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    7/27/13 - I Love You, Hannibal

    by , 07-28-2013 at 06:18 AM (369 Views)
    I'm sitting in Grandma's dining room. Grandma is walking around, passing out and serving things. Grandpa and her are bickering about the wrong hamburger buns being bought, though it doesn't matter because we aren't having hamburgers. As they continue to bicker, I look across the table, from where I'm sitting, at Hannibal. He's sitting quietly with an amused look on his face, watching Grandma and Grandpa. While he watches them, I watch him. I like to look at him. He's very beautiful. My eyes move to his perfectly tailored, midnight blue, three-piece suit. It makes me think I'm under-dressed in my simple t-shirt and jeans. I look back up to his face and notice his eyes on mine. He wears a small, fond smile and I can't help but smile right back, so happy to have his smile directed at me. In an instant, Grandma and Grandpa disappear and a small, disc-like device appears on the table between Hannibal and I. He picks it up and hands it to me. I take it. "This is the only way to find me," he says. "Throw it to the ground and it will give you my address." he watches me as I study the device, rolling it around in my hands. I look back up at him and throw it to the ground. It lights up red and starts beeping. Suddenly we are standing side by side on a balcony over-looking the ocean. There is no artificial light, so the night sky can be seen perfectly. "We'll be alright," Hannibal says, taking my hand in his.
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