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    14th April - LucidJordan's Dream Journal | Unexpected lucidity & increased physical/hearing senses

    by , 04-15-2014 at 03:57 PM (441 Views)
    It's been a while since I last put a Dream Journal entry in, I've been out and about with friends playing music! I've been putting a lot of my focus on tantra also, since I had some sort of euphoric sensation overcome my entire body a couple of nights ago and I was wondering what on earth it was, it led me to tantra!

    11th April -

    Dream 1
    Walking through a motorway type stone tunnel with a bunch of people, it turned into a busy stone hall but much tighter packed. I'm walking in the same direction as a lot of people, others are busily walking in our direction too. There was this guy who was walking next to me at the same time as this group of charity collectors pass me going the other way. The main collector asks me if I want to donate as he passes but I immediately tell him I have nothing to give, and he shoves me (I'm always charitable when I've got it, so this kind of behaviour annoys me). He keeps going, but the other guy who I mentioned was next to me says something offensive as a passive response to my having no money as to imply I'm tight, and I told him to fuck off or something long those lines. Further down the hall I'm walking into an open market type place, there are boxes of random toys and things on the floor and I have to step over them as I look around. Suddenly I turn around and the guy I told to fuck off before has the most insane keyboard in his hands, it's strapped on to him and he's holding it like a guitar, it was like a meter long black beast of an instrument, and he was playing some notes. He shouts to me that he's having it and there''s nothing I can do about it. Then the dream fades.

    I was sleeping on a couch and woke up about 6 hours into my sleep and recalled that last dream. The light was coming through the living room window and there were buses loudly stopping and starting outside, it was quite noisy. I was quite uncomfortable too, the couch wasn't big enough to allow lying down fully stretched, so I was in the fetal position. It took me a while to get back asleep, my eyes were closed though, I was determined to get back to sleep even though I didn't feel too sleepy, and after 20 minutes I started to see some imagery appearing before me in the darkness, then I suddenly and very unexpectedly transitioned straight into a lucid dream, I was in a blurry room and it there was purple electricity flowing over half the stuff in the room. I didn't feel like I woke up in a dream and had to regain consciousness, I felt like I had literally just been lying on the couch trying to sleep and then all of a sudden I was in this room. I unfortunately came straight out of this dream anyway, and I was on the couch again.

    So I tried again, I rested patiently for about 20 minutes, this time it seemed a lot longer to happen and I was getting a little disappointed until the imagery started appearing, then I knew it was game on. By imagery I'm talking about colourful neon type patterns swirling, which sometimes briefly transform into vivid objects. I've been practising dream schemas, thinking about what the patterns I'm seeing look most like, and therefore convincing my brain that that is what I'm seeing.

    Anyway I went back into a new room, it was the same again - a transition with no loss of consciousness. This time I was sat on a bed and knew instantly I was dreaming, and I was calm. I looked around the room and it was more vivid than any lucidity I've had so far. There was a washing line sort of thing hung across the room with a football attached to it, and as soon as I looked at it I calmly thought about how I could change it into something. I decided to change it to a star, but looking at it and thinking I wanted it to change to a star did nothing. I looked away and repeated the thought, I wanted the ball to become a star, and when I looked back it was still a football. Then I woke up again.

    With the two lucids I was trying to "open" my eyes as the imagery started coming to me. By open them I was not actually trying to physically open my eyes whilst keeping them closed, rather it was more of an embrace of all the imagery, as if I was accepting I was in a 3 dimensional space.

    So that was annoying, that I couldn't change the football into a star. How will I fly if I can't even do that? I think the problem was that I was only thinking I wanted it to change, with little expectation of it actually happening. I didn't visualize it happening, I just wanted it to happen. Next time I'll have to "see" it change, and maybe it will.

    13th April -

    Dream 1
    I was in a religion class with some old friends, they were all sitting about and smoking joints/playing games. The religion classroom transitioned into a bedroom without me noticing. I remember talking to a friend who used to body build but he looked really young again, like he did before his body-building days, and we talked about how it's a waste of time if you can't afford a good diet.

    Dream 2
    My dream log simply says "Dan spelling cat and" (I must have been very tired). I can vaguely remember a funny situation where my friend Dan was in a position of spelling something, and I was taking the piss out of him spelling the simple words cat and dog for him in a patronizing (but banterish) way.

    Dream 3
    I don't know what happened in this dream, except I know that there was a scene where I vividly heard words inside a dream for the first time. I was lazy in my logging efforts and have now forgotten them, in fact if I wasn't so sure right now about how I felt after I woke up that I heard vivid voices, then I would be convinced that I just feel like I have. Anyway this was unusual for me, usually I can remember being part of conversations in dreams but not actually hearing the words clearly, rather just remembering them. This time it was different, but I've forgotten the words so basically it doesn't even matter now haha.

    The other sensation I felt in a dream for the first time was physical pain. I was unwrapping a bandage that was around my wrist, I think I had burned it or something, and I can vividly remember the feeling of the bandage being peeled off my raw skin and the stringing sensation of it. I hope it isn't possible to feel super physical pain in dreams, because if that happened to me with the mind I've got, I'd be fucked.

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