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    1. Unaware, Aware, Awake

      by , 02-23-2024 at 09:19 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      After about 4 and a half hours of sleep I woke up at 3:30am. Instead of Galantamine I wanted to try something weaker so I took 300mg of Alpha-GPC. I attempted a WILD which didnít work out.

      Dream 1

      Iím in highschool and Iím talking with James in the bathroom (Why have I had so many bathroom related dreams lately?). Heís complaining about the principal, about how sheís been mean or something.

      I grab a super-soaker-like water gun off of the sink counter and I set off to soak the principal. Right as Iím rushing to leave the bathroom I realize Iím dreaming and I stop in my tracks. I think to myself ĎLetís slow down and stabilize the dream.í

      My logic was then to go back to the bathroom that was already developed in my mind rather than out into the school. Before I could even turn around the dream fades away.

      Dream 2

      I'm at a desk with some papers. Something about how I'm slacking on this job and I rationalize that it's okay because I work really hard at another job.
    2. Volunteering, highway convoy and backyard shootouts (Winter comp night 14)

      by , 01-20-2024 at 07:09 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I was standing in the middle of a 4 way intersection of a neighborhood with a bunch of firefighters and other people. I was volunteering to help people out who just had their homes on fire (that were already extinguished).
      Mind conditioning- a real lucid dreaming pill?-1.jpg

      One of the firefighters let me know I was assigned to one of the homes on the corner of the four way so I started walking over to it. When I went towards the front door the firefighter called out and mentioned I should use the blue door on the side.

      So I walked around the house, looking for the fire damage as I did but didnít see any. I went inside and there was a man frantically tossing items around the house in a garbage bag. The main living room was carpeted.

      He looked really stressed and worried and I told him I heard there was a fire in the area and that I was here to give him a hand if he wanted. The man was very flustered and looked like he was deciding to introduce himself or keep throwing stuff in his bag. I said that itís okay to take a moment to gather his thoughts.

      He thanked me and kept doing what he was doing before but was now talking to me and filling me in on his life. Something happened between him and his boyfriend and his boyfriend left and he was really distressed over it.

      I was helping clean up the place and was confused that there wasnít any fire damage anywhere. Then his boyfriend came in through the side door and started arguing with the guy cleaning, he also let a goat into the house through the side door as well.
      Mind conditioning- a real lucid dreaming pill?-2.jpg

      Dream 2

      Iím driving on the middle lane of a 3 lane highway as part of a convoy of maybe 7 cars. All 6 of the other cars were in front of me and we were driving very close together. I noticed in my rear view mirror that a cop was coming up from behind us, pretty far back

      This caused the leader of the convoy to communicate to the rest of us to come to a complete stop on the highway. His logic was that we were speeding and that we were turning ourselves in before we got pulled over, though we were only driving about 50 to 65 km/h.

      The cop had to drive around us since we were stopped now, then he slowly drove over to the side of the road and put his lights on.

      Dream 3 (fragment)

      Iím in the PA house and Iím fighting someone. I canít remember exactly what happened but we kept on having these really fun battles through the house and outside in my neighbors yard. At one point I had some gun that only had one shot and it connected which was satisfying. I felt like I was trying to escape.
      Dream 4 (fragment)

      Iím talking to two women that are sitting together in a hanging egg chair, one of them is pokemaine. We were having some funny convos but this dream is really fuzzy.
      Mind conditioning- a real lucid dreaming pill?-3.jpg
    3. Mystery dash through a gaming nostalgia shop (Winter comp night 9)

      by , 01-16-2024 at 12:25 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Iím a student in grade school. David is there and heís wearing costumes. There is a boy who is dressed completely in a police uniform, his name tag says ďRobertĒ. His dad ends up showing up wearing a police uniform as well, his name tag says ďJamesĒ.

      Dream 2

      I meet a programmer by the beach. Heís describing problems heís been having with certain ideas he wants to implement. I ask if he has tried applying machine learning to the issue as it would be a fairly easy fix. He ignores this and keeps talking about his issue.

      Then James and I are walking along a cobblestone street with storefronts around us. He suddenly makes a mad dash into a store and runs to the back of the store past an Ďemployees onlyí sign, which prompts an employee to begin chasing him. He runs up a tall zig zagged metal staircase against the back wall of the stoor and vanishes into a higher floor.

