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    1. 11-12-2012

      by , 11-14-2012 at 03:01 AM
      I was back at Pacific Fire Festival (festival for the fire art artist) but this time Allen and I had brought along the whole group; Leo, German, Dina, Izra, Stephany, Yeva. We had been trying to pick out a good spot to camp and since our perfect location last year was too small for all of us they all decided on a horrible location. Instead of being nestled between the forest and the ocean, they chose horrible event camping like there was at Electric Forest last year. Our neighbors were these two guys I went to high school with. I tried to talk to them and for some reason they had totally blown me off. This sort of overwhelmed me and I said that there was no way in hell that I was going to camp there. I decided to set out foot on my own for a new place where all of us could fit. For a while I was just going to different camping areas and seeing how full they were, this lasted a while. As I continued it started to get dark, really dark. Soon enough I was walking in pitch black alone but still I was determined to find a spot. In the distance I could see lightening hitting, once about every 5 seconds. With each hit I noticed that it was striking closer and closer to me and I was walking right towards it. I felt a sense of danger and began to run the opposite direction. As I ran I couldn’t see anything in front of me and eventually I ran directly into a tree that seemed to bend and curve to my body as we collided. Even in that moment I had a sense that that was strange but I just continued to run. I saw a dim light coming from a small building in the distance and I knew that I would find Allen in there. When I got inside the are seemed slightly fractal as if I were on shrooms or something. I started to explain the lightening danger I was just in and then without any doubt or doing a single reality check I knew that I WAS DREAMING!!! Instantly the dream shifted and I was driving a car on a rock side cliff road really fast. Recently when I became lucid I was doing this same thing but not on a rock side cliff and I chickened out from seeing what would happen if I let myself crash. I had this strange feeling that I was somehow given a second chance and meant to experience this. I decided to go for it. I did a quick nose plug breathing reality check just to make sure before I drove full speed into the rock wall but instead of the car just crashing I gently bounced off of the wall, straight up into the air. As I made my decent down towards the ground, the ground acted like a marshmallow and I sank right into a new dream setting. AMAZING!! I have never been gifted in teleporting in dreams but I think that’s because I always try Allen’s method of drawing a portal in the air with your finger. I then came up with this realization in the dream that I have to find my own way to portal to a new dream and that crashing could be a great method for me (I am sure this isn’t good for everyone as the excitement might wake them). My new setting was awesome. I was in a dense tropical forest lush light greens, rocks, and a flowing river. I was there with a group of explorer DC’s, all of us dressed in that stereotypical tan explorers shorts, shirts, and hats. As we walked over some rocky area I noticed that I could slam my feet into the rocks beneath me and they would compress under my foot like a marshmallow. If I pushed hard enough I would be stepping into a gewy white center of the rocks. I bent down to taste the gewy centers and it tasted just like a marshmallow after you have cooked it in a fire. I was laughing and felt so pleased by this bizarre little world, just like a child might. My DC’s were pretty quite and I was loudly carrying on to them about how amazing lucid dreams are and about all the strange places they could take you. I would find something like a leaf or a rock in the dense forest and describe to them (really to myself) about how it can be exactly like in waking life and how you have the ability to shift it if you wish into something totally different. Finally we reach this very mall dock with an assortment of 2 to 3 person boats tethered on. I chose a two person boat and picked out a female Dc to company me. I plopped into the boat and some water trickled in do to my jump. She climbed into the boat with me and we started to set sail down the river. I was taking not of the almost greenish yet still very clear water bellow me and how all the trees were making arch ways of foliage so dense above us that you wouldn’t see the sky. I felt a sense of calm and power here. I wake.
    2. 10-18-2012

