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    RVs, DV bans, and birthday stares

    by , 02-07-2024 at 06:05 PM (179 Views)

    Notable day substances: No caffeine - was tempted today though.

    I woke up at 3:45 for WBTB, since I've done it many days in a row waking up at this time is really easy now. But I wanted to see how my dreams would differ if I had a full night of sleep tonight so I went right back to sleep (though it took maybe 10mins).

    Dream 1

    I canít really recall this dream. I only remember that there was an RV that was full of movies. Also I was sitting on a couch with RacheL, I made a funny observation that fell flat.

    Dream 2

    I go to dreamviews, on the landing page it shows a list of recently banned users. I think 'Weird, I've never noticed this before' There's only one name on the list, 'Harlequin'. I think 'what?? What could've Harlequin even done to get banned?' I ponder about how the site has such little activity, over-protection as well doesn't help.

    Dream 3

    I'm in an old strange run down house sleeping against a window. There are glass window panels all around me and there are plants growing through the window, theyíre all around me. I'm frustrated and hop off the window sill.

    Linda seems to be here. I leave the house and it's surrounded by sparse woods, mainly open untamed fields.

    Mayan comes by and begins guiding me somewhere. We travel through the woods until we're in a small neatly kept neighborhood.

    The front door to one of the buildings is open, and he takes us through it. We go to the living room, he sits me down on a couch and then he sort of wanders off.

    The furniture is organized in a circle facing inward and every seat is filled, maybe about 17 people or so. Before I sat down they were all laughing and having some sort of party or something. But now they all went silent and are just staring at me.

    I look at each person's face, and I don't recognize anyone*. From what I can tell this is a birthday party, most of them are a bit older - from early to late 40's.

    I apologize for dropping in so randomly and kind of jokingly point out how awkward this is but the tension remains. Very slowly people begin picking up their previous conversations but when I try to connect with the people closest to me everyone would stop again and stare.

    Eventually things were more relaxed. There were two guys off to my right speaking Russian, they were wearing very Russian jogging apparel. I ask them if they speak any German. One of them puts his index finger and thumb very close together and says "some". I responded "Ein bisschen?" (A little?) he responds affirmingly in German with a Russian accent - something I havenít heard before.

    We have a short conversation in German where I mainly get across that I've been learning it for fun for the past few years.

    I hear tearing from my left, I look over to see one of the guys wearing a party crown opening a present. I ask him if it's his birthday, he says yeah. I say 'lemme guess you're turning.. ' I look at his features, I think 46 but maybe he's closer to 45' someone else says '46?' I respond with 'I was gonna say that too but my guess is 45'. Birthday guy says he's turning 43.

    This went on longer and eventually I got to know more people and it was alright. It was a very vivid dream. Besides feeling super awkward at first it ended up relaxed and boring even.

    * I can still recall most of the faces of the people there really well. Normally I forget the features of dream character's faces pretty quickly.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Are you quitting caffeine or something? Valiant goal if ever there was one...
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    2. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      Are you quitting caffeine or something? Valiant goal if ever there was one...
      Yeah every once in a while I take a break from it, this time I want to focus on if it has effects on the quality of dreams. It's not for the faint of heart . I'm past the worst of the withdrawals though!
    3. theshirecat's Avatar
      Interesting. I'm definitely dependent on caffeine at this point....about 400mg or so per day. Have you noticed changes to your dreams so far?
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    4. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      I've noticed some increased clarity and vividness to my dreams without caffeine so far. The bigger effect for me has been sleep quality and how quickly I fall asleep now. 400mg a day would be quite a challenge to come down from I'd imagine, with tapering it probably wouldn't be so bad though if you ever were going to.
      Updated 02-08-2024 at 06:39 PM by Lucid-Wannabe
    5. Harlequin's Avatar
      Yes, I was banned from DV for failing to protect the Supreme Leader of the DPRK in my last lucid dream. Thankfully I managed to hack into the site and get back.
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    6. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      Yes, I was banned from DV for failing to protect the Supreme Leader of the DPRK in my last lucid dream. Thankfully I managed to hack into the site and get back.
      Kim Joong Oon has resources most people can only dream about, so I'm not surprised he pulled off getting you banned here. Dude probably had sleeper agents in your very dream! Good thing you can hack! ��
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