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    Sept. 15/2012

    by , 09-15-2012 at 05:19 PM (377 Views)
    Remember going to Jay wIlls place before work with Mitch. He lived downtown near the highway. We were all late for work, or at least we realized it was like 6 o clock. At one point I thought it was 7 30 but then it turned out to only be 6 (next time I have a strange time realization I will do a rerality check because I might be dreaming!). We all piled in jays car and he drove us there. Once we got there we Mitch told me to hide 20$ in the bathroom. I did it unquestioningly. I went in and looked for a place to hide it. Mitch came and asked if i had done it after loudly claiming he had to go pee or something. I said no and he said hurry up and walked out. As he walked out I said i still hadnt gone (we were trying to cover what we were doing for some reason). I saw a vent behind the sink and hid it there. I walked and told him where it was. He walked back in and grabbed and looked and me and hid it on the flood as he winked, this made sense for whatever reason. There were 3 young girls there now, maybe around 15 or 16. One of them said she loved me right away. I was bartending at this point. We were all trying to avoid going into the kictchen to work. Our boss eventually saw us and we said do you really need us? He said I guess not so we just hung out front. I was talking with the girl who liked me. She had shortish hair and was pretty cute. I was planning on hooking up with her regardless of her age. Eventually the boss sent someone else home but right away it got busy and he angerly told us to get dressed for work. Later we were driving back downtown and jay dropped us and thhis junkyard type place where I went because my car was messed up, I think it may have been there. I talked to the guy behind the till. I think I was with phillip now, I called a cab and explained we were at the junkyard down by the lake. He knew what I was talking about (next time I question the location of something I will do a reality check and become lucid and explore the dream realm!). I walked over to the left where a shelf displayed a few items for sale. Therre was a copy of resident evil 2 on gamecube and I said you know how manny times I have seen this for sale in dreams? (Anytime I see videogames for sale I will do a reality check and become lucid!) I wasnt going to buy it but phil said why dont you? It was only 2 dollars so I was why not? I purchased it. There was a box on the shore now, we walked over to it. Inside the box were a couple mutilated corpses with a few holes and gashes on them.

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