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    1. Monsters, demon children, and the secret world in my closet.

      by , 05-19-2012 at 04:01 PM
      In the earliest dream I remember cooking macaroni and cheese with baked beans. It seemed like I was in some kind of dungeon fantasy world, in the realm of the game "Hexen". The dream eventually formed into my kitchen were I also had potatoes and turkey on my plate, I don't remember the taste.

      The earliest that I can remember of this next dream was it had to do with runescape, and I was in college with a group of kids who wanted to scam some rich guy out of something. We were all in this scheme together, but I remember being not sure about wanting to join or knowing what to do. At one point we had a ladder in the room and I was tieing it down to something on the floor with a special kind of knot. I didn't know what I was doing, and one of the other members made an example knot for me and told me it should look like this.

      The dream kind of shifted (similiar dream), I was walking into school the next day, I remember Mr Alan was waiting by the door to let me in, I think it was raining outside. As I went in my friend Alan (coincidence?) came to me, saying he was too busy to talk for some reason, I remember telling him it was fine (he's annoying), we talked about pizza for some reason, I said jokingly if he paid I'd give him 20M (runescape money) for the pizza later on. I knew some kind of optional orientation was to take place in the auditorium for some reason, when I got there it seemed like people were racing me for a front seat, I remember going to sit in one, but somehow I ended up in a seat behind the front row. I noted a classmate of mine Terry, was one up from me. Not as many people as I thought had showed up. The teacher came in and sat down in a desk right beside me, he seemed much more serious than I had hoped, I wondered if I had accidentally ended up in a class. I couldn't make out most of what he was saying, but he was preparing a test for us. He assured us that the test had only 5 questions. The next thing I remember is terry wanted to borrow the mini golden eye glasses from around my neck (why were they there? no idea). I told her she could, but only if she returned them. The speaker in the auditorium somehow became aware that I was there, he asked about my name, and about my future occupation, he was mocking me for something, but I don't remember what it was. He proceeded to sit on my lap well he had some discussion with me about me that I can't remember too well. Later on I agreed that Terry could keep my golden necklace, but by this point it had turned into a golden ball, and I still had a golden key around my neck.

      I remember checking my schedule at this point to see what I had next, suddenly I realized it was 4 pm, way passed the time that I needed to get to my next class. I panicked and looked at my schedule (which came up as some kind of electronic display with a touch screen). I rechecked my watch, and this is when I got lucid because the numbers had changed.

      I was suddenly in the bathroom in front of a mirror, I was very lucid despite barely trying to WBTB earlier. It seemed I was really determined to hold onto the lucidity this time. I repeated to myself that I was dreaming until I felt it vividly. I remember thinking about how I became lucid, and decided it must have been this eve 6 song that was stuck in my head and playing vividly by this point (the dream shift must have made me forget).

      I'm not sure about this first ld, but it ended in a black void, and I woke up in my dream bedroom via deild. This time it was darker outside, I walked into the kitchen. My brother was there with some evil look on his face. I noticed he had a pair of claws that closely resembled rune claws from runescape over his hands. I managed to escape him somewhat easily. I went outside and flew into the sky. I seemed to have little trouble flying at this point, I noted that it was dark and I looked up into the night sky. I saw the planet earth behind the hill, and marveled at it for a moment. I flew onto a building in the distance, and the dream faded.

      I woke up in my room a 2nd time. It was still dark, and I was sick of it. I wanted a solution to this problem finally. I decided that I would look out the window in my bedroom for light. I did just that, and there was indeed morning light that was visible through this window, I jumped right through and outside. I flew again, and this time I made it to the playground. On the parking lot there were monsters that ran across it, they looked kind of like robot gengars (pokemon). I flew over them and over the playground. All over the playground equiptment were these children who had baby faces. Their eyes were red or black, and they were evil I decided. They kept trying to find a way to me, but I was too high for them. I perched on one of the poles, and as they climbed to me, I flew away. I panicked for a moment when one managed to latch it's self on, but I pushed it away. The dream ended.

      I came awake a 3rd time in my dream bedroom. This time the window plan didn't work, but I went through the dark house looking for other windows. I eventually came to one, and flew out of it just like before. This time the sky was still kind of dark. I flew over to the pavement area around the school. This part is a bit vague in my memory. I remember trying to make the dream vivid by looking at many things. I remember examining my shirt and my pants. I remember taking off my pants, I felt an urge to pee. So I went over to two dcs walking nearby and pissed all over them. Which amused me. This dream ended

      I came awake a 4th time in my dream bedroom. I decided the window technique wasn't always going to work. This time I went for the light switch, if I could find enough light switches around, I could definitely light up the house. You may be thinking, but ldgod, light switches don't work in dreams, well they work in mine. I switched on the closet light, but couldn't find another one. I decided that I would explore my closet (this is a small closet). I went in, and low and behold, behind the back was a passageway. I went through the passage way, it was dusty and filled with old clothes. I continued on, it started to look like a cave at one point. I came to a small tunnel and decided I did not want to crawl down it. Instead I found another way that led outside. There was a giant canyon passage down this, the sky was a deep greyish blue color, and the canyon walls were high. I believe I tried to fly, but some giant monster swallowed me. I'm not sure exactly what it was.

