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    by , 07-21-2014 at 03:31 PM (205 Views)


    I am going on a surfing trip with my mom. We take a boat to the island we are planning to go to. We enter it in a little bay and start driving. On the right I see a lot of big, expensive houses. From time to time the water colour changes from almost white to a nice blue where it gets a little deeper. A whale jumps out of the water and makes a huge jump. We arrive to a little island with a beach. I take my board and surf to the man whos supposed to show us everything. I dont wanna touch the ground because I am scared of animals trying to hurt me.There are 3 other people, two women and another guy. All look very surfer like.
    It gets later and theres a party going on. A guy is handing out pills. I take five. I start freaking out and try talking to a friend but I cant. When I am sober again I tell my friend how weird that was and he tells me it was just sugar in the pills.

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