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    1. WILD Technique, for beginners and before sleep.

      by , 02-18-2015 at 04:41 PM


      The WILD technique is infamous to Lucid Dreamers. It has become some what of a complicated concept. I am writing this to offer you a technique which is at its bones a WILD but introduces a method I am sure many use. The benefits of this technique are:

      Complete loss of concentration on the physical body.

      Powerful fixation.

      Working hand and hand with the subconscious.

      Less tedious than the original WILD.

      Access to the dream scape before falling asleep.

      Increased Dream Recall (DR)

      Less frequent disturbances such as... Flickering eyes, phantom limbs, feeling of motion and trying to clear the mind.

      Now, this is from my experiences however I am sure this method will work with others. If differs from the more well known WILD because instead of ignoring or observing you're fully engaging with the subconscious. I have experimented with this quite a lot recently and it has become so much more promising than the more common WILD.

      The way this works is you create a visualized scene in your head which you interact with, then allow your subconscious to use Micro-Sleep mini dreams to interact also with the scene. This eventually allows you to slip into a Lucid Dream effortlessly. The diagram below shows the process which I will explain in more detail through out the rest of this thread.

      Relaxation ---- Creation ---- Interaction ---- Partnership ---- Lucidity.


      If you fall asleep easy then lay in a position you feel slightly uncomfortable with, if you don't sleep well then do the opposite and lay in a comfy position. You will want to attempt this before you sleep. Make sure you're nice and relaxed taking care of any physical matters before hand. Now simply attempt to fall asleep for 30 seconds - 1 minute if you're prone to sleep early and 3-5 minutes if you're completely awake or struggle. This should make you feel a lot more relaxed if not then you need to do some relaxation techniques.

      Stage 1 - Creation

      You now need to allow yourself to create a scene to use as your base. It needs to be somewhere you're familiar with an know relatively well. I sometimes let random places just flick through my head for example a few nights ago I used the path I knew well getting home from school when I was 15. The creation is the more harder part of this technique it may need some patience. Once you have chosen your creation it is important to have in your head an A to B. "A" being your starting location and "B" being your destination. It needs to be somewhere that has a good amount of distance in between.

      Now imagine you're at your starting point and just stand there and look around try to feel the ground beneath your feet. Do NOT go over board if you are a beginner don't try smell the air, feel the wind and so on. Just focus on feeling the ground. At first your visualization will last for a split second you need to do this so you can emerge yourself in the scene. So keep visualizing until you can hold it down for at least a good 10 seconds. You may struggle but it is the same as day dreaming keep telling yourself this. It WILL become easier. You have created.

      Stage 2 - Interaction

      Now you can hold down the visualization for more than a few seconds, you need to interact with it. Start by either finding objects and holding them, climbing things or simply walking towards your destination "B". For example if you hold an object NOW start feeling it focus on it admire the details of it. If you climb a wall feel the wall and the strain on your body climbing it. If you walk to your destination feel the ground beneath you and keep attention to detail as you update the route you're walking. You have interacted.

      Stage 3 - Partnership

      This is the easy part. Now lets say you're holding a leave and suddenly you're focusing on it and it is now an apple. You're in a partnership with the subconscious. You need to let it help you interact with your visualization let it guide you. If you're walking towards your destination and notice it has become a huge field full of alien cows, you need to keep walking in that field allowing your subconscious to manipulate it. Do not try change it back to your original environment. You need this partnership to allow you into the desired state. You now have a Partnership.

      Stage 4 - Lucidity

      Now that you have followed the stages you need to just go with it. Two things are likely to happen. You will either become fully emerged in your visualization lucid. Or you will enter a black void of nothingness fully lucid. If you enter this void you need to visualize a scene to enter it will take you there. You're now Lucid.

      Thanks for reading I am confident this will work if you attempt it. So if you do have success please let me know.

      Good luck.

