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    One Hundred Thirty Three

    by , 03-17-2022 at 03:26 AM (231 Views)
    In which R is having a heart attack but it takes me a long time to notice...

    R mentions he doesn't feel well. I'm ranting about Pine Island Capital Partners so I just nod at him and continue. Then I notice he's sweating. I walk over and feel his cheeks, and they're balmy. I notice his eyes are foggy. I ask what symptoms he has. He says he's having severe chest pains and struggling to breath, that he's been having a heart attack for an hour at least. I ask why he didn't say something before. He says he did, but that I can't stop yelling about the military industrial complex long enough to listen to him. I place a cold wet towel on his forehead. He asks me why I'm doing that, and I say it's what people do in Victorian books when people they love are seriously ill.

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