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    The Anti-Suggestion Method

    by , 06-03-2011 at 11:29 PM (441 Views)
    I came up with a method that allows me to have lucid dreams. It isn't a 100% accurate method, but it works fairly well. It's kinda like the suggestion method, but the opposite.

    Okay, this little experiment might help you understand it better.

    Close you eyes and try not to think about a pink elephant for 20 seconds.

    I bet all you could think of was the pink elephant. The key of this method is not to think of something else, but to focus on not thinking about lucid dreaming. Then it seems all you can think about is that thing. I find if I try not to think about lucid dreaming while I'm falling asleep at night, I randomly become lucid in many dreams. Try it out and post your thoughts.

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