      Looke (:
    2. Critical thinking during dreams allows for lucidity.

      by , 02-16-2015 at 04:50 PM

      There are two steps in a lucid dream:
      1.You notice something unusual in the dream.
      2.You question this unusual something and recall that it's impossible in waking life to conclude that you must be dreaming.

      Assuming you're aware what is and isn't possible in waking life, step one is as far as awareness gets you in the induction of lucid dreams. In order to complete step two, you must engage in critical thinking. After all, if you don't question anything in a non-lucid dream you won't become lucid!

      How do you improve your critical thinking? Ask questions as much as possible in waking life, especially when you experience something out of the ordinary. Answer those questions.

      The moment before you fall asleep, affirm your intention to question your experiences during your dreams. After you wake up, note anything unusual in your dream that you might have missed. Go through your dream again in your mind imagining you questioned that thing you missed and became lucid. Repeat all of this often!

      Do this well and you will have more lucid dreams.
    3. Lucidity induction + control technique (foolproof method)

      by , 10-15-2014 at 10:33 PM
      After roughly 3 months of attempting to willingly induce lucid dreams through different methods such as WILD, DILD, WBTB, MILD, DEILD, and even attempting OBE induction I have gathered a method that to me is almost fool proof (it really depends on you). This is a fairly simple method with some requirements. The most important thing I've come to realize is that nutrition plays a huge role in DMT production, which I have personally found to be the most important factor for clarity, stability and vividness of dreams/LD's. That said, Sodium Fluoride is the WORST thing you could ingest if you're looking for the ability to lucid dream every night.

      -Self discipline
      -Dietary changes
      -Meditation experience
      -Basic computer skills (for changing time limit of computer's "sleep" activation)

      Along with that: GMO's, Aspartame, Corn/soy, BHA & BHT, Bisphenol-A, Food Dyes, acid rich foods, white sugar, un-organic food. There are a lot more toxic additives that can be found in cheap foods throughout supermarkets around the world.. Those are all extremely dangerous substances which promote tumors, cancer, and all sorts of disease in the brain. Sodium Fluoride however is the #1 most toxic substance which literally calcifies your pineal gland, and stops the production of very important chemicals for your body (including DMT). You have to urge yourself to completely stop eating fast food such as MacDonalds, burger king, Subway, Presidents choice, anything like that. (ONLY ORGANIC)

      I started eating completely raw vegetables (mostly) and organic produce for 2 months, and started noticing remarkable changes in my dream recall, vividness and overall experience.

      If you're not prepared to take all of these necessary steps to improve your health, there is still something you can do to help de-calcify your dream inducing gland: Turmeric (curcumin). I use this technique every day (in the morning and/or at night before bed).

      1: get a tablespoon or so of black pepper, eat it (drinking down with half a glass of purified water (no fluoride, or any additives at all).
      2: get a tablespoon or so of chopped turmeric root, (drinking down with half a glass...^).
      3: repeat.

      Coconut oil helps a lot with this detox process.
      You will notice major changes in your health within a week of doing this.

      Combined with this dietary practice these next steps should be much easier.
      Every night before you fall asleep in bed, say mantras which affirm your lucidity 10 times out loud. IE: "I will lucid dream tonight" (x10), "I am a master of my own dreams"(x10), "I control and manifest my reality"(x10).
      This might seem silly, but mantras effect your subconscious in such a way that you might not be consciously aware of, however it is conditioning you in ways that you subconsciously are. (Don't skip)

      [You can make up your own mantras which echo a certain intention, if you have a desire such as money, knowledge in a certain area, or anything like that you simply create a mantra that has the intent of already having that desire, as if you already achieved it. This effects your life in the same way mantras help you lucid dream (by feeding the subconscious with a goal that it attains and manifests into your life. ]

      Every night as you are falling asleep, attempt to induce sleep paralysis by staying awake consciously but letting your body become heavy and embedded into your bed (symptoms of lying down motionless for longer then 20 minutes). This can be done by simply not moving, no matter how bad you want to, but thinking and keeping yourself awake. Sleep paralysis can help a lot with astral projection, but can also lead to lucid dreams. Keeping still for more than half an hour causes your body to feel as if it's contorting and twisting even though it is not, this can be very scary. Even worse loud vibrations and Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations follow which can be extremely frightening the first few times. (I personally saw 30+ sets of eyes looking at me while my body was (seemed to be) shaking violently). Once you learn to overcome the fear, the fun begins.

