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    8th April 2014 - LucidJordan's Dream Journal

    by , 04-08-2014 at 01:03 PM (342 Views)
    I've been out since the 4th April, and I haven't been in very good conditions or mindsets for lucid dreaming, or even basic recall for that matter. My mind has simply been elsewhere, distracted by the friends and family I have been with. My sleeping patterns were all over the place.I got home yesterday and spent the day getting back into the swing of things, learning about different methods of attaining lucidity. I read quite a lot about WILD last night. I have been practicing my self-awareness techniques each day though, probably not as much as at first, but still keeping it going. I enjoy being aware even outside of this dreaming business, it opens the world up to you in a way you'd forgotten. I'm looking at old places I've seen many times and it feels like since my awareness has went up my ability to relate with what I'm looking has has increased 10 fold, it's like I'm reliving strong vivid memories when I look at old places I used to visit now.

    From the 4th I tried to recall some dreams, but I only had one recall the first night, and it was extremely vague. I forgot to write up a detail account after I committed to waking up, and now my tag method doesn't help me remember much. The days that followed up until last night were dreamless, I probably had one or two vague recalls but I forgot them as soon as they arrived and now I'm not sure if they ever existed!

    4th April Dream
    I found myself watching some sort of fair ride from above, like the pirate ship that sways in different directions. There was no pirate ship however, it was just a floor instead. Other people were on it, and it only swayed enough in each direction to wobble us. It was night time, and the environment felt calm and fun, but suddenly it felt as if I had a job to do. I then appeared far away from the place I had been, looking at it from a field. I was sitting on a or against a car, and I fired a flare into the sky. The dream fades here, and then a new place appears, and I was looking at myself in the mirror, noticing that all the facial hair on the right side of my face was growing out of control.


    Last night

    Time of sleep: 2:00am
    Time of first awakening: Unsure (forgot completely to log the time!) | Reason: Natural awakening

    Dream 1
    I know there was a dream involving my ex, but I can't remember it at all.

    Dream 2
    I was in bed with one of the most beautiful red heads I have ever seen, though her face is faded in my memory now. I was having sex with her but the focus of the dream was not on that aspect, it was more about a passionate kind of exchange with communication, something genuine and pure. She laughed and made me laugh.

    Dream 3
    It seemed like me and some dude had been spawned into a place where we were under immediate threat from something. We were on dark streets, and the threat was of mindless thugs out to find and kill us. We quickly found ourselves in some building, and the terror of the threat was so intense that even with our handguns we still tried to hide. I suggested we just hide in the plain room we found ourselves in, which was old and packed with furniture that seemed to be held for storage. We climbed to the back past chairs and couches, stepped through gaps and hid at the back. I remember slotting down in between a couch and something else, and pulling a sheet over myself. My companion seemed not to invest too much care in his hiding, and was easier to see. I think I remember us bickering about it. We quieted down and waited, hearing noises that filled us with fear. After a while I realized I could stop the threat, and suddenly I was spawned outside the building. It was no longer night time, and I was heading towards some gangsters that were waiting by the road for some other gangsters to arrive. As they did, I casually walked over and shot them all in the back before they knew what was happening.

    Time of final awakening: 12:00am
    Total time slept: Roughly 10 hours
    Total alarms used: 1
    Total awakenings: 3 | Natural: 2-3 | Alarms: 1
    Did I do a waking journal recall of my day before I went to sleep: Yes
    Did I do any awareness concentration: Roughly 30-40 minutes of physical awareness of my entire body, on my back

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