      by , 10-19-2012 at 08:55 AM
      Cant remember the first part of the dream but I was driving down a back-road very fast and I noticed that I couldn't really gauge the speed. I felt that same watter-y-ness to the air that I experience in dreams and had a strong hunch that I was dreaming. I did nose check after nose check and they all cleared but I had to make sure since I was driving. Once more with my foot I felt like I couldn't gauge the speed very well and so I decided to look down at my hands. I did and saw an outrageous number of fingers and instantly was 100% positive. I then looked forward onto the road and saw that not to far away was a turn. I had this almost devilish thought to see what would happen if I went full speed at it. I pressed my foot all the way down, petal to metal and me speed started to grow. Then I had this sinking feeling that it could end bad or I could wake up. I decided to slow down but at least step on the break and get to enjoy a really cool burn out. I did so and the car shrieked to a halt. I drove up this huge hill where it looked like a casino was on top. When I got out of the car I focused my energy into my right palm and shot an ice ball out of my hand at the casino. I remember smiling a little at this but I could tell it wasn't enough. I paused for a moment and really looked around me. The sky looked like shades of orange and purple, the sun was MASSIVE and setting slowly. Big shadows stretched from objects. I went to do my 3 jumps super mario style to fly bout found this weird heaviness in the air and I wasnt really motivated to do the third jump to fly. My jumps were very short. I have never before had trouble flying in a lucid but I did here. I decided to see what my subconscious had in store for me inside the building but as I approached it I woke.

      Bits and pieces are whats left of this dream.
      Was at someone house, a social gathering. Everyone in the dream was a DC except for myself and this guy in high school who used to have a huge crush on me. I was sort of ignoring him and talking with the other females at the party. We were standing on a lavish balcony all wearing black cock tail dresses, drinking white wine out of wine glasses. Suddenly a bunch of spiders crawled onto the deck by my feet. They were pretty big and normally this would have really freaked me out but they looked just like the spider monsters in Diablo 3 and I had this urge to step on all of them with my heels until every last one of them were crushed. One even got into my hair and I batted it out and crushed it. )Seriously proud of myself here, this would normally be a nightmare for me). Some time goes by, something happens were there is an orgy upstairs and everyone has moved inside and is laughing about it. I go to text Allen that I missed him and Matt (the dude I was ignoring from high school) walks up to me and tries to proposition me. I cant remember how this went down exactly but I remember strongly rejecting him. It had something to do with the orgy upstairs. As I start to turn away he throwns up on my chest. This disgusted me and I began to vomit and swear at him. He runs off to a corner and continues to vomit. I run off to a DC friend and start to take off my dress with my eyes closed and she it trying to wipe the puke off of my dress. I was absolutely livid. I wake. Ewww.

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    3. 10-15-2012

      by , 10-17-2012 at 07:09 AM
      IM BACK!!!! !!!!!!! Have had so many lucids and wonderful vivid dream this summer but since I was traveling the whole summer & moving I never made time for keeping record. Really, even those excuses arnt good enough though. So sad remembering waking up after a lucid and becoming inspired to write them down again and then letting the distractions of waking life take that away. Those dreams have faded now but my desire to be regularly lucid has grown stronger. How can a once lucid person ever sacrifice their wonderful adventure filled dream life for a waking life that can never live up to those expectations. In reality, I was just being flat unconscious. But now I am here again, new dream journal downloaded and ready to begin. I hope to once attain the same lucidity that I once had 2 years ago when I was at my peak of recall. Anyways, here is my most recent lucids, the only ones I can remember from the summer (unfortunate since I remember being more stoked on the other ones)

