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    Don't Try So Hard

    by , 05-12-2011 at 02:11 AM (505 Views)
    I've been going over a lot of threads and noticing a trend. People are constantly worried about their methods. They're worried about following instructions to the polished details, when it's that very persistent attitude that I believe is failing them.

    Everyone is different, no doubt about that. We all learn differently. And similarly, we all have our own - questionably unique - techniques when it comes to attaining lucidity. Some use WILDs while others might prefer a MILD (I love these acronyms!). But beginners, like myself, have studied other users' methods with hopes of achieving a lucid dream on the first try - most often ending up with a disappointing and demotivating failure.

    There is no "perfect" method! The real trick is figuring out what method works the best for you! Of course, beginners need to learn from somewhere - I'm not saying don't learn, I'm saying don't look at it with such a focused eye. Try a few different methods, vary it up a bit, and see what sticks!

    For those who are just starting out, here is what I believe is important - remember, I'm not claiming this to be The Method, I just think it makes logical sense:
    What is required to have a lucid dream? Well, we need to be asleep. We need to fall asleep before we can be asleep. And we need to be asleep before we can realize we're asleep. If we're focusing so hard with falling asleep, it's never going to happen. If I said, "Don't think about peanut butter!", then you'll start thinking about peanut butter. Likewise, if you're thinking about trying to fall asleep, then you probably won't be falling asleep anytime soon, as you'll be too caught up in thought.

    Instead, go to sleep as you naturally would! Cross your arms, cross your legs, curl up into a ball -whatever!- and just relax. Find a way to keep your goal in the back of your head (not forgetting it, just not thinking about it) and let your thoughts drift as they naturally would each night.

    Be sure to have plenty of sleep! Go to bed at a reasonable time to ensure you get enough sleep with time left in the day to use on trying your techniques. If you try to have a lucid dream at 9pm, just going to bed, then more than likely you'll fall into a deep sleep because your mind hasn't had a chance to unwind.

    Oh! And just because a particular method doesn't work one night, doesn't mean it won't ever work! People have dry spells with lucid dreaming, so it might not have been a good night to try anyway.

    Once again, this is all my own opinion. I hope this helps and that you give a few different methods a try and that you find your perfect technique!

    I'd really like to hear what you all think

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