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    1. My First Lucid Dreams

      by , 03-12-2013 at 06:05 PM
      Last night I had my first lucid dream. As I entered into the dream, I realized that I was in a place I didn't know. So I closed my eyes and imagined I was at my new house I am staying in, in real life. When I opened my eyes I was there. In the house I stay in, there is a room with a whole bunch of space, so I thought I would try and levitate around the room. I did and had fun with that for a while. Once I got done doing that, I went to the bathroom just to look in the mirror. As I looked, I remembered that you could use a mirror to transport you somewhere else. I tried to step through the mirror but I couldn't. So I attempted the spinning technique to change my environment. I believe I got to excited and I woke up.

      When I went back to sleep I tried the same method and ended up in another lucid dream. This time I was at my Mom's boyfriend's trailer. I started walking through his house and normally he has pictures up all over his walls. Well ever time I passed one, they would change into something compleatly new. They even changed into people I did not even know. Well as I got to the end of his hallway, I was walking into the living room. When I got in there I was no longer at his house, but I was at my house in the living room. I looked around wondering how I got there, and as soon as I looked to the right, there was this bald headed kid in a black cloak with a blue head looking back at me. He screamed, ran, and then dove behind something. On the other side of this thing he dove behind, a little blue rabbit, or something like that came out. I just srugged my sholders and decided I wanted to try something. I asked for a girl that I imagined was there to come to the living room from the back room. Nothing happened. So I tried calling for my sister to come out from the back room, and all of a sudden she did. I just wanted to see if I could manifest a person into my dream and I could so I was happy. Then I woke up again.

      Since my method had worked both times, before I thought I would try it a third time. Sure enough, I went right back into a lucid dream. I ended up at the foot of a huge mountain, so I started heading towards the top. I was going to try and fly off the top of it. As soon as I almost got to the top of the mountain, I started seeing signs that said things like, "Do not attempt to fly." I kept double taking at these signs and the words changed,but they all had the same idea such as, "Dangerous," and "Flying prohibited." I started thinking to rationally, forgetting that I was causing those signs to be there, and decided not to jump. Then I woke up this morning and was so happy that I finally had a lucid dream.
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