      I was going out to a night club alone, Allen stayed at home and I really wished him to come along. When I arrived I had a private table waiting for me yet no friends to share it with. This felt strange to me, probably my first hunk that I was in a dream. Suddenly G, Izra, & Stephanie all appeared. They were all out clubbing and decided to join me. I felt at peace now that I was not alone but this only made me miss Allen more since they all are his cousins. We sat at my table relaxing on oversize red velvet couches, sipping what I think I recall to be Tokyo Ice Teas. I realized that I was hungry and suddenly a McDonalds appeared inside the bar. I made no thought to the sudden appearance of the greasy fast food joint, but rather questioned why it would be in a night club at all and relished in the brilliance having fast food so close to people heavily intoxicated. Someone in the group had text Allen apparently and said that he was on his way to pick all of us up. I was so happy. When he did I hopped into the front passenger seat and G sat in the middle back with Stephanie and Izra on either side. As we drove I noticed that cops were doing random sobrity testing and so Allen drove a different way to avoid the traffic. Suddenly as we drove past all the light poles, one by one they began to collapse. How could this be happening I thought? This is where the dream would have turned into a nightmare if it wasnt for the fact that I just then realized that I was dreaming. "Oh my god we're dreaming you guys!!!" I shouted. Allen looked over at me knowingly and nodded his head yes with a fat grin on his face. He said "I know, I know, this is a dream". The weird part about this was that usually I am very aware that Allen is just a dream character due to his behavior in the dream but for this particular lucid I truly believed that it was him. I turned to G to see his reaction. G is notoriously the most lucid person in our group of friends but I could sense that he was unsure about we were actually in a dream. Allen said to him "look, I can prove it, watch the billboards". As we passed a billboard allen concentrated on the picture and then the picture completely changed into something else. Him and I both laughed and then I did the same to the next billboard, turning its boring grey blue advertisement into hot pink with a sexy lady on it. Allen and I cheered and continue to repeat this for several more billboards, taking turns and making our little creations. G seemed to be in a fog, he was semi lucid but there seem to be this sleepy block that wasn't allowing him to be fully with us. We pull over and stop at this building made of boring grey cement. Allen and I are ranting on and on to the others about how wonderful lucid dreaming is and all the endless possibilities. Allen shoots some sort of fire ball out of his hands as I shoot Ice balls out of mine. We are shooting them at the walls of the building as we enter. I notice that Stephanie is having a very long boring conversation with this short haired petite blonde dream character. Normally I would never interrupt someone but I knew it was just a DC and it didnt matter. I push my way inbetween them and look Steph close in the eyes and loudly ask her why she is wasting her time with the DC. She should try and harness a power of some sort, change the wall color, do something to fully experience the dream. She seems slightly unresponsive and confused. I decided not to waste my time any longer on trying to make her more lucid and I go back to G. We are standing at the top of a stair well and I am holding his shoulders, looking him in the eyes and trying to help him become more present. I can tell that he is on the cusp of realization. He then mentions something to me about what I should do if I wake up soon. I tell him in a strong voice to never talk about waking up while I am in a dream, it is a sure fire way to end it. The dream starts to deteriorate, I sense the end is soon. I quickly turn away from him and begin to rub my hands together, focusing on them and the dream stabilizes. I am I stop. I start to walk away from G but then he is suddenly in front of me. With his sleepy dazed eyes and relaxed expression he calmly says "wake up" and I do. Little bastard!! lol

      I was going to move the Madison and I had not yet. Allen and I were going to have to stay in the janitors old unit before a place would be ready for us. The place had old dirty carpets, 70's green sinks, horrible 60's fake wood doors, and a long list of other bad things. However, there was this really beautiful and wonderful energy there. The lighting was really good, the fireplace was gorgeous marble, and the living room was 2 stories tall. We went into the master bedroom and found a lot of left behind crappy furniture and shelves filled with action figures in the box and unopened bags of potato chips. Allen and I started to make remarks about how the guy lived there must have been a real weirdo and we snickered as we tossed a lot of the stuff in the trash. Just then I had this realization that the action figures may actually be worth a lot of money. Allen started to put those in a box carefully so that we could go get them appraised. Just then an even bigger realization came,I WAS DREAMING!!! I stopped what I was doing and looked around the room. I instantly knew that Allen was just a DC and not the real Allen so I didnt even bother to discuss the matter with him. I could feel the almost water-y-ness to the air, the same feeling I always experience when I am dreaming. It became so clear to me, how could I not know when I was dreaming, there is such a distinct difference to me. I then did the fingure check just for the hell of it because I always had fun doing it. As I looked down and saw what must have been at least 15 or more fingers there I busted out in a laughter. I walked across the hall to a mirror. I have always had weird experiences looking in mirrors while being lucid but I quickly grew bored and decided to walk outside. Autumn leaves were falling and the trees had shades of reds, yellows, and orange. There was a crispness to the hair. I paused and breath in. A family walked by me and I thought that this would be a good time to fly since it had been a while. I ran and had jumped twice before my third hope let me take off for air. This always is how it happens in lucids, I think it was from playing to much mario 64 as a kid since that same wooshy motion is how I fly as well. I flew pretty low for the ground for a few minutes before I landed again. Then suddenly, I woke.

