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    8/4/13 - A Dangerous Path

    by , 08-05-2013 at 05:27 AM (459 Views)
    Julie and I are walking through a field. I hear a noise and look down. A couple of feet ahead of me is a rattlesnake. We dodge and step over the snake, but more appear. We spend a good half hour, or so, dodging the snakes. The snakes vanish then, when we reach the end of the field. The ground suddenly becomes wet, uneven rock. We start carefully picking our way across the rock and as we do that, a giant weeping willow appears. We stop walking. Julie studies the tree for a minute and then tells me to put my hood on because the branches and leaves are poison if they touch our heads. We both put our hoods on and walk under and away from the tree. Once we're away from the tree a cave appears in front of us. We walk inside and it becomes a parking garage. "This is what it'll be", Julies says. "They're going to put and hold us here." I get scared. We start making our way through the garage and we are at the exit when a red, old car shows up. There's a man driving. He tries to run us over. Julie and I are able to avoid him and we escape the garage. We are instantly at home, both wondering what just happened.
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