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    October 14/2012

    by , 10-14-2012 at 04:37 PM (407 Views)
    Remember being in 7/11 in Rutland. I was getting some taquitos. I didnt tell what kinds I wanted but I got the right ones. I was getting some other stuff too. It took her awhile to get my taquitos. She finally placed them on the counter and then knocked them over as she put my other stuff there. I had already eaten one but I said she knocked all 3 off. I told her and asked for some new ones. She wanted me to show her so I lifter up the garbage can nearby and there was a bunch of them underneath it so she gave me 3 more. I left and went to catch the bus. I just missed the first one but caught up to it at the next couple of stops. I was on a skateboard which was really hard to ride. Next remember coming down the back road that connects to Ellison in my car. There were cops and stuff all over the place, off to the side and on the road. There were a bunch of hippyish eco kids everywhere and in the middle of the road. I had the feeling i sometimes get in dreams where it was the second time i had done this in that dream. I almost hit a couple kids. There was the guy who seemed to be the leader type in the middle of the road talking to cops. I was listening to some metal pretty loudly and as I came down I tried to turn it down but the volume knob wasnt doing anything. I wasnt sure if I could go so I sat there for a few seconds and eventually just went. I kept driving down the road. There were side paths and stuff leading off old vernon into the bush. I met up with Teegan and a few other guys. We headed up one of these paths where there would have normally been a house. The leader guy of the eco kids was with us. It was kinda snowy out. We came to a small clearing just inside the trees. There was a stump and some downed trees and it was kind of a cool spot. We met up with Sophia there. She looked really good and had just died her hair like whitish with orangish/red rings and highlights throughout it. Everyone was talking to her. She was upset. I tried to make her feel better. I said Sophia! I like your hair. She said she knew. Teegan had a thing apparently with the leader of the eco kids which I was happy but also upset about. I was trying to be supportive. Teegan and I had a talk. She told me her and Dalton had hung out the night before. I inferred that he left and she kinda giggled. I didnt like that he had stayed the night. She claimed the didnt do anything. She said she smoked weed everyday now. She told me she was going to move to Winnipeg with a bunch of the eco kids and sell weed because you could make lots of money there. I got upset at this and told her she shouldnt do it. I said think about all the guys we buy from and how you would never want to be like them. I talked to Charlotte later on and complained about what she had told me to her.
    -Remeber being at RMS with some of the same kids. I was with 2 girls at first, both from the eco kids. I was trying to get a file of some kind and they were trying to stop me. I was in a narrow hallway with them. My gr9 video teacher was there trying to stop me, not from getting the file like the girls but because I was there after hours. We were all like middle school age. Soon we all went into a backyard type area (exluding the teacher). It was like Kathy's backyard but there was no hot tub. There was a bunch of family of peoples back there. Teegan was there again. At some point someone lost something and 3 of us went to look for it. There were 3 hidden shafts in a bathroom that we looked in, all of them went down. I was back outside soon and me and teegan had another talk. I told her she should do whatever she wanted but that sellling weed was a bad idea. We kissed even though the guy she had a thing with was right there. People were eating bbq now. My friend had a bunch of hot dog weiners and since there were none left he gave me 2 because they were small. I also grabbed toppings off his bun which I then realized was inappropriate.

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