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    4. 3-18-2012

      by , 03-18-2012 at 09:45 PM
      I was stuck between my dream and waking life. I became fully conscious at some point in the middle of the night and I could feel strong vibrations. My room was fully dark with a glimmer of moon light. I was focusing on relaxing my limbs and remembering to stay lucid. I felt a shift and I recognized that I was now in a dream. I excitedly and childishly began to crawl out of bed. In the dream I was in my room and it looked exactly as it did in waking life. The DC Allen grabbed my ankle and told me to come back. I looked back at him and he had this suggestive look in his eyes that made it clear it was my subconscious wanting to turn this into a sex dream. I quickly rejected him with a smile and said that there are far better things to do in a dream than THAT. I turned back around and started to crawl out again when I felt a pull in my body. I experienced the sensation of being sucked back into my body. I laid there for a while with the strangest awareness of both my dream body and my waking life body. Since both bodies had the exact same surrounding it was hard to determine which one I was in. After a while of drifting between the two I opened my eyes and THOUGHT that I was in my waking life body. I closed them again and they instantly reopened but NOW I was in my actual body. The sensation in my body was different now and I was certain that I was awake. I tried to get that same falling feeling and the vibrations back but I was too alert. I have this incredible ability to fall asleep on command if I please but it requires me to instantly lose consciousness. After attempting to go back into the dream for a bit, I resorted to giving up and getting some sleep. I was out immediately.

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    5. 2.15.2012

      by , 02-16-2012 at 10:02 PM
      Very successful night for me! OBE & LUCID!

      At first I experienced an out of body experience. It was about 12 am. I was dozing off on the couch, unwilling to drag myself into bed as my boyfriend was playing a computer game. He was chatting with his cousin who I could hear over the computer speakers and there were also some game battle sounds coming out. I thought that I had gotten up off of the couch and had walked over to look over his shoulder at the computer screen. I bent forward, resting on the back of his chair and rubbing his head with my hand. I started to make my way to the kitchen when I felt for a moment like I was being pulled back to the couch. This moment was very fast and then I “woke up”. I was back lying on the couch in my original position. It felt very strange, not at all like a dream but something more. Another strange note I have to add, when I leaned on the back of Allen’s chair and rubbed his head, he didn’t respond at all. This would be unusually of him not to at least say hi or something.

      I was in a fancy condo on the water. There was an upscale party going on, we were all in cocktail dresses drinking champagne. I went outside on a balcony. I was a clear night sky and very warm out. I could see a giant cruise ship that was literally right next to the condo but bellow where I stood. Madonna was having a concert on the cruise ship and I could hear her singing “Lucky Star”. People were lounging in the pool and the decks were flooded with on lookers. This made me think back to “holy ship”, a dance cruise I wanted to attend but didn’t. Allen was next to me and I told him that we should attend the next dub/dance cruise that we could. He agreed but said that it wouldn’t be as good as the one we missed. I agreed and was disappointed.

      Was in my apartment. I noticed that the ends of my hair looked blonde. I went to the mirror to confirm and it was blonde. I knew right away that I must be dreaming because I recently dyed my hair dark. I did a nose plug reality check just to confirm, plus I think it feels cool =) and sure enough I was dreaming. I though to myself that I should just run through the door like in my first lucid when I was 8. I started to run at it but chickened out at the last second. I stopped and kicked the door and it was hard. I knew that I could bust through it if I mentally tell myself that I can and believe in it but I found it to be a waste of time and I chose to just open the door and walk out of it. It was beautifully warm and sunny. I stopped for a moment and closed my eyes to let myself feel the sun on my face. I started to walk the parameter of my apartment building while running my fingers along its walls. The building squished under my finger and felt like sandy putty. I found this to be really cool and I kept squishing the building and putting my finger prints in it. Then I got the weirdest desire to take a bite out of the building. I squished a bunch of it into a ball and it tasted like apple cinnamon. I turned back to the sun and tried to think of what I should do next. Should I fly? Make a portal to somewhere else? Summon my DC minions?? I was so content and at peace just standing there that I decided it really wouldn’t be a waste to just enjoy the feeling of lucidity. I closed my eyes again with the sun beaming on my. (mistake but I don’t really regret it) Everything turned into a white light. I am not sure how much time passed here but I forgot about the fact that I was dreaming. I was in a new dream now where I was at a Mexican convenience store. It was super hot outside and I was buying ice cream. I put one in my pocket and the man warned me that it would melt there. I quickly unwrapped it and ate it. I stepped outside. There scenery around me was like a dry desert. Everything was destitute and baron. I walked around the store casually. I knew I was waiting for someone but I cant remember who. I wake.