      Most intense dreams occur in the morning, so WBTB is my preference for this technique.
      This is the technique:

      Wake up 3-4 hours before you normally do, get a pair of stereo headphones (not ear buds). These headphones don't need to be expensive or big but they need to be headphones. Make sure that when you wake up you are only out of your bed for no longer then 5 minutes. I don't know what others think of binaural beats but i have found (strangely) this one actually works. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

      Plug your headphones into your computer (Not youtube-mp3.mp3 files) and turn the volume down to 5/100 or so (so you can hear it but it's not annoyingly loud). Lie down in your bed, with the headphones on and this video playing, and turn off your screen so there is no extra light, go to your computer settings and change the setting which puts your computer to sleep after 15 minutes of Idle, set it to NEVER (this makes your computer not go to sleep when you're asleep and not using it).

      Now as you're lying down with the music playing softly, begin your sleep paralysis, and before you know it you will be dreaming. ( it will start as a daydream, and eventually perpetuate into a full on dream). Dreaming is literally intensified daydreaming, which anybody can do. However if you have never (really) meditated you won't realize how vital this is to dreaming. Meditation is really easy, and everybody does it every day. It starts as visualization, but as you get more emotionally immersed in it you get more disconnected from your other senses and the visualization becomes clearer. The same process happens every time you fall asleep, you start daydreaming and eventually forget it is a daydream which makes it seem as something apart from yourself (realistic). When you are in sleep paralysis you continue to lie there consciously thinking (daydreaming), and your day dream will start to become your reality. This transition is where most people fall asleep or forget they are dreaming, but you have to realize it's still only just a dream.

      Something I've noticed is that Lucidity is hard to get, but easy to lose. If you become lucid you might notice the dream collapsing as soon as you get excited or start doing things. If this happens, don't move or open your eyes and attempt to fall asleep again with the previous dream in thought.

      I've found a way to stabilize a dream without using anchors or affirmations such as "clarity now". You have to forget you are dreaming, and pretend that it's real at the same time (that's the secret). By pretending you don't know it's a dream, the state becomes realistic and continues. You have to understand that it is not real, but at the same time pretend it is (this keeps the dream flowing). From there you have full control over the dream and it can't end unless you start manipulating and manifesting beyond credibility. You have to "go with the flow" of it's realism and story, and you can alter the story as you move WITH it. This I have found is key for keeping a dream stable, Expectations, attention, and intentions pave the road to the next scenes you encounter. You really have to immerse yourself with everything that happens whether it is scary or amazing, this is because the more emotionally involved you get, the more realistic and vivid the dream becomes. Once you get used to the norm of manipulation it no longer becomes obsolete and starts fading into the flow of the dream state. This is simply because in dreams you have to work with what you have when you're a beginner, because creation is a bit too surprising to be considered "real" at first.

