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    Thoughts on what lucid dreaming means to me

    by , 05-17-2024 at 09:01 PM (50 Views)
    Before bed I was reading a novel and when I went to sleep the story just continued on throughout the night in my dreams. I kept waking up with the characters and plot going through my head and I could hear the characters voices. There were no visuals, it felt like I just never stopped reading and the experience continued.

    I haven't been carrying on any dream related practices in quite a while now. It just takes so much effort for so little results for me. I'm just thinking about my motives for lucid dreaming in general right now.

    I've always been fascinated by various ways of exploring altered experiences. Gaming being a big one that dominated my life early on. I touched on some psychedelics a bit but never went too deep because I would rather have control over having an intense experience.

    I guess freedom and control are things I've been chasing in my life, two things I didn't have much of early on. Escaping the status quo has always been my default means of viewing my life. I couldn't accept things most people take as totally normal. Like spending 8 hours of my day working, couldn't stand it.

    Ever since my first accidental lucid dream at around ~8 or so years old, I've looked at the phenomenon as a sort of anchor point in a way. That there is a potential world inside of me that offers complete freedom and creativity, even if it is brief and difficult to achieve.

    Not sure where I'm going with this, I think it's just that I haven't been happy with the way this experience of life has been. It's just felt restrictive and plain and the potentials for it to be otherwise are just so high. With how technology is going the future generations may be having the kinds of experiences I wish I had in this time. I mean, even in the next 40 years things should get pretty interesting, so barring anything crazy happening I'll probably be able to experience that.

    I guess I'm just bored.

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    1. ErraticHopper's Avatar
      It is so hard. I haven't had many results so far, and I'm still waiting to figure out a method that really works for me - every lucid I've had so far was by accident! Though I do enjoy just dream journalling and I think my recall has definitely improved since I started doing that. The dreams themselves are really fascinating to me, and that mysterious, strange feeling I get when reading back over them and remembering such clear experiences yet which didn't really happen. It feels different to recall my dreams - like peering back deep inside my mind.
      I really do hope you see some more results. I've enjoyed reading a lot of your dream journals.