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    6. 2-14-2012

      by , 02-15-2012 at 07:29 AM
      I became lucid during an afternoon nap. It first started out with me seeing an old playboy magazine on the night stand and the girl on the cover kept shifting. At one point she laughed and I could hear it. I wasn’t frightened of this but rather felt like I must be tripping on something to have such a strange visual. I was in my apartment (only now it was a house) and I started to realize strange “dream like” things about the house. The floor was made of purple cardboard that had a seahorse design embossed in it. The bathroom looked nothing like my bathroom but very ocean cottage themed with a mosaic broken glass rimmed mirror. I thought to myself how strange all of this was and that I should do some type of a reality check. I was still in a little disbelief until I tried the plugged nose breathing technique. I was super excited and walked out into the hall way (after briefly staring at my image in the mirror). Allen had walked out the bedroom and gave me a very knowing look saying “this is the part where I leave”. I stopped him and said no. I wanted to see if I could control him as a dream character. I told him to silently vacuum the house. When I did this I felt a charge of energy run through my chest. I slid forward closer to him and for a moment in time I got larger and then shrank back down to normal size. I could feel a gust of wind blow through my hair. I decided not to do that again just in case it overly excited me and I woke. I have never really been too excited from a lucid and had it result in waking but I was genuinely concerned with it this time. Allen responded by saying “oooohhhhhhhhhhh…..” and then stepping to the side. He then offered to sweep the house for me instead and a broom flew in his hand. He was sweeping quickly back and forth in a very animated way. I really wanted to try and make a portal since I felt such a charge of energy in myself before but for the sake of sustaining the dream longer, I chose not to. I stepped outside where it was warm and sunny. I have been working on my hand stand in waking life and I thought it would be perfect to work on it in my lucid. I kept feeling for sturdy spots in my front yard but the lawn was very slanted and unsteady so I kept having to back off and look for other areas. I went into the neighbor’s yard to dry and almost didn’t attempt when I saw them walk outside. I reminded myself that they were just my dream characters and unapologetically went back to lining myself up. I went to kick up and push out of my shoulders. I suddenly woke from this and I could feel my waking life shoulders jut forward. Shit.
    7. 2-2-2012

      by , 02-04-2012 at 07:27 PM
      I didn’t write the dream down before this and I have since forgotten it. This is just the very end. I realized that I was dreaming and that the dream was ending. Everything went dark but I could still feel my dream body. I tried to stabilize and rub everything around me with my hands. I was doing this vigorously and really trying to connect with the dream. Suddenly I was becoming aware of my physical body. It was a strange sensation because I could sense both at the same time. Suddenly, I was sucked from the dream and back in my physical body. =( Boo.
    8. 1-23-2012

      by , 01-24-2012 at 07:41 AM
      I was on a party boat with some DC friends. Everyone was drinking and having a really good time. I can remember the feeling of intoxication. There was a great white shark that was swimming along side the boat. The shark had huge cutesie cartoon eyes and appeared to be smiling. Everyone, including myself, were sort of hanging off the side of the boat, holding on some side railings with one hand and grasping a beer in the other. One of the DC guys was talking about how the shark was their pet and that he was super nice. I had an image in my head of someone falling off the side of the boat and the apparent cutesie shark turning rouge, pulverizing the fallen. I became very aware of the sharks power and grew to nervous to be hanging off of the edge anymore. I tried to warn the other DC characters about the danger but they didn't seem to care. I felt nervous by my own intoxication. At some point I believe our boat was no longer in the ocean but sailing through my grandparents old living room. Bizarre.

      I was at the shop with Allen, Dustin, & Jemma. We were all discussing something random and then I became lucid. I was really excited and remember looking into each of their eyes and saying very slowly, “You guys, this is a dream, were dreaming right now.” I was convinced that they were present inside the dream and I wanted to act as some sort of guide for them since I knew that Jemma and Dustin had not had lucid dreams before. We all walked outside my work and it was warm and sunny. I told them that I was going to instruct them on how to fly and that Allen and I would demonstrate. I delved into the importance of believing in yourself to make it happen. I was floating pretty well and flying pretty good. I zipped into the sky, did a few loops, and floated back down near my friends. Allen (who happens to not be the best at flying in his lucids) was puttering around behind me. Allen and I laughed at his poor flying skills. Someone suggested that I try and fly across the whole ocean. I believe my gma Nancy came in at this point and suggested that. I thought about it for a while and tried super speed flying. I was making it close to a body water and then I remembered the shark from the previous dream. Since I have a HUGE fear of deep water, that does not elude me in my lucids, I decided to back off and not continue forward.
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    9. 10-3-2011