      Doing this I have successfully become lucid in over 20 dreams almost consecutively, more importantly I have kept my lucidity.
    4. Be lucid now, so you can be lucid later. (SilverBullet's Thread) [COPIED]

      by , 04-12-2013 at 01:21 AM

      Hello everyone, you may have read my other thread. I felt like starting a new one, and I want to be as simple as possible with my new guide.
      (if you could even call it a guide)
      Now here is the first and foremost thing I want to address. What you want to achieve is a lucid dream, of course.
      Now, the problem here is that almost every human being on earth tries to achieve things by thinking of WHEN they are going to do it. What I mean by that is, when people want to lucid dream they are thinking about the future, when they are asleep, dreaming.
      Of course, right now, you're not sleeping. The mistake is to think that the future and the past exist.
      They don't, it only exists in your head. All you have, is NOW. When trying to achieve lucidity it is important not to place that intent on the future. The trick is to be lucid RIGHT NOW. And no, I don't mean wondering if you are dreaming all day, constantly. That's only going to make you wonder if you're dreaming instead of actually lucid dreaming. I believe, being able to be lucid in the now, is the foundation of lucid dreaming. As far as I know, there are several ways you can be lucid right now. I will present them in no particular order:

      The easy, mantra way is to tell yourself every once in a while "I'm dreaming" or "I'm lucid dreaming" or "I lucid dream" ect ect.
      All those mantras have something in common, they are talking about the current moment.

      One way is to learn how to be very relaxed, but alert. Being relaxed but alert is crucial to lucid dreaming.
      Becoming lucid in a dream means you need to be alert of what state of consciousness you're in. The problem is, is that you're too relaxed, because you are asleep. The main way to learn how to be relaxed but alert is through meditation. You get better as you practice.

      Another simple way is to view your current reality as a dream. Stay lucid, relaxed, and alert in the moment, as if you are dreaming right now and you know it, but you don't want to wake yourself up, that's why you stay relaxed.

      One way that I mentioned in the other thread is to feel with every fiber of your being, right now, that you are a lucid dreamer.
      That your physical body and mind that you have right now, is there, so you can lucid dream. Feel this with your body.
      Don't think it with your mind.

      You can also try making yourself experience derealization, this is the equivalent of snapping out of it when you are watching TV.
      Set yourself away from your life and your judgements for a second and feel the crazy insane reality that is RIGHT NOW.

      I may post more throughout the thread if I think of any, but these are just the basics that I wanted to type out.
      You should try thinking of your own methods with being lucid in the NOW.
      I'll try to answer any questions.
    5. Heather awakens

      by , 08-25-2012 at 12:22 PM
      I dreamed that my brother made a 'It gets better' video.
      It got lots of views and everything. But then I wanted to make a video too.
      I woke up from my dream, and I remained still but my eyes opened a bit, then I entered back into my dream, and continued it with Heather Mason waking up from a bed, and wanting to climb up a shaft. I went along with her.
    6. Lucid dream! - Household

      by , 08-16-2012 at 11:44 AM
      I dreamed that I was walking around in my house. I became lucid. I realized I was dreaming, and I wasn't sure what to do, I don't think I was fully completely lucid, as I did have goals in mind when I became lucid, maybe I just wanted to explore the dream world for a bit. Anyway, I explored the house and I kept saying "I'm a lucid dreaming master!" . I went up to my sister and I explained that it was a dream. I knew she wouldn't understand, or whatever, but I did anyway. lol. then we both flew and practiced flying. C:
    7. Kidnapping

      by , 08-05-2012 at 01:16 PM
      I dreamed last night that I was Sookie Stackhouse, and that I went to use my powers to do something, but when I entered my car, I was kidnapped and attacked by a man. We talked and I had no idea why I was kidnapped or where I was going. He then told me that he liked me and wanted a girlfriend, even though he had a boyfriend. CRAZY. Later on I escaped.

