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    Dreams [22/07/12]

    by , 07-22-2012 at 10:59 AM (440 Views)
    I dreamed that I was at my secondary school. I was walking along, and then I saw my brother, and shouted his name but had no response, but then to further inspection it was not him. I walked along to avoid getting caught. Then I came to an encounter with this strange little monster. It threatened me and was female. It looked like a human chicken pygme shrew. Anyway, It wanted to battle, so I flew into the air. I could feel it. Lucidity. I was close to lucidity.

    I dreamed that there was this video game similar to Little big planet. It was based off of Tomb Raider adventures , however. But with included magic. This boy opened a portal for me, and I entered it to reach destinations.

    I dreamed that i was playing another video game where you select a character and have to fight another person.

    I dreamed about reading a Catwoman comic.

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