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    Lost in thought...

    by , 05-10-2018 at 07:07 PM (586 Views)
    I'm walking about in my studio, which is just a fancy name for my computer room with big TV home theater setup and consoles. I'm lost in thought thinking what to do. I have so much to do, but I feel stagnant. I have enrolled in so many courses online as well. I just couldn't decide what to do and am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I set out to do. I stop for a moment and look around.

    I notice that the room is completely empty. No home theater stuff, no couch, no computer table or chair. It's all completely empty. It occurs to me immediately I'm in a dream. However, I didn't feel like doing anything. I was feeling indifferent about the realization. I wanted to continue thinking about what I wanted to do. I tried jumping and immediately I started to float about as if there was no gravity. I continued being lost in thought just floating from one end of the room to the other and back again. It was calming to just float and think. I think to myself it would be cool if I can do this in waking.

    I decide to get grounded again and place my feet on the floor and suddenly the room changes somewhat. It now becomes a bedroom, but not exactly like my bedroom. It's as if my bed and stuff had been moved into my studio. I look around. That was sort of cool. It was bit dim though without enough light coming in through the windows. It was nighttime. I turn on the lights and sit down on edge of my bed. I didn't feel motivated to do anything. I decide I'll go take a relaxing bath. There is a knock at the door, I reply with "you can come in." It was Kana. She comes in looking surprised to see our studio turned into a bedroom. There was that unmistakable radiance about her, this was not just a Kana dream character. I ask her how she was feeling. She looks at me and tilts her head "Hey, you are lucid..." I look away. I say "Maybe... anyway, I was thinking of taking a bath." She looks puzzled. "In a dream?" she asks. I get up and ask her playfully if she wants to join me. She gets all flustered replying "look who's all grown up now." Of course, I was teasing. Something Kana used to do all the time. The bathtub wasn't nearly big enough for two anyway and I didn't feel like manipulating the dream. Kana says she's gonna nap if I'm not going to do anything. I get up and get undressed and wrap myself in towel. Then I put on light music and place my phone in the basket in the bathroom. I fill up the bathtub and put in some bath salts. I get into the warm bath. It was relaxing. I listen to the music. I never heard the music before. I lean my head back looking at the ceiling wondering what I'm doing. I'm in a lucid dreaming, I can be doing anything else but I had no motivation. I could be hanging out with Kana, but she would realize I'm feeling troubled and I didn't want to worry her. I think about my online courses and which I should prioritize. I still haven't put our life back together since Kana passed away. I get lost in thought. I start to feel drowsy and the dream fades.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      It's nice how you got to unwind and relax in your dream with kana present. Perhaps if you write a schedule for your online classes, including breaks, youll still be able to do well without so much stress. Also, if kana makes you feel better, than add her in your schedule too. Balance helps so maybe you wont have to choose one or the other.

      Also, this is off topic but i heard if you bring a phone into the bathroom, the humidity could ruin your phone. Dont know if its true though. ^^"
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    2. lucidbunnie's Avatar
      It was a relaxing dream overall. I got to float around, meet Kana, and listen to music. Sometimes not doing stuff in dreams can be productive too.

      In waking I don't have confidence to make an earning on my own without Kana's help so I ended up enrolling to over 100+ courses so I'll feel more ready to face the world. It's a bit overwhelming. Thankfully I got some prioritizing done in that lucid dream too. I have a better idea how to organize.

      I heard that about phone and humidity too. I baby my phone a lot in waking, but in the dream I wasn't worried about ruining it. ^^'
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      100+? O.o Is that...even possible? What does the 100 mean? I almost thought you wrote it as if it were 100 classes.Nice~ Glad the dream helped you out.

      Oh, so that's why. Makes sense. I know there are some people that actually take their phone everywhere so i wasn't sure.>w <
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    4. lucidbunnie's Avatar
      As crazy as it sounds it's actually over 100 courses. Courses on graphic design, logo design, web design, web development, SEO, writing, 3D modeling, animation, motion graphics, video editing, programming, game development, and the list goes on. Kana and I were like jack of all trades and master of none, but Kana had mastery of lot of the stuff while I only knew bit of stuff here and there just enough to give her a helping hand. XD
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    5. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol That must cost a lot of money but i hope you enjoy the courses you decide to take.
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