      I slowly walk into the store and see that there are glass display boxes waist high showcasing all sorts of retro gaming consoles. I stop by the N64 one and appreciate the familiar look of the console with a cartridge in it and itís unmistakable controller.
      The Dreamviews Orgy-1.jpg

      Then I hear a voice and I turn around to see a man at the entrance of the store. I walk over to him and itís the guy from the beach again. Now heís holding some small black sphere that heís been tasked to program the functionality for.

      He again begins explaining troubles heís had with his programs and I ask again if heís tried throwing some machine learning at it - he again ignores this and keeps describing his issues.

      Dream 3

      Iím in a FPS like game with an ally. We go down a hallway and find some loot, two weapons. My ally checks out the gun she got and it was legendary and had amazing stats, mine was just a green uncommon gun and not so great in comparison.

      We continue down this maze like hallway and an event triggers that turns my partner into an enemy. She whips around and locks her sights on me, clearly controlled by AI now. Since her gun was so much better she kills me and we both start at the beginning of the hallway/maze that we started at.

      We begin again and get to the loot part, she again gets a better gun. I say to her that maybe we should swap weapons so that when it comes to the part where I have to kill her we can get past it.

      She seems to have no memory of the last run and doesnít like this idea of being killed, so she keeps her gun. We get to the part where she is forced to turn hostile and I unload my rounds at point blank getting all head shots but it wasnít enough and she took me down.

      We were still having fun regardless though.

      Dream 4 (fragment)

      Iím closely inspecting tea cups with interesting art on them. The art isnít painted on but rather molded into 3D designs.

      The artist shows me one where a character is wrapping its arms around the cup but they donít quite meet at the back of the cup.

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    4. Unintentional almost-WILD

      by , 12-26-2023 at 07:13 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      I was pretty tired around 2:00pm after a shower, getting ready to go to a family Christmas gathering. So I decided to lay down and just rest a bit with my eyes closed.

      While I was resting I realized that my eyes are almost always moving even as my eyelids are shut. Even when trying to keep them relatively still they make little micro-movements as I'm thinking about different things.

      So I try to make them completely still, which turns out is very difficult. Even once I got them feeling quite locked down, and it feels like they aren't having any micro-movements - I can tell there's still a few now and then.

      Eventually after about 25 minutes my eyes are actually extremely still, and by the time I got them this way they have a very distinct and strange feel to them.

      Suddenly my arms start to vibrate, then my whole body. I recognize this as the feelings that happen when transitioning into a WILD. The blackness behind my eyes starts to expand and somehow get 'closer to my eyes'. I feel an insane rush of energy going through my body - causing intense tingling.

      Unfortunately my heart rate shot up from some adrenaline - as I wasn't expecting this WILD to happen and was really excited that I may have discovered some new technique or something, as I've never gone from just laying down for around half an hour during the day and go straight into a lucid dream. My excitement peaked at about the time the dream state was starting to form and it completely collapsed.

      Even though the unexpected WILD failed, I'm really interested in the possibility of this 'still eye' trick to initiate a quick-WILD. I'm definitely going to be exploring this more in the future.

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    5. Nasty food, Orc druids and.. Costco image generator?

      by , 12-25-2023 at 09:19 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Iím in some sort of church where with a group of maybe 20 or so people, we are starting a new religion as a joke. We have some bookmarks made with art on them depiction our religion and I hand them out to everyone hanging out there.

      Dream 2

      Iím with Tami and Penny. There is a little pile of unidentifiable food in front of us. It looks like itís got a covering of general tsoís sauce on it. Penny is talking about how usually people serve this too sticky and wet and she was happy the way she made it.

      I am eating it and feel like thereís something wire-y in the back of my throat, I reach in and pull out a pair of little spindly bird feet and toss it on the ground. It was pretty nasty.

      Dream 3

      Iím on a little island with Tami, the perspective and everything was like WoW. Weíre fighting some mobs by the shore, weíre about level 23 or so and weíre alliance, Iím a human ret paladin.

      Suddenly an orc druid in a hybrid cat/bear form appears and completely destroys us. Once I return to my corpse and revive I realize he took nearly all of my gear.

      Dream 4

      Costco has some crappy AI service where you insert an image and then it generates a new image. It doesnít even use prompts or anything, you just put an image in and get a random transformation back with no choice on how it's generated. Most of the image generations came back generally the same but glitchier than before. It was really slow and awful.

      Then I realize that because of this theyíre charging me $94 a month now.

      Dream 5

      No visuals, just the Gerudo Valley soundtrack from Zelda Ocarina of Time.