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    Language Camp

    by , 07-17-2014 at 12:46 PM (306 Views)
    Language Camp


    I am in a language Camp. There are lots of hot girls and I never want to leave. I am not registered for the Camp and they wont let me into the arena where all the activities take place. I try to get in by jumping through bushes. I get out in a forest, its dark and cars with bright headlight come by but dont see me.
    I am in an old house. I can choose between a wasp, an ant and a rabbit as a mount. I take the rabbit and ride naked by the arena. Theres a basketball game going on. I find out I am wanted and flee. As for my last meal I take a chocolate bar.
    I am in an old room where the walls are located in all kinds of angles. The wallpaper is old and yellowed. Everywhere are old toys, a spinner, a rocking horse, etc. . We find a secret lock and pick it. We can escape..

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    Tags: camp, house, rabbit