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    November 15/ 2012 Nightmare

    by , 11-15-2012 at 08:26 PM (483 Views)
    I was at some sort of party. I was with Raymond and a bunch of other people. There were two girls twwho I kept talking to. One of them was trying to convince me I should date her. She kept saying that she was practically my old girlfriend and since I had been wanting to get back together I should just go out with her. She gave me reasons as to why she was her. She didnt just mean that they were simillar but that they were essentially the same person in a physical and spiritual sense. She wasnt as good looking as my old girl friend. I decided I would date her. The area where we were was interesting. It had a waterslide that twisted and led into a circular pool of water. The whole place had this naturallistic jungle feel to it. They invited me and raymond to to a party the next night. We all shared a tent next to the pool of water. The next day me and raymond were at my moms house. The kept telling us to come to this party by phone. It was out just below black mountain kinda near raymonds but higher up the mountain. One was talking to raymond on the phone and saying that there were too many girls there. Raymond said we would only come if more guys came. I smacked his arm and asked what the fuck he was doing. I said never say that about a party. I didnt want to drive because we had both been drinking. I decided finally to double us on my bike. We didnt get very far. We were on Sexsmith when I realized how ridiculous this idea had been. We turned back. It was snowing like crazy out now and I was using that as my excuse not to drive. A girl came and picked us up. She was friends with the other two girls. I had gone to highschool with her. She was blazing while driving. She had her little brother with her. She offered me a hoot and I refused saying I didnt like smoking weed while partying and drinking. She drove us to this house in a gated community. The community was huge, too big to gated it seemed. The house was a ways away from the gate too. When we finally got the house it was eeirily quiet. I went into a room which appeared to be a little boys room. It was to the right of the front door. There was an on suite bathroom. It sort of resembled my childhood room. There was also another door that was just down a small hall past the en suite bathroom. This room just seemed evil. I began to get a terrible feeling about this place. Someone came into the front door. They were wearing a mask that looked like leatherface's. This whole place was evil it seemed now. I didn't know where raymond was. I thought of the movie the strangers. There was a staircase leading down and I think thats where raymond was. This guy was weilding a knife and trying to kill me. This whole gated community was. I ran out the door and headed for the gate. It was a long ways to the gate and I didnt even know how to get there. I came to a 15 or so foot drop at one point. I had a glass of water and couldnt spill it for some reason. I carefully climbed down the ledge parkour style and kept my glass of water in the cup. I just headed to the gate. There were evil people everywhere, looking at my from their houses and I knew they all wanted to kill me. It was terrifying. I somehow came to the realization that this whole place was a cult and that they had lured me there and that girl that drove me was in on it too. They all wanted to kill me, not for sacrficial reasons though, I wasn't quite sure why. I made it to the gate and over the gate. I waited for Raymond. He came out not too long after I left and we peaced the fuck out of there.

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    Tags: cult, nightmare