      I dreamed that I visited a clinic or some sort of building where they give kids injections that allow them to become invisible or rendered. After the visit we visited a graveyard, tom hanks's grave was there, I was looking at it, and then I saw him, his ghost, and screamed but I couldn't. Then we checked out a few more graves and left.
    8. The Attack

      by , 08-04-2012 at 01:40 PM
      I dreamed I was on a vacation with my mother and her boyfriend. We went to Texas or something. We were traveling on the road, driving. Then we stopped at a gas station, to use the bathrooms. Me and Bill (moms boyfriend) went to the toilets. While we were in there, we saw a few rednecks that looked intimidating and scary. Then one of them looks into our car. We drove off, and we stop and go hiking up some mountain, and stop to make camp. There, we were attacked by the same rednecks from the gas station. I knocked one unconscious, and took his special item, Some sort of magical old machinery like key. I opened it, as I thought it was a weapon, a cane, but it was a key. He came at me, "NO! PUT THAT DOWN! GIVE IT BACK!". He tried to grab it off me, A struggle continued. The key was launched into the air, I threw myself at it. I got cut on my thumb, and I smithered the blood all over his face and in his eyes. By now, Bill and my Mother had the other 2 under control. We left them, and then, BOOM,. I was dead. Bill was dead. Mum was surviving. She ran to a mansion and hid there, and impersonated a woman in order to blend in and kill everyone. BLAH. crazy.
      Later on, We came back from the dead. I felt semi lucid or in control, and I flew away.
    9. Ninja Exam o.o

      by , 08-01-2012 at 11:51 AM
      I dreamed that I was... attending a Ninja academy. Only, Naturo, Sasuke, and some other Ninja wanted to dual together with me. It got hectic, and bad. They were all injured, but then I woke up outside the building we fought in. I tried getting help, but it's like, no one would understand me. Later on, I told some friends, and we had to go attend the academy and enter the exams.
    10. dreams 28/7/12

      by , 07-28-2012 at 11:45 AM
      i dreamed that I was with my aunt and mother. They discussed paranormal phenomena happening to them.
    11. Lucid Dream - Mountain home

      by , 07-23-2012 at 01:08 PM
      I had a dream that me and my family traveled up the mountains of some unknown territory and we were stopped by a collapsed waterfall. Our car was stuck so we got out and entered a chasm, coming out on the other side to our new home. I looked at my brother and I realised it was a dream. I said to him "This is a dream. I'm dreaming." He said something, but all I said back then was "Wait, are you dreaming this too, or are you just a dream character." So I guess I wasn't fully Lucid. Oh well.
    12. Dreams [22/07/12]

      by , 07-22-2012 at 10:59 AM
      I dreamed that I was at my secondary school. I was walking along, and then I saw my brother, and shouted his name but had no response, but then to further inspection it was not him. I walked along to avoid getting caught. Then I came to an encounter with this strange little monster. It threatened me and was female. It looked like a human chicken pygme shrew. Anyway, It wanted to battle, so I flew into the air. I could feel it. Lucidity. I was close to lucidity.

      I dreamed that there was this video game similar to Little big planet. It was based off of Tomb Raider adventures , however. But with included magic. This boy opened a portal for me, and I entered it to reach destinations.

      I dreamed that i was playing another video game where you select a character and have to fight another person.

      I dreamed about reading a Catwoman comic.
    13. Mystical Garden

      by , 07-05-2012 at 01:56 PM
      I dreamed that I was in a strange magical garden or castle like area. The garden I currently was in was a normal one, the ordinary garden, and then there was a crack in one of the walls in the garden, that led to a tunnel, which led to the supernatural garden, the magical one. I entered it with a few friends, and I thought I would be attacked by a dog or something, and then I began to fly or levitate, And I could feel semi lucid. I was almost lucid. I AM getting there.
    14. SilverBullet's Newly Revised Key to Lucid Dreaming

      by , 07-03-2012 at 01:05 AM

      (posted again due to the website data loss)

      So, after much trail and error in my learning process about lucid dreaming I've come up with a much better thread than my last. This should help you with how to lucid dream the same way naturals lucid dream.

