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    by , 08-20-2011 at 08:06 PM (842 Views)
    This is a great idea and the reason i believe it is becuase this is actaully what happened to me 3 days ago!!

    It all comes down to dedication, REALLY desiring it and making it an integral part of you daily thought process, not just an abstract wish or goal, but an important event taking place at night..

    anyway, the ohter night i decided to do a survey of my dream journal to see how many lucids I'd had since i started just over 3 years back..Turns out i had 23! which is more then i thougth, granted only about 6 were pure mind blowing life chanignly amazing each one was special and i was able to harness those feelings your talking about. i was getting so excited thinking back and was able to recall all the imagery from the dreams as though they were yesterday!

    now, the same night i had THE BEST lucid dream i ever had(though i must practce beleiveing i am a lucid master,i really like the sound of that!).
    This seems the key because i usually have my most vivid non lucid dreams AFTER spending an hour before bed reading over my dream journal!

    looks like you thoughts on this matter are true!

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    1. TheMorningStar's Avatar
      Sounds like a good idea! I know I always enjoy looking back over my dream journal on adventures or other dreams that were cool, even if they don't give me lucid dreams.