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    Sept. 19/12

    by , 09-19-2012 at 02:51 PM (364 Views)
    -Remember going out to this weird estate where I was trying to get a job. Itwas a huge plot of land. It was a reallly old lady's daycare only there was some weird things aboutt it. Scott Moore and Dave MacClean were both out there. It was pretty far out of the way from any other hints civilization. I had to walk across a long field before getting to the house. I remember arriving with dad but he didnt get out of the car and I walked along the field by myself. I really wanted the job. Once I got to were everyone was, which was by a big house, Scott and Dave were outside looking after the kids. There was a big waterfall right by the house. There was only a few feet of water leading up to the fall, no river or anything. The water before the fall was rectangular and had strange markings in it and an odd stone sphere that also had a couple markings and was very smooth and shiny. Dave said he had made it. I could hear some very cool instrumental metalcore playing as I examined this and said "I can hear the metalcore now". The old lady finally came out of the house escorted by two other young men. I approached her and they told me I wasnt allowed to look at her or talk to her. This kinda alarmed me. She was a witch. She was very very old and frail looking. I began to realize this was some sort of cult.

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