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    Journey to Master Gravity RC - Day/Night 1

    by , 04-07-2016 at 05:09 AM (180 Views)
    As the title suggests, I'm embarking on a journey to master the gravity RC posted by Hukif (Post Located Here). I've always been interested in this specific technique, as it logically makes sense how it would have a high success rate, despite the overwhelming initial learning curve. However, I'm going to try my best and work towards daily lucidity. For the RC, I am focusing on the feeling of weight on my shoulders/arms, and on my legs, specifically my calves. This way, I'm highly attentive whenever I'm walking, when I'm sitting (feeling of weight of arms on whatever surface), and when I pick something up. Specifically, I tell myself to RC whenever I pick something up, because that's an obvious indication of weight.

    I will report how attentive I was at the RC for a daytime recap, and do a nightly journal. The attentiveness scale ranges from 0 - 100, where 0 is me giving the RC no thought at all, and 100 indicates the RC was in the back of my mind for the entirety of the day, in all aspects of my goals and how it relates to lucidity. I will also give a quality indicator, which is my opinion on how mindful I was towards the RC when I was actually doing it. For example, was I just noticing the gravity, or was I subconsciously questing whether the gravity was appropriate to whatever action I was doing? 0 indicates no questioning (for example, something could be abnormally heavy and I wouldn't so much give it a second thought, and 100 indicates that I'm properly questioning all aspects of the RC as it relates to the nature of dreams with respect to reality).

    Day 1

    Attentiveness: 5/100
    Quality: 50/100

    Thoughts: Man. This RC is hard! No wonder so many people kinda give it up. I would say my attentiveness towards the RC ran in 5-15 minute bursts, but I would quickly forget about it for an hour or so before jolting myself aware again. Also, the observations towards gravity were very 'forced' and 'awkward.' It's the same kind of feeling you would get if you were learning a new scale on the guitar; at first, you practice very intentionally and meticulously with the hope that it will become more natural in the future. Similarly, the observations I make with gravity with respect to my body feels very forced. Hopefully, this will improve in time. For the duration that I was RCing today, I was quite proud of the quality for the first attempt.
    There's certainly a lot more to take into consideration than just feeling weight on a body part.

    Night 1

    Let's see...last night I vaguely recall around 3 dreams, but I only noted 1 in my voice recorder. There were several opportunities in my recalled dream in which I could've implemented the gravity RC. Got to keep this in mind.


    Dream 1: Searching for a Training Crank

    I was in a classroom, similar to my computer classroom is high school. There was an unusual amount of desks inside the room, cluttering it. My father apparently was apart of some OP training faction, and was with his friend, who I noticed was also in crazy shape. His friend was running on the treadmill, and his legs were moving so fast they were a blur (Should've questioned this). Desiring crazy physical fitness too, I asked my dad for a way to get in better shape. He recommended some kind of resistance crank that would train my endurance. I apparently heard him say the crank was in the front pocket of his gym bag, but my cousin, who was also in the room at the time, corrected me, saying that the keys to his truck were in the front pocket, and that the crank was in my father's truck. At this point, he called me a dumbass. I tried to retort with some lame joke.

    There were so many desks in the room, I had to crawl under them just to make it to the exit (opportunity for gravity RC?). Outside, it was dark, and I was looking at the driveway of my home (should've noticed that the inside of the room I was in wasn't actually a room in my house). Going to my father's truck, my hands were shaking trying to unlock the door with the keys. The darkness was very unsettling for some reason, and I had a feeling that someone was going to come up from the street and mug me. The truck was extremely cluttered inside. I was going to use my phone as a light source, but apparently it died. I ended up not being able to find the crank.
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