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    1/22/14 - Kitchen Dancing

    by , 01-22-2014 at 09:41 AM (511 Views)
    I'm standing in my Grandma's kitchen in front of the fridge. There's a large pot on the stove with a lid on it. Something is cooking. I move a few steps and stand directly in front of the pot. I grasp the lid and lift it to see what is cooking. It's a big pot of chili beans. I'm sure my Grandma is making it. I lean in a bit closer to smell the food. It smells delicious. I then lean back and put the lid back on. I back up more and begin to turn around but a males' chest stops me from moving any further. I look up and see his face. It's Brendon Urie. He smiles really big and laughs. He asks me what I'm doing. I didn't say anything, just stared at his face. He smiles bigger and pushes his face into my neck, smelling my skin. I jump a little and ask him what he's doing. He just laughs again and says never mind. He pulls me closer and leads me into a slow dance across the small kitchen. He never stops smiling.
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    1. Mindraker's Avatar
      *Grin* trust me, if you associate Grandma with chili beans like that... 20 years down the line if you get a whiff of chili beans anything like grandma's chili beans you'll get a super-hard memory flashback.
      I get it with "rum-balls"... my mom's mom used to make "rum-balls" and I get flashbacks when I eat them nowadays.
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