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    shooting at a soccer field/girl?

    by , 01-12-2023 at 03:49 PM (201 Views)
    1/12/23 Dream journal
    I went to sleep at around 1-2 am then woke up without a dream to an alarm(7:10) I didnít mean to set, then woke up to my actual alarm at 8:10, so this was less than an hour of sleep for my dream, but I think I was in rem sleep so all I had to do was go back, I could of did one of the methodís for lucid dream, but I wanted my sleep and didnít want to sit there because that method can range in time depending on how good you are at it, and I only lucid dreamed once and it was without that method. I kind of feel like it was a lucid dream, because right when I said the last part of my dream and woke up, I had it in my voice, idk if it's like I'm repeating what I hear when I sometimes watch or hear something like a song I donít remember, so idk, and it was decently vivid, and I remembered it easily right after I woke up.

    the dream

    I first went to play the world cup with Luis, we beat them, but it was like a war world cup, so everyone had guns including Luis and me, we were shooting at them. The last people came up to us and we were the last people, we ended up killing one, but We ended up letting one person go, because he was a good guy and nice. Then we went to the movies with Omar, the movies had a Walmart, when we were looking around, I started sitting on the ground and tying my soccer shoes right next to a female who walked up to me and wanted to talk. She was trying to kind of get my number but playing hard defense and playing hard to get. I then Sayed something of the lines of ďdo you want my number or somethingĒ, because she was talking to me for so long, I donít remember what she said after, but I said to her after she said something, I donít need a girlÖ. right now (I'm 15 so I say this a lot, because I want to wait a little), with a smirk on my face, then woke up to my alarm
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