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    December 9th 2012

    by , 12-09-2012 at 05:33 PM (420 Views)
    Remember being on a club crawl with a course union at my school. I went on two different ones it seemed. The first one took place in a like a floating castle type area it seemed. There were bridges connecting platforms suspended in the air that lead to a more signifigant castle like structure. I moved toward this structure but never made it there before it was time to turn back. Lots of people I knew were there. On the way back there was a path on the right hand side that was a stone walkway and staircase that led down. That was how we had gotten up here. A girl I had been talking to grabbed me and started kissing me. We fell to the ground. Next thing I remember is sitting on the bus talking to Sina. We were talking about the Faceless and how amazing they are and there different yet amazing albums. I got a text that had some joke on it from a boss of mine insinuiating i would not get a raise unless I went to the pub crawl. It had a character that confused me as to how they were able to text it. *I should have reality checked and became lucid here*. I walked down this grassy bath that was between to rows of houses, kind of like an unpaved back alley only wider. I made it to the place and me, the boss, and someone else were all locked out. There was a steel gate like the ones in malls down over the front door so no non pub crawlers could get in. We eventually got in. When we were about to leave Sydney A was fixing a santa outfit to make it look more like the bosses. She had it layed out on the table with scissors and glue and everything. I saw Marty there and we talked. He had been stabbed recently and I asked him about it. He was reluctant to talk about it but he did eventually. He was apparently blackout drunk when it had happened.

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