      I started getting sick of deilding all these lds. I got up from my bed hoping for a false awakening. I knew I was in one the moment I got out of bed, but I had 2nd thoughts when I noticed how vivid everything was. It was light out this time. I did an RC and it ended up working. I walked through the living room, and there were 3 people sitting on the couch, my parents and someone else. I made it to the kitchen, there were two people on each end of the kitchen table. One of them was a girl I couldn't identify, I gave in and felt her up for awhile, one of the other guests made some comment but I can't remember it. I'm not sure what happened next in this dream.

      It's my first journal post in awhile, I don't really plan on making another anytime soon unless I have a really enjoyable lucid dream (this one was quite ok). You'll notice my dreams are strange, I don't try to make them look any less odd then they were at the time. This time though, it was interesting that I dreamed for so long without any real WBTB, it has been awhile since I DILDed so naturally like this. Perhaps it has been the fact that I have focused on dream recall so hard this past week. And I have really intended on having them, as opposed to trying to find some perfect WILD technique which will probably never come.
    2. Short WILDs

      by , 04-04-2012 at 02:34 PM
      I attempted WILDing for about an hour or so, was really getting discouraged, I guessed that I was too hot, and one side of my nose was stuffy for no appearent reason. Also I think I may have extended my wbtb for a bit too long. I took some covers off and changed my anchor. I focused on my feet passivly this time, at one point I think I was focusing on my fan.

      There were increasing feelings of losing myself, at one point I started hearing the voices of my neice and nephew playing outside my room. I was really upset that they might ruin this for me. But for probably the first time I've experienced this in years, I was floating above my bed, slowly rotating in circles, or at least had some sense of this happening. Eventually I accepted that it was time to leave my bed, at this point the kids were no longer making noise. I could feel strange pressure on different parts of my body though. I got up and it was much darker than usual. I took a look at my alarm clock, I couldn't really make out the numbers, but could tell there was something wrong. I looked at my feet and then my hands which I could barely make out in the dark. I ran into the kitchen, were I began to repeat to myself, this is a dream, all this is my dream. and suddenly a small light turned on. Everything became clearer as well, I think my brother was in the kitchen. I noticed the light was coming from the backroom, my dad was out there, it shocked me slightly when I noticed him standing there watching me. The dream started fading again, I couldn't manage to save it despite jumping up and down frantically.

      I got up another time after the void took me. In my room again, this time I looked at the clock again, I saw a triangle and a 9, so I figured almost instantly that I was dreaming. This time it was still dark, but I saw that there was some light outside, and debated about going out there. But something else caught my eye, some chick was sitting at the computer chair in the living room. And I was going over to her, intent on lifting up her shirt, but the dream faded as I did this.
    3. Lucid Blips

      by , 04-02-2012 at 06:04 PM
      Well I'm back to the world of lucid dreaming, this marks my first journal entry in years. No remarkable experiences yet, just getting back into the groove of things.

      I was in sp moments after falling asleep, it seemed like I was sitting up for a moment, and felt very heavy and sleepy, I slowly fell into the bed feeling this way. I couldn't manage to move automatically anymore. I managed to imagine rolling out of bed, and then I swung myself up, I was in the laundary room, where I had fallen asleep. I stepped into the kitchen, I think I thought of trying to shoot something out of my hand, or take off my clothes randomly, neither idea sounded too fun, thought about levitating something on the table, but as I tried, the dream faded.

      I had another SP experience, I heard my brother come down stairs, thinking I was still awake, I was upset that he had happened to get up at this time, because he might ruin my sp. I heard my hungarian friend speak into my ear in hungarian, and heard some small clips of a radio dj, but couldn't make out what was said. I again got up, this time it was darker, and my brother was up. I walked up to my brother and told him I was lucid, he instantly got excited, acting like he was also lucid, I told him I was leaving to go outside and fly. He tried to hold me back, I escaped him and left the house. At this point I tried to really take in the dream scape so it wouldn't escape me this time. I remember there was a huge dirt path running up through the park, and I was following it, my dream seemed vivid at one point, and fading fast the next.

      After this I spent some time in the void, where I began to imagine some scene of helping my mother cook dinner with a sauce pan, I wanted to see if I could make it into a dream, I managed to make it into something that might resemble a dream, but don't remember what happened next.
      lucid , false awakening
    4. The strange and awkward world inside of my head

      by , 03-23-2011 at 12:17 PM
      So this is the first time I ever made a journal entry with this new feature so I hope I'm doing this right. Tonight was tough because I didn't get much sleep but had a ton of dreams and lucid moments. I had been experimenting with wbtb and hadn't had lucids lately for some reason. Then I decided to turn the light on in my room and sit there and write down some dreams for about 10 minutes. I had real difficulty going to bed as I really felt like I had woken up all the way.

      Lucid moments are in green, though the rest is pretty lulzworthy too.

