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    To the moon

    by , 06-14-2012 at 05:51 PM (243 Views)
    I was constructing a rocket out of scrap metal, on it's completion I was planning on going to the moon, my cousin and I enter through the only entrance there is, a standard iron door, we each put on home made helmets with glass visors/viewing areas. I press a red button on the poorly constructed steel wall and sit back in a seat, it was uncomfortable, I can now feel the great acceleration. The door rips off its hinges and my cousin and I get up from our seats, I can no longer feel the acceleration. We walk over to the door, I jump out and land on the surface of the white, grey Moon. After a brief moment I begin to choke and suffocate. I begin to panic. I thrust my legs and push off from the moon to fly into the doorway and land on my feet, I can now breathe but still run over to my seat and sit, as soon as I do This the home made rocket turns toward earth and begins hurdling toward it. It crashes into the ground and without so much as leaving our seats my cousin and I begin converting. He says "did you notice you could breathe if you are near the ship?"
    I reply "ya, it's probably because it's gravity created an atmosphere."
    Then I say "it took NASA 3 days to get to the moon, it only took us 1."

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    Tags: family, rocket, space