , 01-16-2024 at 12:25 AM (164 Views)
    Dream 1

    I’m a student in grade school. David is there and he’s wearing costumes. There is a boy who is dressed completely in a police uniform, his name tag says “Robert”. His dad ends up showing up wearing a police uniform as well, his name tag says “James”.

    Dream 2

    I meet a programmer by the beach. He’s describing problems he’s been having with certain ideas he wants to implement. I ask if he has tried applying machine learning to the issue as it would be a fairly easy fix. He ignores this and keeps talking about his issue.

    Then James and I are walking along a cobblestone street with storefronts around us. He suddenly makes a mad dash into a store and runs to the back of the store past an ‘employees only’ sign, which prompts an employee to begin chasing him. He runs up a tall zig zagged metal staircase against the back wall of the stoor and vanishes into a higher floor.

    I slowly walk into the store and see that there are glass display boxes waist high showcasing all sorts of retro gaming consoles. I stop by the N64 one and appreciate the familiar look of the console with a cartridge in it and it’s unmistakable controller.

    Then I hear a voice and I turn around to see a man at the entrance of the store. I walk over to him and it’s the guy from the beach again. Now he’s holding some small black sphere that he’s been tasked to program the functionality for.

    He again begins explaining troubles he’s had with his programs and I ask again if he’s tried throwing some machine learning at it - he again ignores this and keeps describing his issues.

    Dream 3

    I’m in a FPS like game with an ally. We go down a hallway and find some loot, two weapons. My ally checks out the gun she got and it was legendary and had amazing stats, mine was just a green uncommon gun and not so great in comparison.

    We continue down this maze like hallway and an event triggers that turns my partner into an enemy. She whips around and locks her sights on me, clearly controlled by AI now. Since her gun was so much better she kills me and we both start at the beginning of the hallway/maze that we started at.

    We begin again and get to the loot part, she again gets a better gun. I say to her that maybe we should swap weapons so that when it comes to the part where I have to kill her we can get past it.

    She seems to have no memory of the last run and doesn’t like this idea of being killed, so she keeps her gun. We get to the part where she is forced to turn hostile and I unload my rounds at point blank getting all head shots but it wasn’t enough and she took me down.

    We were still having fun regardless though.

    Dream 4 (fragment)

    I’m closely inspecting tea cups with interesting art on them. The art isn’t painted on but rather molded into 3D designs.

    The artist shows me one where a character is wrapping its arms around the cup but they don’t quite meet at the back of the cup.

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