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    PA Again - Spring competition night 2

    by , 03-31-2024 at 05:36 PM (57 Views)
    PA Again

    It was dark out and ominous feeling, I was in the front of the PA house. I'm not sure what happened here but I feel like cars were being moved around, reparking.

    I'm now inside of the PA house and there's a sports car in the living room. V is in the driver seat and I'm in the passenger seat. L is in the living room and he begins playing some music. V turns on the radio in the car and it immediately drowns out what L is playing. L kind of looks over unhappily but leaves it at that.

    The car has a very long rectangular screen that stretches from the driver side all the way across the passenger side. V is now playing some game on that screen, using the car's steering wheel and other controls to play the game - it involves aircrafts shooting at eachother.

    I feel like I have mainly two types of dream themes. One being that I'm sort of just watching things happen in my dreams, often silently observing and just going along with it with minimal interactions - or mainly acting reactively. I don't feel like I'm in the driver seat often (or in this particular dream, literally).

    And the other theme is where I’m very engaged trying to figure out something novel or puzzle-like and I’m really absorbed in understanding the oddities that are in front of me.

    Looking at my day to day life I can see why my dreams are like this and I can pinpoint some changes I can make that would help with increasing my awareness with these scenarios.
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