      by , 10-03-2011 at 05:26 PM
      Was in a giant building with jazz clubs inside. The walls were covered in red fabric drapes hanging on rod iron polls. Much of the becoming of this dream has been forgotten. I do remember that I was somewhat being fallowed by someone. I kept going from jazz club to jazz club, listening to music, switching seats, and looking back over my shoulder constantly to check to see if someone was getting closer. Finally I reach a coat closet and I hide I am aware that the stalker is getting closer. The light throughout this much of the dream had been very dim but I could still see out of the crack of the doorway. I stood there watching as women dressed like flappers walked by. The man fallowing me stood there for a bit but then he too walked passed me. When I felt the coast was clear I left the bathroom. I was stunned to see the man waiting for me in a large hallway. Someone shouted for me to run. I did here but it seemed very slow motion. I think a bullet flew past me. I open a door of a kindergarten classroom and lock the door behind me. I tell the children to hide in a lockdown style. I wait for a minute and then I realize that the man is suddenly chopping the door down with an axe. I SUDDENLY REALIZE THAT I AM DREAMING but I am not sure how to stop the man. I start telling myself loudly that this all a dream and I can make him stop but he wasn't stopping. I think I got extremely anxious here because everything goes black here. I am in a new dream now. I can remember the one from the before but I am not lucid yet. I was going back to highschool and apparently allen was gonna go with me. I walked into class and saw Blaise and robin. I sat b Blaise and talked for a long while. Then the teacher passed out yearbooks to all of us. I realize that allen had left the classroom several minutes ago and that I didn't feel like signing year books, so I would leave and try to find him. I walk out and find him immediately waiting for me. We decide to get inhis car. We realize that a car is fallowing us. I make allen turn right 4 times and the man fallowing us does the same. We suddenly are nolonger in my a car but now running from the man. I recognize the man as being the one from the previous dream. I then suddenly realize its a dream and that I can just fly away. I didn't need to hop 3 times to catch air this time. I basically busted into the air like a fighter jet. This was by far the fastest I've flowen in a dream. I headed to the top of a massive hill with trees. I was doing loops and moving from side to side with perfect control. I did this for what felt like a long time before I landed at the top. Allen had been slowly trailing me and asked me how I could do that so well in my dreams. I explained that some people are better at some things then others. Other lucid flyers were making their way to the top of this hill in the clearing. I stood there taking in the view before I woke up.

