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    Rainy mall, special ed

    by , 02-10-2024 at 09:27 PM (32 Views)

    Notable day substances: No caffeine

    My recall has been pretty poor the past few days.

    Dream 1

    This dream is really fuzzy but I was walking in a large mall with a friend and I was putting clothes on or something, like I wasn't wearing much initially or something. It was very lightly raining in there.

    Dream 2

    I'm in a special education class and with some sort of mental disability. I'm wearing shoes with no socks on. Everyone ends up going home, including the teacher, except me and two other students.

    Tami is one of the students and she's frusterated with a book she's reading. It seems like the entire lower third of the book was cut clean off and then another copy of the book was glued back on there. So near the bottom third of each page there would be a line of text that would be difficult to read because of that.

    There's a bowl of pop rocks, but they're way finer than actual pop rocks - almost like sand. I keep putting it in my mouth and like the popping effects.

    I text the teacher if we should wait for her or if I should take the other students home. I receive a text back that just says "I'm trying a lot to leave this lot."

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