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    Sept 22/12

    by , 09-22-2012 at 03:45 PM (457 Views)
    Remember being at the okanagan college. I was sitting with a couple of friends. I was upset because I was going to have to go there to be able to afford my next semester. We were in a food court type area. I explained why I had to quit my job to the people I was sitting with. Christophe from earls was working at some fast food place and he kept calling my name. I went over to him finally. He was pissing me off. I asked him what hed been doing lately. I asked him if he went there. He scoffed and said no. He said he was going to some university. I went back and sat down. This made me feel even worse about my situation. Somehow, I wound up getting in a fight with an elderly Japanese man. He looked slightly Spanish or Portorican as well but he was from Japan. He had developed a style of martial arts in his family. He was very good. I was holding my own against him but he was clearly the better fighter. The thing I remember most was how solid he was. I was using moves I knew and he was countering them every time. I did land a few punches to his face but they didn't even phase him. After he took me to the back area of the restaurant he and his family ran. All his sons we back there working away. Somehow we got on the subject of aliens. I think he intentionally got in a fight with me because he knew that I studied ufos and aliens and had an opened mind. He told me that he and his family were all aliens and they had taken human form. He went on to say that the entire government of Japan was run by aliens and that an event was going to take place soon. He said the western world was run by aliens as well, only those aliens were very malicious and trying to dominate the world. He said he needed me to come back to Japan with him because they needed everyone they could get. I sat down and ate with him and his family as he told me all this. All that I was given was some white rice but it tasted amazing. I tried to scrounge for something to go on top but in the end it didnt need it. His sons food they had made themselves was very delicious looking. There was shushi and stir fry and other deep fried foods on their plates. I decided to go with them to Japan. I was taken aboard a vehicle that could both fly and drive on land. It was full of people. I kept running into girls and having brief sexual encounters where I would finger them. I saw my friend Phillip on this ship. I expressed how horny I was and how I kept having these encounters with girls on there. When we got to Japan we were now just driving on the streets. We came to the end of a road at the base a big rock face that looked more just like a bunch of large jagged rocks piled on one another. There were a bunch of fibrous and colourful vine type things hanging down and we were instructed to climb them. I was feeling like this was just a cult more and more as time went on. I began to climb them anyways. Me and phil were some of the first people to go, like the 3rd and 4th. The face was big enough for us to climb beside each other like 4 at a time. Some of the vines felt a lot looser then others. It wasnt very hard to climb. I looked down at one point and got freaked out. One man fell down. A man shouted its a trap, these vines aren't secure! He was mistaken though because only some of them wern't secure. These ones were attached to rocks at the top and not roots. When I finally made it to the top the rocks apexed over and a gradual slant of the same style of rocks led to a beautiful field and compound. It was fenced in by high fences and there were roads with houses and cars on the other side. They explained that everything up there was owned by them (the aliens). The aliens showed us pictures of what they looked like. They resembled deformed or misshapen greys. We discussed plans and such on this compound.

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