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    9th April 2014 - LucidJordan's Dream Journal

    by , 04-09-2014 at 05:16 PM (330 Views)
    Just when I'm getting back into the swing of things I'm off out for a few days again, it's going to completely throw me off my efforts to lucid dream, but that's the price I'll have to pay! My recall suffered these last few days as a result of being away from home for a few days before that. I managed to recall one dream last night... I remember it being more vivid then now as I write it up, I didn't invest a lot of effort in remembering. Damn it.

    Time I went to sleep: 2:00am
    First awakening: 7:00am (Natural)

    Dream 1
    The dream starts with a bridge to some town being divided, Brad Pitt is the protagonist for some reason and I watch him scurry off into the town that has been blocked off. No one in this town has access to the other side of the bridge now. It seems I'm in a zombie infested land of infected peoples. I can't remember much but suddenly I am walking through a wooded area covered in snow, it's getting dark and there is a group of savages by a fire about to eat a baby, and I go over and end them all. Then Walter White is my new persona, and I'm overlooking a vast scene of hills, various fires around in the distance (I think the ending of the new Game of Thrones episode influenced this scene). Now I'm in a pub, and some old friends are around, specifically one that I haven't thought about for a long time (but she posted a status on Facebook last night and I remember it standing out). All my friends were drinking. Then that scene merged into a new scene where there was a tent set up with a ladder inside it going underground, and I remember watching my nan (what the hell, dreams) climbing up and out of the tent, then Brienne of Tarth came and climbed down into the lower area. I went down and there was a lot of sexual activity going on, mostly homosexual stuff, I remember seeing it but thinking it wasn't for me. This underground area was like a dodgy brothel, you could see inside different doors and various things were going on. I moved through the halls and suddenly I was in a strange version of my cousins bedroom, with my cousin, and we attempted to make a huge joint, this joint was like half a meter long. Attempting to roll it together we eventually gave up, and he rolled a smaller (but still quite long by joint standards, I'd say about 15cm). I remembered being angry about this joint, but then the dream faded off into nothing.

    Time of final awakening: 11:00am (Snoozed 5 times until 12 however, I really need to stop doing that)
    Time slept: Roughly 9 hours
    Total awakenings: 3 (1st - Natural with recalled Dream | 2nd - Went back to sleep with no recall or logged time | 3rd - Alarm to get up)
    Did I do my waking journal the night before? Yes
    Did I do my awareness techniques throughout the day and before bed? Yes

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