      Now, I'm going to tell you that If you are the lazy kind of person who doesn't want to do reality checks, take supplements, watch for dream signs, use a dream journal, or meditate, then this technique is perfect for you. Because I don't do ANY of that stuff, and look at my lucid dream count. I started September 2010. I started like most people here, desperately wanting to lucid dream but still not even being able to remember my dreams. I started completely from scratch. Now, lets get to business. I'll try to do this in steps:

      Step 1: First, you need to get rid of the idea that lucid dreaming is hard. Because it's actually VERY easy. The only thing stopping you from lucid dreaming is you. I don't like that fact that most people on this website spread the idea that lucid dreaming is hard, it's like a disease. Stop spreading it.

      Step 2(this step is most important): FEEL that you were born a natural lucid dreaming master. That you are a Lucid dreamer with every cell in your body, like it's your destiny to lucid dream! Imagine that you have already attained your goal. Your subconscious doesn't know the difference between what you are imagining and what is happening.

      Step 3: Do things as if you already have the "becoming aware in a dream" part down. Think about what you want to do once you are in a lucid dream. It can be anything. One good one is looking at your hands in a dream. Try to look at your hands once you are in a dream. You don't need to make a habit of looking at your hands in daily life. Just do it when you are in a dream. It may sound like this makes no sense, but it works.

      Step 4(optional, but recommended): If you are lucid and the dream starts fading, remember to not move and don't open your eyes when you when you wake up. Then you can re-enter a dream quickly. You can do this many times and get many lucids. You can try this same thing with waking from non-lucid sleep, but I find it easier when you are lucid in the first place.

      The reason why there isn't that many steps is because lucid dreaming is easy.
      You don't need to be a rocket scientist to do it.

      You can use these steps in combination with any technique you want, or no techniques at all. You can also use it for what kind of lucid you want.
      Now here are some important tips for you, I'm not putting them in steps because It's not necessarily in order:

      *Do not stress out about lucid dreaming, if you don't have a lucid dream don't let it bring you down. Be strong and keep going.

      *You don't need a dream journal. But keep one if you want.
      I'm not telling you to NOT keep one.

      *I usually use this in combination with WBTB and the modification of WILD, which works best for me, try different things and find what works best for you.

      *The surroundings of the room you sleep in can greatly effect your dreams. Did you know that if you sleep in a cold room you are more likely to get nightmares? Sleep in a warm room and you're more likely to get good dreams. The light level and smell of your room also effect dreams greatly. Right now there are smells that you don't even consciously notice but are currently effecting your mood and state of mind. And usually for me if I sleep with my light off and wake up in a dream then my dream will also be dark and if its on then my dream is brighter. That's just me though. Just make yourself comfortable.

      *If WBTBs work better for you then you can use an alarm to wake you up or you can trust yourself to wake up at a certain time. Like I said, you can combine this technique with many other techniques.

      *Don't try so hard. You need to trust your subconscious to do this.

      *Being able to sleep is your first priority. So don't get too excited or you won't even be able to fall asleep.

      *I strongly advise you read Carlos Castaneda's "The Art of Dreaming" book if you already haven't. If it weren't for that book I wouldn't be the lucid dreamer I am now.

      *Every little detail I've put in this tutorial is very important.

      *Don't talk about it just DO IT.
    15. Intent in Lucid Dreaming; Break that Dry-Spell, Escape the Technique Rut

      by , 06-21-2012 at 12:39 AM


      A warning: this is going to be long. most importantly this is not supposed to be any attack or negative criticism of the hard work that goes into the invention and writing of lucid dreaming techniques and guides

      This forum is full of threads started by beginners stating that whatever technique they are using just isn’t working for them. To answer the question of exactly why lucid dreaming is difficult we have to consider that to become lucid you are rebelling against a lifetime of conditioning, and a vast amount of mental information, that has programmed you to be unaware and non-lucid in your dreams. While on a conscious level you may be enthused, excited, and fired up for lucid dreaming on your first night, as far as your unconscious is concerned lucidity is a completely foreign concept. You simply haven’t built the bridges and forged the neural connections in your unconscious that say that you are a lucid dreamer.

