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    Sensei's Competition night #12

    by , 08-08-2014 at 07:57 PM (582 Views)
    Sensei's Competition night #12


    I find myself in a room, it is pretty dark but there's not much to see anyways. I can make out an old table with a wooden chair next to it. I don't know where I am and do a nose RC. I become lucid..
    I look arround and try to stabilize by running my hands together, I take a few steps but the dream abruptly ends and I wake up.

    The next scene is in a forest. The light shines through the leaves and everything is dimly lit. I am calm
    and walk arround. It seems like I have a destination but I don't remember where I wanted to go. I remember I was just doing SSILD and do a nose RC. Again dreaming.

    I instantly remember my master plan but get too excited and wake up.
    (I thought I was past that phase)

    I am on walking through some
    streets where I live. Again not knowing where I was planning to go.
    I decide to walk on the street and notice the lack of cars. I do a nose RC and become lucid..

    I remember to ground myself and drop on the floor, I scrub over the ground with my hands, and demand
    clarity. The world turns from
    kinda sharp to super HD and I am baffled by how realistic everything looks
    (that was by the far the most realistic dream experience ever!).
    II look arround and everything looks like it's supposed to look. I notice that not only my vision is really clear, but also I really feel my body in the dream and feel the wind blowing past me. (I think I woke up then, but I might also have lost lucidity or even lost my memory of what happened then. I think I remember reaching behind me to summon Cobb but that could be a false memory)
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    1. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Awesome job, Mats! Sounds like you are making a lot of progress this month. Depending on what time of the morning or night these occurred, they may have been in the very early part of a REM phase, which means it can be sometimes hard to stabilize them. Keep doing whatever it is that you are doing!
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    2. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Nice work on the lucidity, Mats!

      The technique I use to stabilise my dreams, as well as helping me to remember my goals, is extending the nose plug RC and taking a few deep breaths in and out with it still plugged. It helps to ground me in my body and separate me from whatever dream story I was previously following.
      I spend that time thinking about my goals and taking in the scene with my other senses: visuals, sounds, smells (your nose isn't really blocked!), and feelings in my body.
      This also helps to keep me calm so I'm not jolted awake by the excitement of the dream, although that rarely happens to me these days anyway (that tends to improve the longer you've been practising lucid dreaming.)

      This stabilisation method is something that's actually been missing from my recent LDs. You've seen my older LDs with crazy length & dream control, and those are the ones where I spent the time grounding myself at the start. My more recent LDs have been short and uneventful, and I've gone along with the dream plot in a lot of them. I'm certain they would've been better quality LDs if I'd taken my above advice and made sure the first thing I did was some deep breathing with my nose blocked.

      Good luck with your future LDs! I bet you'll have another one really soon.
      Are you dreaming now?