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    10. 10-2-2011

      by , 10-03-2011 at 07:23 AM
      I was living in a house with a couple that was fighting. They had two young boy children. I was rearranging the children rooms in a way that makes me think of the sims. After that I went into the bathroom and arranged my toiletries in drawers designated for me. The walls were of tacky pink tiles and the sink was a matching pink. There was warm sunlight coming in through the bathroom mirror. I walked into the pale yellow kitchen ans noticed my tooth felt loose. I tugged on it with my finger and it slipped out. I shoved it back in and shouted that I needed to see a doctor. I suddenly became aware of how bizzar the whole situation was and I became lucid. I confirmed my suspicion with a nose check. I then utilized my time by exploring the house and my lucidity. I don't remember much of what happens here because my dream after this was so long. I somehow loose my lucidity and next thing I know im in bed with allen. I am on top of him and were wrestling in a playful manor. I am remembering the dream I just had and I have a sneaky suspicion that I am dreaming still. I push my tongue against my tooth and its a little loose. I then see credits rolling on the tv and I see that I can't read them at all, they are in some alien style of writing. I begin to laugh with joy. I bend over and kiss allen on the chest. I think to myself that I don't want to have sex but enjoy the dream buy first id give allen a little smooch. Dream character allen decides to be a dick and tell me that he doesn't want to have sex because it is a waste of being in the astral plane. Then he suggested that I have sex with someone else if I choose to. I tell him to fucking off in a slightly annoyed buy playful way and I roll off of him. I walk back through the kitchen. Some DC's are there but I ignore them and walk outside. I start walking down a paved road with trees with long vines on either side. I begin to swing from the vines like I did when my Gma had trees like this when I was a little girl. It was extremely fun, like something Tarzan would have done. When the trees stopped I was at the edge of a town. Many people had gathered for some type of african music festival. I walked towards the music and saw a very rasta like man playing some african drums. I started to dance to the music and laugh. The man stopped banging the drums for a minute to switch drums but the music sounds continued. I took note on how I was infact the one creating all the music and for some reason I thought that was super cool. I walked over to a vendor selling elephant ears. I was handed one. It was super sugary and tasty. I kept dancing/ walking my way out of the city. The warm day light started to dim and I could see the stars. I was now walking down hill. A commercial plane flew really close past me and I literally shouted out "wow, cool!!!". The plane was really shinny and impressive. I then noticed 3 boys in front if me. They were unlike all the other people I encountered in my dream. They were all really excitedly saying to eachother how they were all lucid. One of them suggested that they try to fly. I took particular note of the fact that none of them had seemed to notice that I was there, strange for most of the DC's in my dreams. I decided to fly too. Usually it takes me 3 jumps before im in the air. I did my 3 jumps but was intersected by a small helicopter flying kinda low. I laughed it off and did it again. This time I was hovering nicely. I continued down the road and came upon an old police station. No one else was around and I got an urge to investigate. I opened the doors. It looked like something out of the 30's. Wake up

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    11. 9-1-2011

      by , 09-01-2011 at 07:52 PM
      For for some reason in my bathroom looking in the mirror. Allen was sitting on the bed in the bedroom. I couldn't see him but I knew he was there and I was talking to him about lucid dreaming. I look down at my hands and they are all fucked up. the right one is huge and missing two fingers. The left is too thin and awkward. I instantly know I am dreaming. I don't need to perform and more reality check but I do another hand one for fun and get an odd number of finger. I being laughing and cracking up. Then white swirling light starts spinning around me. I start hearing the music to atc " around the world" and I am singing the song. My voice matches incredibly to the music. It is the coolest thing in the world to me and I sing louder and louder and the light swirls quicker around me. I know that I should stop and control the dream. I know the singing is getting me excited and that I risk waking up but I do t want to stop. I can sense the presence of my dream guide. I have never met him before but I know he is there. I don't think he is human or animal. I have never had the problem of waking up from a lucid in my life before from getting over excited and yet it happened this time. I know I am about to wake up but I accept and continue singing. I decided not not completely waste the experience (though that beautiful white light, swirling around me, melting my surroundings, and lifting me I in the air is NO WASTE) and I work on feeling what it feels like to he in the dream state. I can sense it even now. The energetic buzz running through my body. Then I wake up and im fully alert. it was probably one of my shortest lucids, only lasting about 5 minutes, but it was really nice after a long dry spell.

      Me, allen, dina, leo, Raechel, alicia, and some other people I know are at this pool party. Were all chilling in the pool, drinking white wine, and having a good time. I have one of those inflatable sea monster tubes around me. I keep cracking jokes and Raechel keeps laughing way more then she should be because what I was saying wasn't that funny. In turn I laugh at her. Then we all realize we have to go to the airport. We all get out of the pool and suddenly are there. Dina, allen, and Leo all have to board a plane to Russia. I give allen a kiss and say goodbye. Alicia and I go to the airport bar and decided to get some drinks. Some guys are hitting on us, including the bar tendor and I am getting tipsy. I then get a sudden burst of energy and tell alicia that her and I should hop the next flight to mexico. She agrees and starts jumping up and down in excitment. We rush to the flight, drinks still in hand and slopping over. We get tickets just in time. We run to get to tthe plane in time to board it. We find our seats and sit down next to eachother. We continue to sip our drinks and ask the flight attendant for more. We start planning our trip, like staying on the beach to tan, going out at night, and eatting A LOT of mexican food. I am so excited for all the cheap shopping. the plane starts to take off. I lean back in my seat and close my eyes while smilling. I wake up