      While this process can be bypassed to some degree through phenomena of auto and hypnotic suggestion (which are designed to feed information directly into the unconscious mind), for the majority of techniques, and the majority of people, becoming a ‘natural’ lucid dreamer is a matter of time and hard work. Time and work is necessary to replace the neural circuitry of a non-lucid dreamer, some succeed, most fail.

      Any technique can yield lucidity on a regular basis, all that matters is mindset

      Through experimentation with a wide range of DILD techniques, as well as looking at the effects of beliefs, confidence and intention on lucid dreaming, I have come to the conclusion that:


      Any technique has the potential to yield lucid dreaming on a nightly basis over time, all that is important is the dreamer’s mindset and, above all, self-belief


      Technique is entirely irrelevant and unnecessary when compared to the importance of the dreamer’s intent and lucid dreaming mindset

      To explain why I believe this I’m going to explore the idea of ‘method’. For any lucid dreaming technique to be truly a method it has to be a) valid and b) reliable. No lucid dreaming technique is either of these things. Validity is the degree to which an output is caused by an input, in this case the output is lucidity and the input is any technique (say, ADA). I you practice ADA and you have a lucid dream, was it caused by that technique? You may think so, but the next day you practice ADA and hey wait a second, no lucid dream, what’s going on? You’ve replicated the same input (ADA) and yet the output (lucidity) is different, in other words the technique is not reliable. In a lab if you react oxygen and hydrogen you will always get hydrogen oxide, water. But as we all know from bitter experience, lucid dreaming is nowhere near as clear cut.


      There must be some other cause, some other variable, outside of the technique that caused lucidity the first time and was absent the second time. Intent. The word intent comes from the Latin root ‘intendere’ which means to ‘stretch toward’ or ‘aim at’. As dreamers we intend, we stretch our will toward the goal of lucidity, a technique is a vehicle for this intent.

      Silverbullet has written an excellent (if vague) guide to directing intent towards the goal of lucid dreaming: http://www.dreamviews.com/f12/silver...eaming-117015/, but because he kinda didn’t explain intent too well there was a hostile reaction from some towards what was seen as an attempt to attack the hard work of lucid dreamers out there who had worked to write the various tutorials on the site and so it has slipped into relative obscurity. The message behind it was important, lucid dreaming isn’t about any technique, it’s about you, as an individual.

      In the ‘Art of Dreaming’ by Carlos Casteneda Don Juan explains that intent is how ‘sorcerers’ ‘do without doing’. That’s one way of putting it, but I believe intent is the active process by which we form the unconscious mindset, the neural connections, (that I mentioned earlier) of being a lucid dreamer.

      Techniques are vehicles for intent, our conscious mind needs to attach our attempts at lucid dreaming to some concrete process in order for our unconscious mind to get on with the important work of intending.

      That is why I am not saying to abandon technique or that technique is bad, some people can intend without a technique but the vast majority of us need some vector through which to channel our intent.

      What’s important though is that you realise that any technique at all can be this vehicle, all the you need is to realise that it is you doing the lucid dreaming, not the technique. The reason we get stuck in ruts, dry spells, there are a number of reasons that we may not lucid dream on any given night (alcohol, fatigue, stress), but what causes you to become lucid? It’s certainly not 10 RCs each day, it’s how those RCs direct your intention.

      Making lucid dreaming about YOU again

      Review your early goals, we all make the most ambitious and exciting goals when we first learn of the possibilities of lucid dreaming, recapture that excitement.
      Repeat to yourself a simple affirmation, make it present tense and positive, ‘I am a natural lucid dreamer’, really feel the meaning behind the words, so that get that excited feeling in your stomach.
      Meditate, meditation is a great tool to connect with your inner mental strength and renewing self-confidence. It can also give you access to states at which your unconscious mind is open to suggestion.

      See Also:
      This should be required viewing: Advanced lucid dreaming: part 6 - YouTube although it’s nominally about meditation, the real message behind is to put faith in yourself, not techniques
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