      It is the first day of the semester at college supposedly, I do find this a bit strange but don't question it much. I remember trying to find my way to philosophy class and getting lost. It look place outside in what seemed to be a construction yard. I find some other guy walking very slowly with a limp. I too notice that I am moving very slowly and I follow him, it seems he's having trouble finding his class as well. He eventually makes it to a small barn with a long plank coming out the front and says it might be his class. I eventually make it to philosphy which is in this garage area. We enter into a discussion about how a tiger attacked me on my way here (I have some kind of false flashback to this) and how I didn't feel anything because I had never been attacked by a tiger in the waking world. Now if a kitten where to attack me then I'd be able to feel it because I've been attacked by many kittens in my time. Suddenly the dream becomes 2d for the remander of it and some girl from class brought in this gif file of this girl being attacked by a black kitten twice, looks like cardboard cutouts. suddenly my teacher gregg turns into the grim reaper and is in a 2d bone yard and continues to talk about I don't remember what.

      I remember my mom accusing me of having a playboy magizine, don't remember what her reasoning was but it didn't make much sense. I protest this and admit that I watch porn pretty rarely due to a vivid imagination and this should not be a problem at my age anyway. I point out that if I had a son I would consider giving him a playboy mag at 15 years old and that it isn't going to turn him into a raging murderer.

      I barely remember another dream where my mom is talking about some special kind of hot chocolate she bought on her way home from work.

      At this point I wake up and do a 10 minutes wbtb.

      I remember a lucid I had at this moment, woke up all paralyzed and went into the kitchen. I asked my dad where my mom was and then I go into my parents bedroom. My mom is sitting there and she has a giant phallus that ejaculates with such force it almost hits me but instead sprays the dresser.

      I check to see if my digital ceiling display clock is on. I see nothing, I suspect that it is possible it doesn't work but I still get out of bed. I take note that my bed is in the correct area, for all the other false awakenings it was where it used to be. I walk into the living room which is pretty dark, my dog comes and looked upset at me. This dog looks more like my older dog. I take a moment to rub my hands together. I go into the living room which is lighter and outside it is light as well. My dad is standing there and my mom as well. I tell them I'm going outside. They tell me to not go because it is dark outside. which kind of freaks me out cause its light out there. The moment I step outside I try to fly alittle, I see the elementary school ahead and begin to fly towards it. I look again at the school and there is no longer a school but a giant city off in the distance. I'm a bit fearfull at first but I move towards it. I begins clear that the whole city is flooded and there is a fog off into the distance, the sky is an eery grey. I begin to shout some command to bring the water down. It slowly leaves the towers and soon the only thing blocking me onward is a deep fog which I manage to get to move away as well. The city no longer looks like a city but just some endless rooftops. I begin to fly onto them. Soon some guy comes out from one of the building doors and grabs onto me. He is upset and tells me I don't have a licence to be here, I try to dislodge him and run from him but eventually he catches up to me and the dream fades.

      I am with some asian girl, perhaps the one from scott pilgrim vs the world. She has something and we are trying to hide it near the school. It is night out. There are some guys coming around the corner and she quickly tells me to hide it on this stand behind some locker near this shed outside of the school. Then we go into the shed, she seems more nervous than me. Suddenly a guy walks in and has a giant machete. I am scared shitless at this point cause it seems pretty vivid. I start to run out of there but he doesn't follow. The dream ends breifly but then starts again with a long pipe in my hand that I played with early that day in the waking world. I go towards him now fully lucid and begin to attack. we mash our weapons together and he manages to get his past and slashes me. I go down and again begin reincarnate as myself. This time I've got a giant hammer with me or something. I want to kill him at this point. I go into the room and see him cowering behind a bed, he looks exactly like me I realize. I pat him on the head and he is glad I didn't hurt him and I leave.

      I'm in a pit with a frame of glass above it, it is clear that I am supposed to be frodo baggins. Suddenly a large man jumps into the frame and breaks it and lands on top of me. I now am in a pit of broken glass and try to get up to get out. As I enter the hall the fellowship is all around. lagolas is picking glass out of his feet and I look at my feet and find glass as well. Some of the glass leaves skin tunnels in my foot but there is no blood. As I step forward aragorn begins to speak about the power of friendship or something. I then come to the realization that this is a dream and a sense of fear overwhelms me. I enter a black void and feel like I'm falling underwater and it is kind of relaxing. Something tickles me lightly and I think that I wake up.

      I'm pretty convinced I'm awake in this. I just know that I am looking out my window and there is a creature out there who looks very strange. It is still dark and snowy. I think I am hallucinating this creature. It looks like a she but more alien. Her body is a thick wireframe square and the head comes out at one of the sides. The color is mostly white with some purple trim. I grow a bit fearful but I then remember my plan and just smile. She smiles right back. I then try several other faces, she responds to each one. Suddenly curious I try to get her to come closer but she doesn't move. I then try to slide the window open. I'm still convinced that this is just a hallucination and don't want people to see me. She hops over slowly and I stick my fingers out the window alittle. She sucks on one of my fingers and I can feel it vividly and this makes me pretty horny, and then I wake up for real.