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    12. 7-26-2011

      by , 07-26-2011 at 09:40 PM
      Allen threw a big party for me to become more familiar with his friends. Allen was a doctor. I thought the party went well but allen wanted to break up. I was pissed. Next thing I know me and allen are in my bedroom. BECOME LUCID! I start off by standing in front of the mirror and do a nose test and the hand test. I start laughing. Allen was still being annoying. I remembered how he killed me in a lucid. I sought revenge. I lifted allen in the air and smashed his face into the closet 4 times. I walked into our living room. There was a xmas tree and some wrapping paper. It was pitch black outside. I tried to make a portal to a beach. I fail. G walks in and tries to disrupt me. I pin him to the ground. Then leo, allen, and Izra walk in. Im irritated that they are disrupting my lucid. I shoot ice at them. They stop for a minute but the come back. I explain to them that were dreaming and this is my lucid. They understand and leave. I shoot some more ice out. I try to make another portal and fail. I am not sure if I want to explore outside because its so dark. Alarm goes off and I wake up. Shit.

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    13. 7-22-2011

      by , 07-26-2011 at 09:38 PM
      Was at my gmas house. It was in a new location. It was in the woods, surrounded by trees, overlooking a lake. She told me that her other house was around the lake. I started walking around it,pushing through trees and I could see some men on the other side. I decided to go back. I fell into the water and was drifting along. My sister was suddenly much older and drifting with me. I stopped at a sand bar but she kept going. I started to live at the sand bar. My sister came to visit and was upset that I didn't keep going with her. I sat on the edge of the sand bar and looked out feeling shame. Hailey left. Allen then came. Be told me he was taking me home. I packed my belongings. We fit all of my stuff in an inflatable pool that floated on the water. I put many boxes of clothes and toiletries in it. Then he strapped a life vest on me. Then he attached a big floating tube to the front of the pool thing. We were to sit on the tube and drift home. We did for a while. Allen saw the land we needed to get to and jumped off. I could hear him talking to Michael. I fell off the raft. I was trying to get back on and steer it but was struggling.

      Black eye peas were at my apartment. We were all hanging out. The weird tall one with black hair was missing and fergy and will I am were talking crap about him. I began to discuss with them the various wonders of lucid dreaming. I talked about it for what seemed to be an hour and they were super interested. I then realized I should do a reality check. Was going to do a nose check when my dog jumped on me and woke me up. F'ING DOG.
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    14. 6-7-2011

      by , 06-07-2011 at 10:03 PM
      Was with allen. I was some type of sniper or something for a group of powerful villians. I has in some way upset them and was no longer going to work for them. I was in paris. Allen and I quickly packed some bags and ran out. The streets were covered in rain and it was dark. We had to flee by that night. A old man stopped me in the streets. He asked if my name was lana. Lana was my fake name for while I lived in paris. I answered by saying not anymore and I walked away. I felt sad by this because I loved my life in paris. Next thing I know, that old man was chasing allen and I. I jumped behind some bushes. I knew I was dreaming at this point. I willed the man to go away and he did. Then I forgot I was dreaming. (Dammmnnnnn itttt). Suddenly we realized we left an important document at the apartment. There was no way we could make it out of paris with the document. We carefully went back to the apartment. No one had been there yet. We grabbed the stuff. When I openned the door for us to leave, 4 or 5 man were waiting for us on the other side of the door. They rushed in. They pulled allen into the bathroom and tied me to a chair. I was filled with fear of what might happen next. It sounded like allen was having the shit beat out of him. I was realived when they said that they just needed me to kill just one last time for them. I agreed as long as they stop hurting allen. They did. They told me that they would keep him as hostage until it was done. I left in all black close with an envelope with the name and address of the man I was to kill. I read the name and knew that it would be a near impossible kill. I looked back at allen and became extremely anxious

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    15. 4-20-2011

      by , 04-30-2011 at 09:08 PM
      Me and allen went to tyler b's house to pickup some adderall. Tyler drove us and we brought Barron. We got there and a large do was watching his 1 yr old baby girl. There was poop everywhere. I was grossed out. I got poop on allens jacket and I had to hold Barron the while time. Allen and I leave and were sitting in an outdoor class. Allen has every different type of extascy pill and is laying them out. I told him to put that shit away before we got caught. Teacher came by, asked what it was. I said it was stupid collectable candy. She takes one and prescribes allen 50 mg adderall since he clearly has add.
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